Tango Alpha Tango, Stereo Embers, The Weather Machine

Fri Jun 15 2018

9:00 PM (Doors 8:30 PM)

Sunset Tavern

5433 Ballard Avenue NW Seattle, WA 98107

Ages 21+

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Tango Alpha Tango, Stereo Embers, The Weather Machine

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  • Tango Alpha Tango

    Tango Alpha Tango

    Alternative Rock

    Portland’s Tango Alpha Tango is best experienced amid a crowded room of sweaty guitar junkies. Logically, then, a well-mixed live album is the next greatest thing. Captured last year at local recording space Banana Stand, the performance delivered by the quartet tackles a sprawling beast in 12 songs. From the first bluesy electric-guitar riff in “Kill & Haight” to the gritty energy of “Black Cloud,” the record not only translates frontman Nathan Trueb’s ability to write a good tune and dominate a guitar neck, but also the band’s flawless fusion of blues and rock with funky bass lines and psychedelic keys. Trueb explores his folkier singer-songwriter side on “Desert Snow,” a song composed simply of his scratchy, worn-in voice and supplementary fingerpicking. But with nearly half the songs on the set list running eight minutes or longer, many of the album’s gems surface when Trueb cracks them open with his guitar. In lengthy tracks like the trippy “In My Time of Dying” and the driving rock jam “Mona Lisa’s Death,” the frontman disassembles ideas, draws out phrases and slowly builds them up again. Although the album doesn’t quite hit with the impact of experiencing the band in the flesh, it comes pretty damn close. EMILY BOOHER, WILLAMETTE WEEK

  • Stereo Embers

    Stereo Embers

    Power Pop

    "Stereo Embers are my favorite new band out of Seattle. Killer songs, great musicianship, and they totally slay live, just as a rock band should."

    - Barret Martin (Mad Season/ Screaming Trees)

    Stereo Embers are an American Rock band from Seattle, Washington.  They carry no pretense- no effort to be something that they are not, and display their musical influences proudly.  Through their songs, homage is paid to bands like The Who, The Faces, Big Star, and Cheap Trick.  Their music is energetic, melodic, anthemic- much as the music it is influenced by was and still is.


    While individually, they have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with many notable artists (Pearl Jam, Death Cab for Cutie, and Built to Spill to name a few), it is sharing the stage together as Stereo Embers that has brought out the best in them.  With this band, the whole truly is greater than the sum of its parts.


    Stereo Embers has released two EPs (Stereo Embers and Code of the Sound) and in 2016 a 7” Vinyl Single (“Wrong Way"/ "Ways of the World”) on the Hockeytalkter label owned by Mike McCready of Pearl Jam.  

    “Stereo Embers are a great band. The song ‘Wrong Way’ is one I couldn’t stop listening to. Great chorus and killer songwriting. ‘Ways of the World’ is a perfect foil for it. With Robb Benson vox, Tim Dijulio lead guitar, Ben Brunn bass, and Cassady Laton on drums, Stereo Embers have been tearing up the new Seattle Scene lately, and I love the interplay between Robb’s great vocals and Tim DiJulio’s smoking guitar leads. A proud release for HockyTalkter Records!”

    – Mike McCready (Pearl Jam)

    Stereo Embers new EP is set to be released in November of 2017.

    Stereo Embers are:

    Robb Benson (lead vocals/ rhythm guitar)

    Tim DiJulio (backing vocals/ lead guitar)

    Ben Brunn (backing vocals/ bass guitar)

    Cassady Laton (drums) 

  • The Weather Machine

    The Weather Machine

    Alternative Rock

    Based in Portland OR, The Weather Machine released its first album after a blustery winter of recording on the Oregon Coast. With strong ties to the region, the 5-piece found its roots in the Pacific Northwest’s unique folk aesthetic, developing a hard-hitting, theatrical rock performance that expands upon their recorded work. After emerging on the scene in April ‘13, The Weather Machine has been featured in PASTE Magazine, Buzzfeed, OPB’s Think Out Loud, The Oregonian, the Portland Mercury, Willamette Week, and many more international and US-based publications. They worked collaboratively with Oregon State Parks and Oregon Film to release their first music video, which debuted on acclaimed actor Rainn Wilson’s video blog SoulPancake and was later rereleased online through GoPro Cameras.

    The Weather Machine began in earnest when singer Slater Smith and guitarist Colin Robson met at an open-mic in Pacific City, OR, March of 2012. The two decided to team up to record Smith’s songs at Robson’s then-brand-new studio, Kiwanda Sound Recordings. Cellist Matthew Cartmill and drummer Tanner Smith (Slater's brother) joined on shortly after. Drummer Luke Hoffman and bassist André Zapata joined the band in 2014 and 2015 (respectively) to make up the current roster. Past members include Nick Hamel (bass), Jack Martin (bass), Tanner Smith (drums), and Corey Kintzi (drums).

Tango Alpha Tango, Stereo Embers, The Weather Machine

Fri Jun 15 2018 9:00 PM

(Doors 8:30 PM)

Sunset Tavern Seattle WA
Tango Alpha Tango, Stereo Embers, The Weather Machine
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Ages 21+