Matt Simons, Chris Ayer

Sun Nov 18 2018

8:00 PM (Doors 7:00 PM)


2011 W. North Ave Chicago, IL 60647

Ages 17+

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Kickstand Productions Presents!
Matt Simons, Chris Ayer

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  • Matt Simons

    Matt Simons

    Indie Pop

    Even though he grew up in Palo Alto,
    California, the technological center of the
    universe, singer songwriter Matt Simons
    isn't necessarily a tech expert. Still, it's
    somewhat ironic that a slew of Internet ads
    he posted on Facebook when he was
    promoting his first album, Pieces, is what
    led to his initial breakthrough.
    “I'd just made a record, and as an
    independent artist, I had no idea how to
    market it,” he said. “So, I turned to the
    Internet and it ended up working really well
    overseas.” Soon, the musician had a small, dedicated fan base, in of all places, The
    Netherlands, where he traveled and played a few small shows. In the audience at one of
    those shows was a writer for one of the biggest shows on Dutch television, Goede Tijden,
    Slechte Tijden. She heard him sing an impassioned version of his song, “With You.”
    It was then that he learned what the words, “overnight sensation,” truly meant. Though
    he's been studying classical and jazz since his childhood—taking the requisite piano
    lessons before switching to the saxophone (“the saxophone is just cooler,” he cracked),
    and he'd been gigging in his now hometown of New York to small crowds, he found himself
    something of a minor celebrity in the Netherlands. He appeared as a guest judge on the
    Dutch version of the X-Factor. His song was a top seller on iTunes, finishing 29th on the
    top selling songs of 2013 in the Netherlands. “It out-sold The Lumineers' ‘Ho Hey’; it beat
    Katy Perry’s ‘Roar,’” he said.
    On his second album 'Catch and Release', he wrote the bulk of it in three weeks with cowriters
    in LA and worked with six different producers in Nashville, L.A and The
    Netherlands. “It was this crazy period of creativity after about a year and a half of writer's
    Music is in Simons’ blood—his grandparents were both opera singers in Los Angeles, and
    he spent his life studying jazz and classical, learning to play on piano, switching to clarinet,
    guitar, and saxophone, eventually settling back on piano. When his peers were listening to
    rock and roll, he was listening to jazz. In the current pop landscape when so many stars
    don't write their own music, Simons’ extensive musical background gives him a leg up. “I
    think you take the tools that you have acquired and try to make something meaningful out
    of it — that's always been my philosophy,” he said. “The greater goal is just trying to be
    able to express yourself.”
    His style recalls the classic song structures of his musical heroes, the Beatles, with
    hooked-filled harmonies, and plaintive lyrics that evoke a sort of insightful melancholy.
    “I try to be autobiographical, but not necessarily so it's super-obvious. I like to just draw on
    common themes that everyone relates to in their daily lives—feelings of unrest, feelings of
    movement — of new beginnings, wanting to start over,” he said. “My favorite kind of songs
    to listen to are the ones that, the lyrics might sound depressing, but at the end of the day,
    there's some truth in it, and that makes you feel good.”
    He can speak to any occasion though, and that’s why his 2015 single “Catch & Release”
    and its (Deepend Remix) became a runaway international smash. Cumulatively, the song
    amassed over 200 million-plus Spotify streams and counting, and the remixed version
    soared to #1 on HypeMachine twice. Stateside, it went Top 5 at AAA radio
    and Billboard pegged it as one of “Tomorrow’s Hits.” Globally, it clinched #1 in 7 countries
    including France, Germany, Belgium, and Spain, reaching platinum in Germany, Belgium,
    Holland & Switzerland, and gold certifications in Italy, Sweden, Brazil & South Africa. Sold
    out tours followed as well as festival appearances at Pinkpop, Frequency, and many more.
    His follow-up EP, When The Lights Go Down, spoke to his knack for lyrical storytelling.
    Throughout the EP, he perfects that penchant for a captivating tale. “I like to write based
    off of a concept,” he says. “There’s a narrative at the heart of When The Lights Go Down.
    When you’re going through a breakup, everything could feel fine during the day, but once it
    turns night time and it’s time go to sleep, you really start missing somebody.”
    It’s no surprise he’s been honing his chops since childhood. Playing saxophone his whole
    life, he got a degree in Jazz Saxophone Performance at The Purchase College
    Conservatory. That background ultimately gave him the foundation to write these kinds of
    “I won’t ever lose that influence,” he leaves off. “I started off with jazz and those rhythms
    and patterns have been ingrained in me. Now, my main focus is to continue writing these
    songs that really can resonate.”
    Spending 2017 writing and recording, he’s now back with his hugely infectious new single
    ‘We Can Do Better’. Detailing the origins of the song & it’s lyrics, he says “I met up with
    Emily Warren and Scott Harris, both incredibly accomplished songwriters and we started
    talking about relationships, specifically marriage. Scott is already married, and I was just
    about to propose to my girlfriend in the coming weeks. We started discussing articles we'd
    read about how young people are not jumping into committed relationships nearly as often
    as previous generations and waiting later and later into their 20s and 30s to get married.
    With the divorce rate at more than 50%, can you blame them? We decided to write a song
    of hope for my future fiancée and myself about how We Can Do Better.”
    Stay tuned for much more from Matt Simons this year…

  • Chris Ayer

    Chris Ayer

    Alternative Folk

    Chris Ayer is a Los Angeles­based artist with a rawness of performance and poetic lyricism that combine to make something at once urgent and timeless. With sharp pop sensibility, and a strong nod to the singer-songwriter tradition, Chris defies genres, incorporating Pop, Folk, Soul, and Americana elements seamlessly into his music.

    Born in California, and raised in Virginia, Chris has built a reputation for uplifting and emotive solo shows in New York City’s Lower East Side, as well as inspiring collaborations with up and coming musician friends from the New York music scene. In 2013, Chris self­released his second full length album The Noise, which he co­produced with GRAMMY award winning producer Will Hensley. Then in 2014, Chris moved from New York City to Los Angeles. Shortly after relocating to the West Coast, Chris’s music began to gain traction throughout Europe and The UK,  specifically in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, and England. 

    Chris Ayer has honed his craft over nearly a decade’s worth of countless performances across the globe. Chris has played over 1000 shows throughout America and Europe the past few years,

    and he recently capped off a 21 date national tour in 2017 of the United States with a one off performance in Amsterdam in front of 5500 screaming fans at AFAS Live supporting Matt Simons (‘Catch & Release’, ‘With You’). Chris was also a featured performer at the 2017 PinkPop Festival in The Netherlands, where he shared a bill with the likes of Green Day, Martin Garrix, and Kings of Leon. Ayer’s last three singles, ’Stay Another Night,’ ’On the Blvd,’ and ‘Heavy’ have a combined total of over 3.5 million streams on Spotify. Stay Another Night’ landed in the Spotify Viral 50 in Denmark and Holland, it was featured on Spotify’s Bae Playlist, and it hovered on Hype Machine’s Twitter Music Chart for a couple weeks. In March of 2018, Ayer received the Independent Music Award for Best Adult Contemporary Song for his song ‘Heavy.’ Chris is currently touring extensively and plotting a series of new releases for the Fall of 2018.

Kickstand Productions Presents!

Matt Simons, Chris Ayer

Sun Nov 18 2018 8:00 PM

(Doors 7:00 PM)

Subterranean Chicago IL
Matt Simons, Chris Ayer
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Ages 17+