Neoteric Nashville 2013, Binaural Beat, Johnny Velvet & The Scares, Kansas Bible Company, The Get Togethers, Forget Cassettes, Grass Root Kids, Bear Cub, The Daily Howl

Sat Jul 13 2013

7:30 PM (Doors 7:00 PM)

Mercy Lounge

One Cannery Row Nashville, TN 37203


Ages 18+

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Neoteric Nashville is teaming up with Fork's Drum Closet, In Galleries Art Forum, and Hippy Dippy Gypsy Boutique to put on their first annual Festival to showcase the best Nashville talent. Hosted by Nashville's Sweetheart Chad Riden, Neoteric Nashville 2013 features 8 acts that were hand selected to highlight the amazing talent in Nashville.

Neoteric Nashville 2013 featuring Binaural Beat , Johnny Velvet & The Scares , Kansas Bible Company , The Get Togethers , Forget Cassettes , Grass Root Kids , Bear Cub and The Daily Howl

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  • Neoteric Nashville 2013

    Neoteric Nashville 2013


  • Binaural Beat

    Binaural Beat


  • Johnny Velvet & The Scares

    Johnny Velvet & The Scares


    Hey you! Yea you!!! Do you like great music? I mean really great music!? Like music you can feel deep in your bones? Well, Johnny Velvet and the Scares have exactly what you’re looking for. Featuring a GREAT sound and meaningful lyrics. Offering an enthusiastic and energetic live performances that you will remember for the rest of your life. This bands sole purpose is to make each show different than any show you’ve seen and different from any show they have performed. Sending waves of rock n roll to your brain, down to your spine and then finally to your feet, which will be tapping on the ground by this time! Join them on there quest to victory and see where this band makes it! If you think you can handle the excitement that is...

  • Kansas Bible Company

    Kansas Bible Company

    Alternative Rock

    The Kansas Bible Company came into being during the dog days of summer 2008 at Goshen College in Goshen, In. A band of boys congregated in the garage of Vita House, "life house", and began playing rock and roll music. Through encounters with aliens, Bible thumpers, holy rollers, cigarette machines, Teenage Jesus and Mary Magdalene, the KBC, as they have come to be known, have stretched the boundaries of space and time. 

    Through the first two years of being, the Kansas Bible Company played a variety of shows in the Elkhart County area in northern Indiana - from house shows to high school dances to benefits, community events and whatever came their way. They were finding their sound, their style. The band was made up of only seven members at that time.

    Over the past year the band has added four new members and has seen incredible growth in musical ability. Their sound and performance has matured. In the fall of 2010, the boys decided to pursue music seriously. They have been playing shows regularly throughout Indiana and southern Michigan, and moved to Nashville in the late summer of 2011. Since then they have really been cookin'.

    Moving to Nashville has been an incredible, almost unthinkable step for the Company. How do eleven people move to a new city, some even dropping out of college, to pursue rock and roll music? How does one build such a planet? It takes trust, faith, confidence, and a lot of good old fashioned common sense. They found a huge house that could fit them all, a bedroom each, four full baths, large common rooms, and practice space big enough to accommodate eleven young gentlemen. All at a rock bottom price. There was one catch - it was a former crack den, in shambles. The first month they had work on their hands. Cleaning, painting, fixing, and thank the lord, music, became their full time jobs. They turned that former crack house into a home. It is now even complete with a musical venue and bar - the Red Rum Saloon. Christened "Hotel Chicamauga" after the street they live on in east Nashville, their house is a beacon for music lovers everywhere. With such an accomplished challenge under the Company's belt, they are closer than ever. The music is literally pouring out of their souls.  They are working their way into the music scene in Nashville and playing venues throughout the midwest and the south.

    Many things set this band apart from other groups. They are a large group with a full horn section, a rarity in such a young, independent, rock and roll band. The Kansas Bible Company is first and foremost a group of close friends that live and work communally together. They are more than just a group of musicians. They do everything together - eat, sleep, work, workout, shop, camp, talk, philosophize, etc.  And playing music is at the center of it all. The community they share comes through in their music, it goes hand in hand. An audience member can see the connection they share on stage. Their chemistry is electric. Often times they will refer to each other as brothers. A band of 11 brothers playing rock and roll, surf and soul.

  • The Get Togethers

    The Get Togethers

    Alternative Rock

    The year of 2007 with all of its tragic happenings launched a brokenhearted Bethany Gray on a quest to document the events of that year, the most horrifying year of her life. This may seem melodramatic, but what doesn’t to a 17 year old girl? 

    After escaping a tumultuous childhood, Bethany faced an entirely new stomach-gnawing heartbreak. In 2007 she had an affair with a teacher, a woman, at her own high school. 
    This soul-sucking, life-depleting teenage cataclysm sent Bethany spiraling down. The police reports, private investigations and courtroom hearings rolled on through the following months, suffocating her hope for survival. She graduated early to avoid additional trauma and moved to Austin, Texas, where a tiny seed was planted – The Get Togethers (though at the time, she had only her sadness and a head full of melodies). It was there she conceived the concept album Home as in Houston to record the story of 2007. This album, which would take over five years to develop, was the very thing that allowed her to let go of that tragedy so many years ago.

    A head-on collision car accident at 70 mph led Bethany to her fate. After relocating to Houston to recuperate from the injuries, a few unsuspecting visitors took her by surprise. Her best friend was there accompanied by traveling musicians from Nashville. Nursing a broken collarbone and pumped full of painkillers, Bethany watched the person that would change everything walk into the room – Daniel Frazier. 

    They were fast friends and six short months later Daniel traveled the 900 miles to Bethany’s doorstep on a rescue mission. They packed up her entire life and booked it back to Nashville. While Houston had always been home, Nashville was the newness she could never find in Austin. Upon arriving in this tremendous city, she met the other two people that would realign the stars forever—Kayce Grossman and Andrew Frazier (life long friend and younger brother to Daniel). These Nashville natives brought life and hope back into this Houston heartbreak.

    In the spring of 2011 she began work on Home as in Houston. By the time summer hit she’d made nearly no progress and realized what was missing: Daniel Frazier (on guitar), Kayce Grossman (on drums) and Andrew Frazier (on bass). Having grown up together, playing music since their early teens, these guys had a real distinctiveness about them that would complete The Get Togethers.

    That August, they officially formed the band, aiming to finish the long-time dream of Home as in Houston, which was finally released February 12, 2013. What started out as unparalleled friendships transformed into the band we now know as The Get Togethers. They are memoir enthusiasts making homemade music.

  • Forget Cassettes

    Forget Cassettes


    Forget Cassettes is clearly not the same band it was almost a decade ago. The new record O Cursa (Theory 8 Records), with its heavy drum samples, synthesizers, and use of manipulation, marks a new sonic direction for the band, better known for its driving guitar in Instruments of Action and Salt. For Beth Cameron, Forget Cassettes’ sole proprietor, O Cursa is a metamorphosis; a chance to emerge after a hiatus with a new focus. The album features a vibrant palette of electronic sounds which lends greater physicality to this album’s themes of heartache and loss in its many forms and fashions. Whether exploring sexuality and its feral foibles, apocalyptica, chronic illness, the search for one’s own mental and physical truths, Cameron continues to explore the relationship between inner and outer worlds. In yet another departure from previous records, O Cursa is, in a sense, a conceptual record, with the songs grouped categorically from the dense, chaotic aural forest of “Catecholamines,” to the hopefully peaceful minimalism of “All of Creation.” In a break from the traditional releasing of the album as a simple CD/download/vinyl, O Cursa is being released as a monthly series of 3 digital EPs (O Cursa I-III) beginning in October 2012, then compiled into a vinyl record (with additional songs) in January 2013.

    Formed in 2002 in Nashville, Forget Cassettes began as a solo project for Beth Cameron after the dissolution of her former band Fair Verona. She was soon joined by Doni Schroader on drums and Rhodes piano for Instruments of Action, who left in 2005 to drum for ...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead. Beth recruited Jay Leo Phillips (Apollo Up!) on bass and Rhodes and Aaron Ford on drums for Salt in 2006. Doni and Beth reunited in 2007, and the pair began work on what would become O Cursa in 2008. A serious scooter accident in Austin, TX while working with producer Mike McCarthy derailed recording for the duo in the summer of 2008. Moving to Chicago in late 2008, Beth and Doni continued work on the album in their studio. After Doni’s final departure in early 2012, producers Mike McCarthy and Jeremy Ferguson facilitated finishing the album, as an interesting full circle path back to the beginning of the band a decade prior. Beth has since assembled an adroit team of Nashville musicians to help her perform the album live: Keith Parish on synth and piano (Roy Ira), Jessie Friedman on synth and background vocals (Blue Heart Hour, Team Illuminati), and Guy Lemon on drums (Uncle Skeleton and Nahnee Bori).

    In much the same way that the songs of O Cursa plot a mental and musical course from thick anxiety about existence to serenity and acceptance about events in one’s life, Beth is using this album not as a projection of worries of the future, but as a dictum of loving what one has in the now and tolerance of the unknown. Part of life, and the art that reflects it, is this recognition.

  • Grass Root Kids

    Grass Root Kids


    Grass Root Kids started with a desire to do something genuine and in November of 2011, Kyle Hassenfratz and Chris Pottinger formed the foundation of what would become Grass Root Kids in that same spirit. After one jam session with Kyle, Chris brought in friends and fellow musicians Jared Cooper and Mark Summarell. Having recently moved to Nashville, Joska Borbely was invited to come out as well. After 3 months of writing, rehearsing and bonding they played their debut show at Nashville’s Limelight to a room of 60 people. Shortly after that, Grass Root Kids expanded their lineup with talented vocalist and violinist Grace McCaw.

    Since then, Grass Root Kids have made their debut in cities across the Southeastern United States. They have garnered attention from “The Deli Magazine” being selected as their “Band of the Month” for September of 2012. In that same month, Grass Root Kids headlined their first festival stage at Clarksville’s Riverfest. In November of 2012 they they played the very exclusive East Nashville Underground Festival. Word of their live show is spreading through Indie blogs with comparisons to the likes of Manchester Orchestra and Arcade Fire. One fan at a time, people are starting to take notice.

    On July 13th, the friends, family and fans of Grass Root Kids successfully funded the Kickstarter project for GRK’s debut EP “Loose Change”. Together, they raised 20% over their goal!

    On October 1st, 2012, Grass Root Kids released their debut EP “Loose Change” on Itunes and Spotify, followed by their physical EP Release show at The High Watt on Oct. 19th, 2012. Up until then, everything accomplished by Grass Root Kids was done on the strength of one demo, their drive and the fans that took heed and supported them.

    If Grass Root Kids can do all of this in one year and with one song, what can they do over the next year with 5 songs?

  • Bear Cub

    Bear Cub


    We write songs. We play music. We have beards. It might get rowdy.

    “Jesse Hall left the city he loves and a promising pop-punk band to follow a girl to Austin. All he got was a broken heart, a long trip back and the seed for one of the best albums to come out of Pittsburgh in 2010,”(Pittsburgh Post-Gazette). Most of the debut record from Bear Cub was written on that 2,000-mile car ride back home, which chronicles the singer-songwriter's ill-fated romantic venture south. Jesse’s style of writing is in a league of its own, with a copious flow of raw emotion, beautifully crafted phrasing, and incredible imagery. Digging through the dirt and grit, he discovers these true gems. Through friends of friends around Pittsburgh, the band members found each other, and an ‘aggressive folk’ formula that works masterfully. By now, the Bear Cub boys have dug their heels in Nashville and are making their voices heard loud and clear around town. They are currently working on new material and winning fans over the old fashioned way – letting the music speak for itself and putting on a phenomenal live show. Bear Cub has been touted as “a hardcore indie rock band from Tennessee”, by Black Vinyl Magazine, “because the energy that comes from these bears - between the gut-spillin' lyrics to the full force instrument handling, pretty much gives folk a new identity."

  • The Daily Howl

    The Daily Howl


    The Daily Howl encapsulates Nashville's rising music scene. Steeped in the Southern swagger only native Nashvillians can radiate and pushing the boundaries of pop music, The Daily Howl interweaves their Southern charm and raucous personalities with rich, harmonically complex pop music. The result is a sound which turns music convention on its ear. 

    The band was founded in 2009 by Matthew and Aaron Cates, Kodi Temes, and Blake Burton-- musicians intimately familiar with both current and classic rock music. Within their anticipated release, The Revolver E.P., are nods to past and present: The lyric of "Make Your Colors Run" echoes 1960s surrealism, the guitar solo calling to mind "Taxman" from the classic Beatles album to which their E.P.'s title makes a nod. The album's fifth track, "First World Problems," artfully combines Nirvana's lyrical irony with lush vocal harmony. "Turn off Your Radio" and "Stoney Bitch" emulate the garage rock revival of the 2000s and incorporate elements of Chess Records era blues. All of this done on a back drop of unaffected, tube driven guitars-- an energy pulsing from UK rock bands like The Libertines. The result is a unique, highly commercial music which juxtaposes these elements against themselves.

    Live, the band pulls no punches. The Daily Howl is easily garnering a reputation as having the preeminent stage show in Nashville, possessing an incomparable energy derived from a decade of close friendship and trust which allows for six foot high scissor kicks and ceaseless spasmodic convulsions. The stage show is interactive and makes the crowd a vital part of the performance.

    Combine their sound and show with being born and raised in Nashville, and The Daily Howl represents Nashville's music scene at its absolute best.

Neoteric Nashville 2013 featuring Binaural Beat , Johnny Velvet & The Scares , Kansas Bible Company , The Get Togethers , Forget Cassettes , Grass Root Kids , Bear Cub and The Daily Howl

Sat Jul 13 2013 7:30 PM

(Doors 7:00 PM)

Mercy Lounge Nashville TN
Neoteric Nashville 2013, Binaural Beat, Johnny Velvet & The Scares, Kansas Bible Company, The Get Togethers, Forget Cassettes, Grass Root Kids, Bear Cub, The Daily Howl
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$10 Ages 18+

Neoteric Nashville is teaming up with Fork's Drum Closet, In Galleries Art Forum, and Hippy Dippy Gypsy Boutique to put on their first annual Festival to showcase the best Nashville talent. Hosted by Nashville's Sweetheart Chad Riden, Neoteric Nashville 2013 features 8 acts that were hand selected to highlight the amazing talent in Nashville.