SONTALK w/ Kelsey Kopecky

Wed Oct 11 2017

7:00 PM (Doors 6:30 PM)

The Basement

1604 Eighth Ave South Nashville, TN 37203


Ages 21+

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SONTALK w/ Kelsey Kopecky

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    Indie Rock

    Joseph LeMay’s “Seventeen Acres” - Songs from a Singlewide Trailer

    Before patching up the old trailer in West Tennessee, grass grew through cracks on the floor and copperheads mingled between decades of stacked boxes on a grandfather’s hand-me-down farm. It was in this abandoned singlewide that singer-songwriter Joseph LeMay cleared a space for his new life as a married man and Seventeen Acres, his first full-length release which released on Tuesday, May 20, 2014. 

    “It’s like sitting under a magnifying glass,” says LeMay of the isolation of rural Tennessee. “Writing this record, I was constantly alone and in a period of self-doubt. I was worried I wouldn’t measure up as a new husband and as a songwriter, more or less thrown out in the wilderness.” The intensity of his self-examination led to what we now know as Seventeen Acres.

    Kind word about Seventeen Acres:

    Fantastic feature in CMT Edge about Joseph LeMay and the new album. Watch the premiere of his video for the song "Redwing", a song which CMT Edge calls a "careful, patiently swelling track” --CMT Edge, Chris Parton

    “Joseph LeMay wrote his album Seventeen Acres in the most authentic of environments, his 17 acre property in rural Tennessee. His music embodies the story-teller tradition of country/roots music. His sound harkens back to a calmer, peaceful era and creates a timelessness that makes it easy to engage the listener.” --American Songwriter’s Daily Discovery Debuts the track “You Still Do It”

    American Songwriter premiered the title track “Seventeen Acres”->

    “Rarely has an album by a complete unknown hit me like a ton of bricks the way Joseph Lemay’s stunning debut has...The music is an exquisite tapestry of Americana and Country. Seventeen Acres is a stellar debut from an insanely promising artist… Seventeen Acres’ appeal extends way beyond the boundaries of the current Americana boom. Fans of Crowded House, Tom Petty, Iron & Wine, Paul Simon and countless others will welcome the tales of this gifted storyteller.” 
    --PopDose, Keith Creighton

    “It is a love story of ‘two old teenagers’ told over a dusty Americana arrangement... LeMay hits both notes & emotional buttons in his delivery. His vocals have a tone a little like Jim James, particularly on “Fruit on the Vine”. Both singers offer a barely disguised falsetto that seems to always be hinting that it could break free.” --The Alternate Root, Danny McCloskey

    “[LeMay] He’s an arresting singer too and once you get caught up with how much of a trap life could be—with the advice that it’s up to all of us to rise up and out—the songs start to come alive in your mind, especially with repeated listenings. Remember all those ‘new-Dylan’ tags put on artists as far-ranging as Springsteen, Donovan, Wainwright III and Ochs? Let’s do it again! Joseph LeMay is the Dylan Of The Farm.”--Aquarian Weekly’s Rant and Roll, Mike Greenblatt

    “This guy came out of nowhere as far as I can tell, but this album is good enough to have writers all over putting it on their lists as an album of worth. I could say that he is a singer/songwriter but the music is so good it sets itself apart. I mean, this guy can write! ...He is going to be big even in this era of struggling musicians. And I wish I could say that I was the first to tell you, but his train is gaining steam as I write. This album is a step above.” --Frank Gutch Jr, Bob Segarini Blog

    “a satisfying and intriguing piece of alt-country and Americana. Seventeen Acres matches engrossing stories with intimate harmonies, comforting keys and confident guitar strokes.” 
    --No Country for New Nashville, Wes Davenport

    “Having both written and produced the album on the rural Tennessee farm located in the northwest corner of the state, each song exudes the spirit of the location that monumentally shaped this chapter in LeMay’s life. It is the extreme level of care, intensity and personal reflection that went into Seventeen Acres that makes LeMay’s music stand out among a muddled landscape of aspiring folk musicians.” 
    --Cause A Scene, Christian Lerchenfeld

    Cause a Scene premiered the video for the song “You Still Do it”
    WATCH it here→

    Joseph’s got a brand new song "Lily" from his Made In Network Artist-In-Residence Session →


    “Music fulfills a need,” says Joseph LeMay. “It’s communicating across mediums. We don’t just want words. It’s the color and the canvas. The cadence and the lyric.” It’s with a balanced grasp of bare truth and pursuit of grace that LeMay channels this primal need in the desolation of his Seventeen Acres.

  • Kelsey Kopecky

    Kelsey Kopecky

    Dream Pop

    "For me it all started in my dad's garage up in Minnesota. He played John Mellencamp and The Beach Boys while I roller skated round and round singing at the top of my lungs. My goal in music is to take myself back to that garage, to tap into the wildness of going all in, no brakes, and laughing like a maniac the whole time. When I'm doing it right, I'm a kid again, and I don't wanna grow up."

    Fresh off 10 years touring with college friends turned band brothers in Kopecky Family Band, Kelsey Kopecky is ready to take her own name. She's trading her keyboard for an electric guitar and writing songs in a new garage. The result is a lo-fi dream pop diary of songs called, "The Babysitter Worktapes." 

    "After taking a break from the road, I got a job babysitting an 8 year old firecracker, Kelsey says. "I used the money to record my first solo album, and the result is something that embodies me both then - in my roller skate fervor - and the here and now. I can't wait to share it!
    "The Babysitter Worktapes" are out Spring 2017!

SONTALK w/ Kelsey Kopecky

Wed Oct 11 2017 7:00 PM

(Doors 6:30 PM)

The Basement Nashville TN
SONTALK w/ Kelsey Kopecky
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$5 Ages 21+