PAWS, Flashlights, Orenda Fink, Amanda X

Sat Oct 25 2014

8:00 PM - 11:55 PM (Doors 7:30 PM)

Knitting Factory - Brooklyn

361 Metropolitan Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11211

All Ages

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Limited free admission for CMJ badge holders.

8:00pm - Amanda X

9:00pm - Orenda Fink

10:00pm - Flashlights

11:00pm - PAWS

CMJ - Flowerbooking Showcase
PAWS, Flashlights, Orenda Fink, Amanda X

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  • PAWS


    Indie Rock

    PAWS are Phillip Taylor, Josh Swinney and John Bonnar.

    In 2012 the band released the Misled Youth EP followed shortly by their debut full length album Cokefloat!, which garnered critical acclaim from the likes of Pitchfork, The BBC and SPIN. That album, recorded by ex-Test Icicle, Rory Attwell on the boat/studio “Lightship95,” introduced the band’s explosive songwriting to the world, boiling down emotionally charged lyrics with the whiplash snap of punk. The band soon after toured with Japandroids, We Are Scientists and The Cribs and their live show proves time and again their comfort on the stage, leading SPIN Magazine to place the band at number four on their “Top 50 Best Acts at SXSW Festival in 2013.”

    PAWS’ second album, Youth Culture Forever marked a significant change in strength and mood for the band. Recorded live in a home studio in the woods in upstate New York, the album captured the Scottish trio in their element. Fiercely loud and brutally raw, YCF also demonstrated emotional and dynamic depths that added new shades and colours to the sound already developed on their debut album, resulting in a record of renewed confidence and even greater scope. The band were also very humbled to see Youth Culture Forever become their second album to be nominated for The Scottish Album Of The Year Award.

    The tour that followed pushed the band to new heights as musicians, continuing to forge a strong, united bond together, forcing them to dig deeper than ever before to keep their heads above water, especially when the consequences of constant travel and unfortunate circumstances reared their ugly heads. That tour, in all its theft grief and toil, cemented the idea in the band’s collective mind that in order to make something work, against all odds, you’ve gotta go big or go home….

    Which brings us to album number three.

    No Grace.

    More than just the third PAWS record, No Grace is representative of a 

    transformative period of time in the bands life and is the 
    gravel-throated affirmation of that ‘do it or die’ attitude that 
    informs any great work of passion.

    It’s the song you sing when you get kicked in the teeth; the decision 
    you make to get back on your feet and rattle off another punch; it’s 
    the humility of defeat and the ecstasy of triumph because you never 
    gave up.

    But more than anything, it’s the sound of the pure fucking energy and 
    joy that comes from making something with your whole heart.

    As well as being a statement of intent, No Grace was that opportunity 
    to go big or go home. So PAWS went big.

    After discovering a mutual appreciation between themselves and 
    bassist/producer Mark Hoppus (Blink 182/+44), PAWS enlisted his 
    support to help push these new songs to their wildest heights and pack 
    the heftiest punch they could muster.

    And from the eponymous opener and first single, ‘No Grace’, it’s clear 
    the two are a perfect fit. Recorded last summer between Chem 19 in 
    Glasgow and a private studio in Somerset, it’s a partnership that 
    strikes hard through the core of the record, from the anthemic gut 
    punch of ‘N/A’ to the thrashed out madness of ‘Salt Lake’ and 
    ‘Complete Contempt’, PAWS third album distills the best of what came 
    before it and builds on it with strength and confidence.

    Like its been bottled up and shaken every day for the past year and 
    shot out point blank with every press of the play button.

    These songs soar; they fill your head, swell in your heart, 
    rumble in your belly and consume all available space in your ear 

    But more than all of these things, No Grace is what happens when 
    instead of back down or giving in, you turn the fuck up.

    We encourage you to do the same.

  • Flashlights


    Alternative Rock

    They’ve lived with a Dominatrix and shaken hands with “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan. Played more house shows than they care to remember, and covered Prince’s “Purple Rain” to disastrous effect on a Cocoa Beach catwalk. They went through some shit, broke up, but then got back together. They tour in a van, and sleep on couches. And have a strange affinity for both cats and Pokémon.


    They’re called Flashlights, a rather spectacular band from decidedly un-spectacular Brevard County, Florida. They started as the solo acoustic project of twenty-four year old, singer/guitarist Terry Caudill in 2007, then added and subtracted members from various local punk outfits before settling on their current lineup: Tony Oriza on guitar, Will Powell on bass, and Melissa Hopkins on drums.

    Carefully crafting a sound more befitting a band born in the mid-90’s melodic punk scene and calling on Archers of Loaf and Superchunk as influences, the band has honed their superior sound and stage presence in the clubs of Florida the past few years. With the announcement of their signing to Hard Rock Records and release of their digital EP, Don’t Take Me Seriously, the band is poised to breakout in 2013.

  • Orenda Fink

    Orenda Fink

    Indie Pop

    Throughout her time with Azure Ray and over the course of her solo career, Orenda Fink has never shied from exploring the darker edges of spirituality and the human condition. On her debut solo album Invisible Ones, Orenda explored traditional Haitian ritual and mysticism. She then followed that up with an examination of the Southern Gothic subconscious on Ask the Night. Needless to say, death has been visible in much of her music. On her latest album, Blue Dream, she looks deeply at the subject, reflecting upon a year-long meditation on death that started with a dog named Wilson and the words of Laurie Anderson.

    "Just look at yesterday, and what you were doing, and how important it was, and how nonexistent it is now! How dreamlike it is! Same thing with tomorrow. So where are we living? Tibetans have unbelievably fascinating answers to that. This is what I’m studying because my dog died.” -Laurie Anderson

    Orenda was sent this quote by her friend Nina Barnes after Wilson, Orenda’s dog of 16 years, died. That year she found herself on a deeply personal search for the meaning of death. Pieces of answers, coded in riddle, came to her in dreams. Her dreams began to tell a story - about life and death and the afterlife, reality, and the fine line between the conscious and subconscious world.

    She then spent the next year understanding the experience and filtering it through the musical inspirations of Smog, Violetta Parra, and Kate Bush to craft Blue Dream. The album truly came together at ARC in Omaha, NE with the help of producers Ben Brodin and Todd Fink (The Faint), along with drummer Bill Rieflin (Ministry, Swans, R.E.M., King Crimson).

    Lead single “Ace of Cups” starts the album off by using the Tarot symbol of attunement and spirituality to explore the interconnectedness with the world and humanity that even death cannot undo. The haunting “Holy Holy” examines them directly with lines "We come into this world all alone/and we leave with not much more” and “I lay in bed/collect all my dreams/then I pay/someone to read them to me/the simple ones are just as they seem/but open your eyes/and they say so much more.” Whereas “All Hearts Will Beat Again” displays ideas Orenda came to understand upon reflection in lines “It's a sign in the eyes/something in your smile/it's a nod and a wave from the darkness/but our hearts will beat again/and the love we gave will come back/but i don't know where or when.”

    Writing the album allowed Orenda to contemplate the experiences that precipitated it and explore new perspectives gained over the past year. This process left her with the belief that we can only be truly healed if we find our "interior God." How do you find your interior God? There are many ways, but she believes one of them is through dreams. Dreams being the closest way to have a direct experience with the all-knowing past, present, and future.

  • Amanda X

    Amanda X

    Indie Rock

    Born out of the Kensington neighborhood of North Philadelphia, where you can't throw a rock without hitting a great band, Amanda X is the three-piece antidote to bumming on grey days and the Sunday night blues. The Philadelphian women—Cat Park on guitar, Tiff Yoon on drums, and Kat Bean on bass—make music to remind you that colorful riffs and lilting oo's are meant to complement post-punk shredding and astute songwriting. Their debut full-length, Amnesia, is sure to rattle you out of your wintertime slumber like a cannonball straight into the pool.

    Amanda X self-released their bedroom-cozy EP, Ruin the Moment, in 2012 to great acclaim, taking the sunny-serious vibes with them to venues all over Philadelphia, as well as on a number of tours up and down the East Coast and Canada. Their penchant for playful stage banter, garagey guitar earworms, and dual harmonies that hit just as hard live, made them a perfect opener for the likes of Parquet Courts, Marnie Stern, Dum Dum Girls, FIDLAR, and more.

    After catching wind of their dedicated show schedule and powerful new songs, Philadelphia's own Siltbreeze picked up their first album. The release of the upcoming debut sees the trio taking a new approach in their songwriting—stronger, faster, harder-hitting, but not without the lovely melodies and honey-tinged sing-alongs they've built their sound on. Amanda X's lyrics are about everything from travel to friendships to fear, and they succeed in their revealing, spot-on honesty.

    Imagine if Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks took a few lessons from The Raincoats, or if the K Records lineup of yesteryear had a little more distortion in their repertoire. Amanda X manages to deliver smarts and sweets in poppy songs so tightly packed that they come with a punch so strong they are really, really hard to forget.

CMJ - Flowerbooking Showcase

PAWS, Flashlights, Orenda Fink, Amanda X

Sat Oct 25 2014 8:00 PM - 11:55 PM

(Doors 7:30 PM)

Knitting Factory - Brooklyn Brooklyn NY
PAWS, Flashlights, Orenda Fink, Amanda X
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All Ages

Limited free admission for CMJ badge holders.

8:00pm - Amanda X

9:00pm - Orenda Fink

10:00pm - Flashlights

11:00pm - PAWS