Thu Dec 8 2016

8:00 PM (Doors 7:00 PM)

The High Watt

1 Cannery Row Nashville, TN 37203

$13 Advance / $16 Day Of Show

Ages 18+

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Music City Booking Presents
THANK YOU SCIENTIST with Moon Tooth, Tea Club & more!

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  • Thank You Scientist

    Thank You Scientist


  • Moon Tooth

    Moon Tooth

    Heavy Metal

    February 5th, 2016 marked the release of Chromaparagon, the debut full-length album by Long Island, New York band Moon Tooth.

    Stream or purchase the album, here:

    A fireworks display of melody and rhythm, Chromaparagon is more than that too – its progressive, aggressive sound is brimming with soul, riddled with hairpin turns, and delivered with the grace and swing of real virtuosos. Over the course of twelve songs, Moon Tooth mashes together rock, metal, and blues, into a fusion that bursts with color. There are few limits here. Moon Tooth possesses the imagination and skill to swerve into whatever musical direction it wants. But this band wanders without getting lost; it channels its wild dreaming and black-beltchops into an album that drives forward with purpose. 

    Frontman John Carbone carries forth the tradition of singers with the range and the courage to go for it. Like Jeff Buckley, Into Another's Richie Birkenhead or Shudder to Think's Craig Wedren, Carbone belts it out with a soaring voice that can command quiet subtlety as well as arena-rocking operatics. In poetic, modern-mythic phrases, his lyrics address themes of, in his own words, "trials, perseverance, victory... answering the call of adventure, following what you know to be your true purpose even in the face of danger, uncertainty and fear." 

    "I made love to my ordeals / By light of holy fire / A lion rearing under ash / All the beasts of un-days loomed / And I saw Mars stand," Carbone sings on the song "Igneous."

    Guitarist Nick Lee (also the newest member of veteran heavy metal act Riot, now known as Riot V) extracts entire worlds out of his instrument. His dexterity is matched only by his soulfulness. Backing him are bassist Vincent Romanelli and drummer Ray Marte who glide swiftly from tasty grooves and rhythmic illusions to full-on metal muscularity.

    Loosely speaking, some modern-day reference points include The Mars Volta, Mastodon, and Between The Buried And Me. But Moon Tooth is its own, unique, "undeniably strange, totally kick-ass beast" as one MetalSucks editor put it.

    Chromaparagon was recorded, mixed, and mastered by Moon Tooth drummer Ray Marte. The vivid cover art was created by Jon Contino. It is preceded by the band's 2013 debut EP, Freaks. 

    The tracklist is as follows:

    1) Queen Wolf
    2) Offered Blood
    3) Igneous
    4) Little Witch
    5) Bats in the Attic
    6) Forgive Me Snake Ryder
    7) Chroma
    8) Vesuvius I
    9) Vesuvius II
    10) Belt Squeezer
    11) Death and the Vibrant Architecture of Rebirth
    12) White Stag

    Moon Tooth is about to embark on a full US tour with Intronaut & Entheos and has also shared stages with Killswitch Engage, The Dillinger Escape Plan, GWAR, Mutoid Man, Candiria, Weedeater, Veil of Maya, KEN Mode, Cancer Bats, King Parrot, and more.

  • Tea Club

    Tea Club


    The Tea Club is a band from New Jersey consisting of Patrick McGowan (vocals/guitar/keyboards), Dan McGowan (vocals/guitar/keyboards),  Jamie Wolff (bass/violin/cello), Joe Dorsey (keyboards) and Dan Monda (drums).

    In 2008, the band was discovered by producer Tim Gilles (Anthrax, Taking Back Sunday, Hades, Bear vs. Shark, Thursday), who recorded, produced, and mixed their first album at Big Blue Meenie Studios. “General Winter’s Secret Museum” was released in July 2008. The album included original artwork by Dan and Patrick McGowan, with an album cover by artist Kendra DeSimone.

    Following a brief East Coast tour, The Tea Club returned to Tim Gilles and Big Blue Meenie Studios to record their second album entitled Rabbit which was released on October 9th 2010. The album featured guest keyboardist Tom Brislin (Yes, Renaissance, OK Go, Meatloaf, Camel).

    Like General Winter’s Secret Museum, the album cover was painted by Kendra DeSimone and featured original artwork by Dan and Patrick McGowan. Rabbit was met with very positive reviews. The Organ ‘zine praised The Tea Club for being a band that is ”not afraid to nail their colours firmly to their mast and fly directly in to the face of fashion”. Indie Music Reviewer said that Rabbit ”can appease any listener of just about any genre”, giving the album 5 out of 5 stars.

    They spent the rest of 2010 and 2011 touring the East Coast, including performances at the ProgDay Music Festival in North Carolina, the Philly Film & Music Festival, and the NJ Proghouse Music Series. Reviews and articles about the band were featured in publications such as Metro Philly, Indie Music Reviewer, Origivation, and JUMP. The band also released several homemade music videos for songs from the Rabbit album. They ended 2011 by opening for Jimmy Gnecco of the band Ours in Philadelphia.

    In early 2012, The Tea Club once again returned to Big Blue Meenie Studios to record their third album with producer Tim Gilles. Following these sessions, the band was invited to support Beardfish on their mini-tour of the United States in May 2012.

    The Tea Club’s third album, “Quickly Quickly Quickly”, was released on November 15th, 2012. Once again, the album cover was done by Kendra DeSimone with artwork by the McGowan brothers. Quickly Quickly Quickly was met with overwhelmingly positive reviews and made several “Top Albums of 2012” lists. Dangerdog Music Reviews called the album “wildly inventive”, while said that “The Tea Club has taken the dormant rock beast and tied a choke chain onto it.” Conor Fynes of The Metal Observer had this to say in his review of Quickly Quickly Quickly: “Although 2012 was a year host to output of impressive records from some of progressive rock’s finest, The Tea Club just may have topped them all.”

    In 2013, The Tea Club travelled to Canada to perform two 90 minute sets at the Terra Incognita Festival in Quebec City. In August 2013, the band toured the United States with Thank You Scientist. The tour included a performance at Indie Music Reviewer’s IMR Music Festival 2013 in Atlanta, GA.

    The Tea Club spent 2014 writing and recording at Big Blue Meenie Studios. These recordings became The Tea Club’s fourth album, “Grappling”, which was released on November 17, 2015. Grappling was met with critical acclaim, with many reviewers calling it the band’s greatest achievement, solidifying the band as a major presence in progressive rock.

    The Tea Club will be opening for the band HAKEN in September on part of their “Affinity” Tour of the USA. The Tea Club also announced the upcoming release of the Grappling Graphic Novel, a 6-issue comic book series that elaborates on the stories told in the lyrics of their Grappling album. Written by Patrick McGowan with artwork by Dan McGowan and Kendra DeSimone, the first issue will be available October 10th, 2016.

  • Edge of Reality

    Edge of Reality


    The brainchild of Joey Frevola (Kyros), Edge of Reality is an eclectic art metal band based in Nashville, TN that embodies a wide variety of influences and expresses both light-hearted narrative and thought-provoking concepts. With their first album, Elephant in My Pajamas under their belt, Edge of Reality is working on their sophomore release.

    Joey formed Edge of Reality during high school in his hometown of Ft. Lauderdale, FL. The high point of this period was placing first in the Daftzone’s “Battle Royale” battle of the bands competition. After graduation, Joey put ‘Edge’ on hold to attend Belmont University in Nashville where he attempted to put an entirely new band together. The band recorded a few songs, but never really made it any further. The frustration of not being able to get this group off the ground led him to revive Edge of Reality and write and record a new album.

    Thus in 2014, Edge of Reality’s first official release, Elephant in my Pajamas was born. The album with its unashamedly light-hearted tone has been described by André de Boer from  as containing “a bit of weirdness” but “full of really great and addictively complex compositions…a mixture of Snarky Puppy and Haken to the edge.”

    Shortly following the release of Elephant in My Pajamas, fellow music students Jesse Peck and Branndon Center jumped on board adding more diversity to Edge of Reality’s sound. With Joey on lead guitar, Jesse on rhythm and keys, and Branndon on drums, a second album began to brew. Joey and Jesse quickly began co-writing a complex storyline involving Science-Fiction and Fantasy to be revealed over the course of several albums. Edge of Reality’s sophomore release will unveil the beginnings of this story, and mark a shift from instrumental music to narrative-based progressive compositions. 

    Edge of Reality’s second album will both expand on Elephant in my Pajamas and cover new territory. There are similar light-hearted moments and complex flowing song structures, but vocals that introduce a new form of coherency and organization. The band has taken on the motto “To inspire, to entertain, to confuse,” and each song on the new album strives to accomplish all three.

    Follow Edge of Reality as they prepare to unleash their second album and with it the beginning of an epic story arch.

Music City Booking Presents

THANK YOU SCIENTIST with Moon Tooth, Tea Club & more!

Thu Dec 8 2016 8:00 PM

(Doors 7:00 PM)

The High Watt Nashville TN
THANK YOU SCIENTIST with Moon Tooth, Tea Club & more!
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$13 Advance / $16 Day Of Show Ages 18+