Fri Oct 12 2018

8:00 PM (Doors 7:00 PM)

Mr Smalls Theatre

400 Lincoln Ave Millvale, PA 15209

All Ages

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All Ages

Opus One & 91.3 WYEP Present
The Vaccines with Special Guest Jesse Jo Stark

  • Event Cancelled.
  • The Vaccines

    The Vaccines

    Indie Rock

  • Jesse Jo Stark

    Jesse Jo Stark

    Alternative Rock

    Where did all of the freaks go?

    We scroll through social media only to find imitation after imitation. Everyone wears the same clothes, talks the same way, and lives the same life. The world starts to resemble an icy wasteland populated by nothing but carbon copies. Just below the surface, misfits shake things up. They offer new perspective. They color outside of the lines. They set the pace for others to follow.

    Enter Los Angeles-born songstress Jesse Jo Stark.

    Iconoclastic to this time, but timeless nonetheless, her stoned sense of soul breathes life into rock anthems dripping with trashy pulp iconography and gravestone poetry. You could picture her as a cool Venice video store clerk rattling off favorite Universal monsters like some long-lost Tarantino character. Or, she could be on stage lost in the moment and sonically embodying the seductive sting of a black widow. Those personae power her music and magnetically attract a growing diehard fanbase yearning for someone to pick up the mantle carried by our favorite freaks a la Nick Cave, Elvira, Marilyn Manson, The Cramps, and Vincent Price, to name a few…

    “I love that I’m starting to see this family of weirdos come out,” she smiles. “I don’t have a crew of friends that vibes with that, but I get to share this obsession with fans. When something doesn’t feel real, I gravitate towards it. The more fucked up, the better. I always wonder, ‘Are we going to party at the cemetery when we die?’ That’s where I want to be. For the longest time, I’ve felt like I was surrounded by pristine squares. I love that I’m alive in this day and age, but I feel out of place in this time. I hope I can bleed in some of the past into what I do and inspire audiences now. I’ve always loved horror and music. It’s who I am.”

    Growing up on the West Side, the intermingling of those two passions defined her formative years. She catalogs the years by her respective annual Halloween costumes: cowgirl, skeleton, and clown as well as “all of the horror chicks” like Bride of Frankenstein, Spider Woman, Elvira, Vampirella, and so on and so forth. She fondly recalls attending otherworldly Halloween parties hosted by her mom’s friends and developing a fascination with “the quirky and campy side that makes up horror.”

    She translated that into her 2018 EP, Dandelion. Shocked to life during writing sessions at a cozy Bath, UK cabin with The Heavy and her guitarist Thomas Hunter, it distilled her influences into an intoxicating and inimitable brew. In between tour dates with Sunflower Bean, she generated fervent critical acclaim from the likes of Rolling Stone. Of the gothically risqué music video for single “Fire of Love,” The Fader appropriately claimed “[she’ll] make you want to join the dark side.

    “When I’m performing, I love to go slow, but I can’t leave without thrashing,” she admits. “I have to get dirty. I’m like that in my life. People don’t see it unless they know me. Performance is a vehicle.”

    That revs up on her 2018 single “Wish I Was Dead.” Wild surf guitar tosses and turns over a bombastic tambourine-inflected beat before culminating on the nocturnal chant, “Never felt so alive that I wish I was dead.”
    “I got to be really sexy and angry,” she grins. “I just sat in the pocket and told this story. You’re craving one person. All of my songs touch on that.”

    Meanwhile, the Sabbathian groove, hulking percussion, and haunting chimes of “Rot Away” serve as an homage to a particular figure she won’t yet reveal as the singer pleads, “Please rot away with me.

    “It’s usually the last in my set,” Jesse Jo goes on. “There’s one figure I think of on the road, riding Harleys and in a place of love. That’s the muse. At the same time, it touches on kids, the youth, and growing up by the beach.”
    Another follow-up “Mystery” relays a “weird trip of being in love and paralyzed” awash in sixties-style echo and reverb. Then, there’s her “first girl anthem” entitled “A Girl Can Be A Lost Boy Too,” which huffs riotous energy and shows, “If you want to fuck  with me, I’ll fuck with you. Girls can be just as sleazy as men.”

    “This is what I’ve always wanted to do,” she exclaims. “These songs kill me. They are literally my blood.”

    They’re also the byproduct of a slow and steady grind. Releasing a prolific stream of music, the artist garnered features from Elle, Teen Vogue, Interview Magazine, Vice, American Songwriter, and Noisey in addition to opening up for everyone from Guns N’ Roses to The Vaccines over the past few years.

    In the end, Jesse Jo builds a world that’s as inimitable as it is inspiring.

    “I hope you feel like you can be yourself when you listen,” she leaves off. “Get in your car, drive down the fucking highway, and daydream about the dude you want to screw or the girl you want to kiss. That’s what it is. Now that I have all of these little ghouls coming out to join me I feel at home.” – Rick Florino, September 2018
Opus One & 91.3 WYEP Present

The Vaccines with Special Guest Jesse Jo Stark

Fri Oct 12 2018 8:00 PM

(Doors 7:00 PM)

Mr Smalls Theatre Millvale PA
The Vaccines with Special Guest Jesse Jo Stark
  • Event Cancelled.

All Ages

All Ages