Mad Caddies, Mrs. Skannotto, Across the Aisle

Fri May 16 2014

7:30 PM (Doors 7:00 PM)

Santos Party House

96 Lafayette St New York, NY 10013

All Ages

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Mad Caddies plus Mrs. Skannotto and Across the Aisle

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  • Mad Caddies

    Mad Caddies

    Alternative Rock

    Hailing from the central coast of California, the m ayhem-core ensemble known as the Mad Caddies came  into existence in the summer of 1995. Late in 1996, having grown tired of the regular sun, sand, and surf routine, they opted to lock themselves in a barn where they could truly focus on their music. At this point in the story things could have gotten ugly. Luckilywhen the band reemerged from the ramshackle studio they had completed their debut album, Quality Soft Core. Punk rock pariah Fat Mike heard their music and wasted no time bringing the young upstarts aboard his label, Fat Wreck Chords.


    The Mad Caddies’ talents reach far beyond the boundaries of ska and punk, enabling them to throw a musical curve ball into the mix without notice. Reggae, dixie, jazz, surf, rockabilly, country and swing are all styles in which the group is well versed and aren’t afraid to inject into their unique brand of rock. The

    members of the Mad Caddies are as diverse as the music they perform but their most notable member is lead vocalist Chuck. Despite his penchant for booze and all things smokable, Chuck’s amazing voice

    prevails and his crooning could make even Morrissey blush.


    The band has toured the U.S., Europe, Canada, Australia and Japan countless times, including stints on’97, ’98, ’00, ’03 Warped Tours and both the Euro and American Fat Tours of 2000. With 6 studio albumsand 1 live record already to their credit the MAD CADDIES realized it was high time to compile a list of favorites, which is exactly what they did with Consentual Selections. Think about it, the lifestyle ofthe Mad Caddies consists of travelling around the country, making port in unfamiliar towns, causing trouble, imbibing spirits and random pillaging.


    Over the course of their career the MAD CADDIES have crafted an exclusive genre of music, separating

    them from the masses of carbon copy bands. Combining elements of punk, ska, roots reggae, country  and even Dixeland jazz, the MAD CADDIES’ music stands alone as truly exceptional. Guided by polished vocals, their songs echo an ethos of fun-loving laid back living. The lively and sometimes jovial nature of their music paired with the band members’ remarkable musicianship and endearing stage manner, has helped to amass a thriving and loyal fan base. As aband strongly connected with their audience, they opted to let their faithful followers weigh in on which tracks should appear on this collection by act

    ually voting for their favorites. This is a unique approach when compiling a ‘greatest hits’ album, but when considered, is quite possibly the most sensible. Not only is Consentual Selections a collection of 22 bonafide hit songs that would delight even the casual listener, it also features 2 brand new tracks to boot. In addition, the packaging and booklet boast a track by track commentary written by the MAD CADDIES and over 150 photos. Basically, Consentual Selections is essential listening for the uninitiated fan and d ie-hard fan alike.

  • Mrs. Skannotto

    Mrs. Skannotto


    Riding a career spanning 15 years, the guys in Mrs. Skannotto are no strangers to their brand of third-wave ska-rock. The Rochester, NY-based six-piece just dropped its fifth studio release, a brand-spanking-new 14-track full-length effort titled All These Evolutions.

    Ranging from huge-sounding choruses on tracks like the blistering opener "Just As Well" and the forceful "Lost and Found" to mor...e mellow sounds (think RX Bandits meets The Police) on songs like "The Blame" and "Fair Weather Foe," All These Evolutions sees Mrs. Skannotto continuing to break ground even after more than a decade as a band.

    A testament to the ideals of teamwork and the do-it-yourself ethos, Mrs. Skannotto is looking to continue to build upon its fanbase in 2013 while it supports its new record. The band was recently out on the road for 40+ dates with their good friends in The Toasters, and spent a chunk of 2012 on Less Than Jake's 20th Anniversary Tour with Reel Big Fish, Mad Caddies, Flatfoot 56, and A Wilhelm Scream.
  • Across the Aisle

    Across the Aisle


    Across The Aisle is a dynamic, female-fronted, New York City-based band that have crafted a unique sound blending elements of ska, pop, punk, and reggae. With energetic live shows and stylish accents of kelly green, Across The Aisle have succeeded in creating an identity that sets them apart from other bands. Having recently released their third EP, In Ska We Trust, Across The Aisle is continuing... to work tirelessly to gain even more exposure and build upon an existing loyal fan base.

    In 2008, the band debuted with The Mercy EP which caught the attention of Steve Shafer, formerly of Moon Ska Records, who wrote “The Mercy EP is one hell of an impressive debut—somebody should sign ‘em to a label now!” Across The Aisle followed The Mercy EP with another 4-song EP, Change Nothing, self-released at the end of 2009. The D Throg Ska Review wrote that Change Nothing has “a greater depth of sound than you may expect, especially from a young ska band.”

    Since their inception, Across The Aisle has had the pleasure of sharing the stage with- Fishbone,The Toasters, The Pietasters, Sonic Boom Six, Dave Hillyard, Big D and the Kids Table, The Pilfers, Westbound Train, King Django, Mighty Mystic, and a number of other talented acts.

    The band consists of Megg Howe (lead vocals), Ashray Shah (bass), Jackie Chasen (alto saxophone, vocals), Jesse Gosselin (guitar, vocals), Jay Reid (drums), and Andrew Hagerty (trombone, vocals).
Live Nation and Santos Party House

Mad Caddies plus Mrs. Skannotto and Across the Aisle

Fri May 16 2014 7:30 PM

(Doors 7:00 PM)

Santos Party House New York NY
Mad Caddies, Mrs. Skannotto, Across the Aisle
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All Ages