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I Love Rich sounds allot like the obscure punk influenced glam bands of the eighties, such as Queeny Blast Pop and Foxy Roxx. The songs are short, the guitar solos fast, and everything is straight to the point. At times they come across as a faster, punk version of Kiss, as vocalist/bassist Rich can sound allot like Paul Stanley on occasion (check out "Feel The Heat" for proof, a tune that would have felt at home on Dynasty). The one element that is consistent throughout this disc is the sexual references. Song titles such as "World's Greatest Lover", "You Want My Action", "Gonna Gonna Get Some" and "Touch My Sexx" pretty much sum up what this band is all about. Sit back with a beer and enjoy the show, cause this is the type of music that not only tries to bring back the fun and outrageousness of the late 80's, but also the larger than life attitude that came along with it.


Jumpsuit is the name of an American rock and roll band from Chicago, Illinois. Together since the late 1970s when they were little more than Casio and tambourine street performers, Jumpsuit has gone on to release several 7-inch singles throughout the 90s and 2000s, as well as a full-length compact disc in 2005. Jumpsuit also stars in a television cartoon series that relates their trials and tribulations that come as a result of discovering a time machine. In the series, the members of Jumpsuit attempt to use their time machine to right past wrongs and regrets in their lives; however they are usually foiled by mechanical doppelgängers that follow them through the fourth dimension. Jumpsuit's live rock shows are often presented as live-action recreations of events from the cartoon.


Those About To Rock, Chicago's one and only AC/DC party band. More than just a tribute act, TA/TR features three badass female singers, and we encourage the audience to join in the fun. Our goal for each show is for all present to share in the blistering power of ROCK! TA/TR features members of Black Bear Combo, Schwinntonation, Chicago no-wave legends ONO and rock parodyssey Alien Queen.


Chicago's only all-girl Misfits band!


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