The Pink Spiders w/ Tayls & King Wilderness

Sat Aug 11 2018

9:00 PM (Doors 8:00 PM)

The Basement East

917 Woodland St Nashville, TN 37206

$10 ADV /$12 DOS

Ages 21+

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The Pink Spiders w/ Tayls & King Wilderness

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  • The Pink Spiders

    The Pink Spiders


    Few bands have been able to cash in on their bad habits, dirty minds and questionable life choices quite like power-pop band THE PINK SPIDERS. The band, made up of members Matt Friction (Vocals, Guitar), JoCo (Bass) and Joey B-Side (Drums) have gained almost as much notoriety for their exploits, attitude and iconic look, as they have for the catchy and explosive sound they generate.

    The band had been enjoying a brief hiatus until a wildly successful pop-up show in late 2016 celebrating the ten year anniversary of 2006’s Teenage Graffiti LP laid the framework for an auspicious future and another full length record. Pre-orders for that album, titled Mutations, have begun and the 12” pink vinyl is set for release July 31, 2018 on Mean Buzz Records.

    This newest record, tracked and mixed in the band’s hometown of Nashville, TN, is eleven songs of power-pop perfection recalling the sweet hooks and blistering pace of the SPIDERS’ second LP Teenage Graffiti. Lead singles “Black Dagger”, “I Can’t Get Down Without You”, “Mutations” and “Capital F” will each debut music videos in Summer 2018 and the band is setting off for a nationwide tour in August to celebrate the release.

    Infamy and chaos have followed THE PINK SPIDERS since they first stormed onto the Nashville music scene in 2004 with their self-released debut EP The Pink Spiders Are Taking Over. It was that notoriety that translated into immediate results, as the band signed to their first indie deal less than 6 months after forming. The guys quickly generated a big buzz with their 2005 indie label release Hot Pink, an infectious dose of dark pop detailing fast getaways and cheap thrills.

    Less than three weeks after the Hot Pink release, and in the midst of a nationwide tour, the band found themselves at the center of a major-label bidding war. THE PINK SPIDERS landed a deal with Geffen Records, and in short order released their highly praised major label debut, Teenage Graffiti. Produced by hit-maker and legendary frontman of THE CARS, Ric Ocasek, Teenage Graffiti stood out from the pack with the hit "Little Razorblade," which exploded on radio stations from coast to coast as well as on Total Request Live, with MTV describing Teenage Graffiti as "a collection of sweaty, fist-pumping anthems" and declaring that THE PINK SPIDERS' "rock and roll assault was underway."

    That album, coupled with the band's no-holds-barred live show, earned them a summer-long appearance on the Van's Warped Tour, a post-game headlining concert in the outfield of Dodger Stadium, and heaps of praise from such respected media outlets as Spin, Billboard, Blender, USA Today and more. Alternative Press named THE PINK SPIDERS one of its "Bands You Need to Know in 2006", while Rolling Stone said they have "enough catchy charm and ass-kicking propulsion to suggest a ballsier WEEZER or a punk-schooled CHEAP TRICK...the SPIDERS are ready to spin a power-pop revolution." Entertainment Weekly appreciated their "ideal blend of sweetness and crunch," and Spin declared the album "angst-ridden, smart-assed and slickly catchy."

    THE PINK SPIDERS released their third LP Sweat It Out on Friction's own label Mean Buzz Records, via Adrenaline Music. With producer Brendan O'Brien (PEARL JAM, STONE TEMPLE PILOTS, BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN) at the helm, the band released the singles ”Gimme Chemicals" and "Seventeen Candles," the latter of which the band performed to over 11 million viewers on the hit reality. show Hell's Kitchen.

    With the upcoming release of their finest work to date, Mutations, and plans for non-stop touring, THE PINK SPIDERS are, once again, taking over!

  • Tayls



    Breakout Psych-Pop project TAYLS is a lighthouse to guide your heart home. An East Nashville Supergroup created by vocalist/writer/multi-instrumentalist Taylor Cole, TAYLS is a rebellion against the Nashville standard. After almost a decade of performing in various Nashville-based bands (Creature Comfort/ Chalaxy) Cole is ready for something new.


    “I want to change the way Nashville views music and art. I want to get rid of this half circle of hate in front of every stage in this city. Why don’t people stand up front and lose themselves for a night? I want to make you forget about your real life, make you feel like you’re back on the playground.”


    Taylor grew up in small town Tullahoma, Tennessee—right between Bonnaroo and Jack Daniels. He came from a musical family, his Dad played drums and mother sang backup for Faith Hill, Brad Paisley, and Tim McGraw, but it wasn’t until years later that he found his desire to front his own band. TAYLS is the culmination of a musical life – an effort for Cole to display his inner Golden Light Child. With his first single “Pop Tart (Queer Boy Small Town)” Taylor wants to reach out to every other person that felt ostracized for being different. Calling back to the snarky attitude of Oasis or Jesus Mary Chain, and the Freaky-Art-Pop style of The Flaming Lips or Beck, TAYLS is an amplifier for Cole’s radiating positivity.


    “I’m tired of boring shows! You’re an artistic entertainer—be artistic or be entertaining, otherwise you’re just a couple of people playing band."


  • King Wilderness

    King Wilderness


    King Wilderness, the dreamy-garage-pop project led by Adam Walton, was started in the fall of 2014 as a joke. Sort of.

    Adam had spent his college years fronting the North Carolina based band Troubel. After an indefinite hiatus due to members graduating and getting married, he found himself with no outlet for the passion and creative energy he carried. Almost a year to the date of their last show, he emailed a local venue he knew from his Troubel days and told them he had a new musical project and wanted to set up a show. The venue agreed, but there was a problem. The truth was he had no new project, no new songs, and no new band.

    It is said that “necessity is the mother of invention” and this saying proved true for the beginnings of King Wilderness. Adam locked himself away for a few days, wrote enough songs for a 40 minute set, and called some friends who agreed to play.

    Three years later the landscape for King Wilderness has changed drastically.

    After relocating to Nashville with his wife and daughter in 2015, Adam found himself immersed in the possibilities of sharing songs with a greater audience. No longer a joke, King Wilderness has become his primary creative expression.

    Adam in his own words: “King Wilderness is a vehicle to process the tension between the life I live, and the life I dream of. The reality is, life looks pretty mundane most of the time. Wake up, work, sleep, repeat. There are always good things about it, but it’s also not where we hope to remain for the next 30 years. This is the main question I wrestled with in the songs and sounds of King Wilderness. It’s a quest for more – and an invitation to dream of living the amazing life we were designed for.”

    “Here I Go Again” is the first of three singles to be released over the summer of 2017.

    Adam continues, “I chose this song as the first single because I feel like it best encapsulates this journey I’m on. This song introduces the listener to my journey as King Wilderness.”

    All of the song were recorded at Pep Talk studios in Nashville and produced by Richard Wouters of Civil Twilight. The project was engineered by Micah Tawlks and mixed by Kevin Daily.

    On working with this team Adam says, “The journey of working with these 3 guys really brought the songs to life. The demo I’d created for “Here I Go Again” was a little more harsh and aggressive, but through the process of recording it became clear that the song was much more breezy and fun. The message and the lyrics carried enough of the tension, and we discovered the song could just breathe. It resulted in more of a fun, sing-along feel; like it’s an anthem for those of us on this journey. We don’t really know what we’re doing and where we’re going, but we know we can’t stop.”

The Pink Spiders w/ Tayls & King Wilderness

Sat Aug 11 2018 9:00 PM

(Doors 8:00 PM)

The Basement East Nashville TN
The Pink Spiders w/ Tayls & King Wilderness
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$10 ADV /$12 DOS Ages 21+