paris_monster, Dani Elliot

Thu Feb 15 2018

9:00 PM (Doors 8:30 PM)

The Basement

1604 Eighth Ave South Nashville, TN 37203

$7 ADV/ $10 DOORS

Ages 21+

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paris_monster, Dani Elliot

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    Alternative Rock

  • Dani Elliot

    Dani Elliot


    Ask Dani Elliott what makes her stand out as an artist and she’ll roll her eyes. “What really makes any of us stand out?” she protests. “I mean, I know some painfully talented people who no one will ever know about because maybe they can’t get their shit together, or the right person never hears them, or they don’t have enough money to do what they need to be doing. I don’t know that I’m trying to stand out and seem like I think I’m more than anyone else. I just know I’m not trying to blend in.”

    And blending in is something that this Nashville-based spitfire knows a thing or two about. Elliott has spent the past 6 years touring more than 30 countries as a background vocalist for a bevy of artists across multiple musical genres. She’s lent her talents to synthpop band White Prism, hip-hop acts like MIA and The Roots, singer-songwriters like Amos Lee and Sheryl Crow, pop icon Miley Cyrus on her infamous Bangerz World Tour, and most recently, soul singer Allen Stone. And although, on paper, it may appear that Elliott is a dyed-in-the-wool sideman, the debut of her new, 5- song EP, The Best Part, marks a clear and defiant transition into the glow of her own spotlight.

    Produced by Matt Wigton (Elizabeth and the Catapult) and written solely by Elliott herself, The Best Part, infuses mellow electropop with smooth R&B overtones in a lean and intimate production style that leaves the songstress’ strong yet subtle vocals right at the helm. The Best Part's soft, soulful musicality has earned comparisons to soul- fusion contemporaries Rhye and Jessie Ware, but it’s the grit in her authentic and unfiltered delivery that sets her apart. While Elliott’s effortless blend of genres and the dexterity of her crooning mezzo make her years of diverse musical working history apparent, her songwriting skills are what really showcase the growth and experience of her extensive travels.

    “My travels are what I’m most proud of because they remind me that I'm capable of handling a lot,” she admits. “It’s very mentally and physically draining to do 19- hour travel days on planes and busses around a large group of people all emitting different kinds of energies and then be thrown into a country where you don’t speak the native language. You learn to communicate in a whole new way. You immerse yourself in different cultures. You meet people from all walks of life and really begin to understand that there is a sort of universal human experience. I try my best to take each of those experiences home with me and integrate them into my life and my music.”

    It’s that deeply personal yet universal human experience that seems to permeate all of the tracks on The Best Part. Timeworn tales of love and loss, desire and yearning, secrets and truth are all contemplated on Elliott’s new EP, yet experiencing them through her raw, sincere filter throws the gloss off similar pop expectations and allows us to get real. After all, Dani Elliott has seen the reality of the pop star dream. Now, she’s choosing a new reality on her own terms. 

paris_monster, Dani Elliot

Thu Feb 15 2018 9:00 PM

(Doors 8:30 PM)

The Basement Nashville TN
paris_monster, Dani Elliot
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$7 ADV/ $10 DOORS Ages 21+