Lowlands, By the Wind Sailor, Day Laborers and Petty Intellectuals, Windoe

Fri Feb 2 2018

9:00 PM (Doors 8:30 PM)

Sunset Tavern

5433 Ballard Avenue NW Seattle, WA 98107

Ages 21+

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Lowlands, By the Wind Sailor, Day Laborers and Petty Intellectuals, Windoe

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  • Lowlands


    Alternative Rock

    Lowlands trade in expansive, grey-tinged indie rock that serves as a fitting musical accompaniment to their adopted hometown of Seattle; lush, perhaps a bit rugged, and with just enough blue sky peeking through to buoy hopes. Songwriter and vocalist Tom Rorem founded Lowlands in 2010 after relocating from Chicago with his original bandmate and co-conspirator. Halfway through recording their debut EP the rest of the band quit. Despite this setback Rorem finished the record on his own and it was released in February of 2012.

    Still reeling, Rorem fell in love, got married, and set music on the back-burner. It didn’t take long until the pull of the creative took hold, and by August 2012 he was ready to get back to it. This time, however, he was careful in choosing his compatriots. Talent was a requisite of course, but so was commitment. Soon enough he had his men in Ben Jahn (bass), William Mapp (drums), Alex Huth (keyboards), and Steve Miller (lead guitar). They got to work, and in 2015 released their debut The Whale. Since that record’s release they’ve worked tirelessly, opening for bands like Carbon Leaf, Motopony, and The Autumn Defense, building a small but devoted fan base.

    Their new record, The Valley Below is an examination of self-doubt. It wrestles with the undying questions of worth, meaning, nostalgia, betrayal, love, and crisis of identity. Stylistically, the band has been working with purpose to create music that feels both immediately familiar and unique; carefully crafted to support the story-driven lyrical journey of The Valley Below. Rorem provides the skeleton core of each song. From here, the band works synergistically to give flesh to the musical vision. This process, slow by design, gives space for the songs to grow naturally over time.

    With The Valley Below Lowlands builds on their already strong foundation, turning out a record that is at once both lyrically vulnerable and sonically broad. A cohesive artistic statement - and an immensely enjoyable collection of Northwest Indie Rock - The Valley Below stands as a bold declaration of the band’s dedication to their craft.


  • By the Wind Sailor

    By the Wind Sailor


    Much like his namesake, j.wong - the man behind the Seattle creative collective By the Wind Sailor, explores the ever-changing scenery of his narrative. Sharing stories of better and worse days, of reinvention and defeat. The unique combination of upbeat chords, paired with aching, melancholy lyrics, creates a unique experience that is both beautiful and haunting.

    A long time fixture in the Seattle music community, singer-song writer j.wong is often joined by bassist Stephen Baldock and multi-instrumentalist Andrew Rudd. Over the years they have shared the stage with artists including Loch Lomond, Lydia Ramsey, Shannon Stephens, David Bazan, Damien Jurado, Frank Black, and  Mark Eitzel.

  • Day Laborers and Petty Intellectuals

    Day Laborers and Petty Intellectuals


    Day Laborers and Petty Intellectuals is a six-piece folk-apocalypse band from Seattle, WA. Born in a tiny cabin on the shores of Lake Washington as the solo project of songwriter-singer-guitarist Robert Anderson, DL&PI has grown to include piccolo, trumpet, cello/violin, bucket drumming, and six-part harmonies, not to mention heartfelt songs about love, life, and the end of the world. DL&PI has been bringing their cacophonous blend of indie rock, folk, punk, country, and jazz to the barrooms and bedrooms of the Puget Sound since 2012.

    The project’s name was lifted from the Prison Notebooks of Antonio Gramsci, who wrote of two classes of “subversives”: the drunken, good-for-nothing day laborer, and the petty bourgeois intellectual, neither of whom seems to make any real contribution to society. For aspiring subversive songwriters such as we, the name embodies the split personality of the young American good-for-nothing: half day laborer, toiling in the fields for little to no pay and drinking away her wages come evening, and half petty intellectual, debating contemporary social and economic issues and theorizing grandly about the coming revolution. You might find fragments of this philosophical grounding in the lyrics of the songs. Or you might prefer to ignore them and just dance.

  • Windoe


    Indie Rock

    Windoe is the solo project of longtime northwest musician-songwriter Karli Fairbanks now Ingersoll. Based out of Spokane, Washington, Windoe performs as a four-piece band combining grunge-rock elements, minimalist arrangements and introspective songs that hold tightly to melancholic melodies and ethereal harmonies. Anchored by ten plus years of songwriting experience and a trail through many genres, Windoe is Ingersoll's new path into a sound all her own that compiles a lush palette of melodic colors over the foundation of simply good songs.


Lowlands, By the Wind Sailor, Day Laborers and Petty Intellectuals, Windoe

Fri Feb 2 2018 9:00 PM

(Doors 8:30 PM)

Sunset Tavern Seattle WA
Lowlands, By the Wind Sailor, Day Laborers and Petty Intellectuals, Windoe
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Ages 21+