THE MIDNIGHT STROLL feat. Aaron Behrens of Ghostland Observatory w/ The Bumbs

Fri Sep 29 2017

8:00 PM (Doors 7:30 PM)

The Basement

1604 Eighth Ave South Nashville, TN 37203

$5 ADV/ $10 DOS

Ages 21+

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THE MIDNIGHT STROLL feat. Aaron Behrens of Ghostland Observatory w/ The Bumbs

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  • The Midnight Stroll

    The Midnight Stroll

    Alternative Rock

    If Joy Division had an emotive range that extended beyond despair and melancholy they may have sounded a little bit like the Midnight Stroll. Dark-hued, but not entirely gloomy, it may be more fair to speak of the Austin duo in the context of other 80’s UK bands like the Jesus and the Mary Chain and the Wake–with a little bit of whirling guitar wails of early Cocteau Twins sprinkled on top. Listen to the first moments of their new record “Heartbreak Bugaloo” and you’ll hear what I’m talking about. Reverbed percussion and a thick bass line move like molasses beneath a longing synthesizer and a soaring electric guitar in the opening breath of the Midnight Stroll’s debut LP. But don’t get comfortable, as soon as the song harks back to some 80’s gothic shadows, Aaron Behren’s extravagantly flamboyant vocals descend into the mix–it’s about as far as one can get from the cool monotone that many of those UK vocalists preferred. There really is no neat comparison to Behren’s vocal style, but the only time on the record when one can safely liken his voice to another’s is on “Losing My Mind” where he, appropriately, sounds like a manic Robert Smith.

    Behren’s magnetic histrionics may seem like it’d be the main ingredient to the group’s exciting sound, but it’s Jonas Wilson who concocts the universe that Behren thrives within. While Wilson often summons the colors of the darker side of post-punk, he brews a sound of his own through his intricate production, and furthermore, there are many moments of their new record that dive into soundscapes that some of his progenitors would have never considered.

    Armed with an arsenal of analog synths, reel to reel tape machines, frenzied guitars, and poignant yet lighthearted lyrics, the Stroll are poised to release their sophomore album, “Western Static” in the fall of 2017. Keep your ears open for this Austin two-piece, they’re bringing something special to the airwaves.


  • The Bumbs

    The Bumbs


    The Bumbs began when Merc convinced his friends to drop out of school, quit their jobs and play in a rock and roll band with him. Their sound is vintage urban buskin' blues, polished to a soulful sheen and cheery smile by a handful of disgruntled and tongue-in-cheek millennial sky grazers.

    Eli had been studying visual arts at UNT and was only a freshman, so he was chill with that. He'd grown up down the hall from Merc and had made music with him since babehood; it made sense to hang around and see what went down.

    Zach was selling garage doors and was quickly becoming renown for his caffeinated negotiation tactics, but decided to pursue his true life goal of becoming Keef Richards Hendrix IV. He and Merc had known each other since high school Biology, when they'd shoved textbooks down each others pants and talked the merits of 60's blues bliss. It wasn't a hard decision to leave it all behind for rock n roll...

    Cap'n John had been slaving away makin' burgers in Nashville for a couple years, but in his spare time he played drums for some Nashville bands and led a small group of political banditos he called "Las Pequeñas Cosas Rojas". They called him Cap'n John. He met Merc rollin' a stoney and the two quickly formed a jam bond. It wasn't long before he was bumbin' down to TX to join up with the rest of the crew...

    After a couple weeks in TX the boys were kicked out of their residency for bein' too rock n roll. So they made their way back to Nashville.

    All was for the best though because Zach met up with Kevin at his underpaid job makin' tacos on Broadway. After a few weeks bumbin', the curse took hold and Kevin lost his job, fully completing his initation into the Bumbs. He was dubbed Maraca Jesus on account of his inhuman auxiliary talents and long flowing hair.

    Lastly, came Brandon. Before Brandon lost his job as a professional milkshake maker he made the acquaintance of John, who was flippin burgers at the same joint. Once The Bumbs returned to Nashville they dug Brandon out of the waste bin behind Phat Bites and had him play some shows opening for them. The Bumbs quickly saw Brandon's guitar talents and added him to the repertoire.

    As for Merc, well nobody knows much about him other than he's one lazy street rat...

    And now, you have it, The Mostly Unedited and Ramblin' History of The Bumbs.

  • The Wooly Mamas

    The Wooly Mamas

    Alternative Country

    The Wooly Mamas are a Nashville, TN based trio that plays original music with an eclectic mix of genres including roots rock, alt country, grunge and blues. The Wooly Mamas hail from the suburbs of Washington, DC, where they began playing music together in 2002. The trio was originally formed as a cover band one night at local bar in Manassas, VA. Although their first gig together was meant to be nothing more than a friendly jam session, they soon realized that the chemistry between them was undeniable. Over the next many years the group played numerous bars and clubs around the east coast, honing their craft with an eventual repertoire of over a thousand cover songs in a wide variety of musical styles. From Hank Williams to Nirvana, Wilco, Tom Waits, from The Stray Cats to The Beatles, the band drew influence from all of their favorite music and soon-after started to flesh out a catalog of their own original songs.

    After 6 years as a constantly gigging cover band, the trio took their new library of all original material and moved to Nashville, TN where they formed The Wooly Mamas. In Feb 2013 the band released their debut EP, "Parlor Deluxe" which can be physically purchased, downloaded, or streamed for free online. In December 2013 the band released two new songs, "Breakfast' and "Make Sure" recorded at Talk Box Rodeo Studios in Nashville. Currently the band is finishing up more new material after some recording sessions at Warner Chappell Studios.  The Wooly Mamas can regularly be seen playing live in Nashville and surrounding areas.

THE MIDNIGHT STROLL feat. Aaron Behrens of Ghostland Observatory w/ The Bumbs

Fri Sep 29 2017 8:00 PM

(Doors 7:30 PM)

The Basement Nashville TN
THE MIDNIGHT STROLL feat. Aaron Behrens of Ghostland Observatory w/ The Bumbs
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$5 ADV/ $10 DOS Ages 21+