Katie Kuffel (Album Release), Datenite, Arthur James

Thu Nov 15 2018

8:00 PM (Doors 7:30 PM)

Sunset Tavern

5433 Ballard Avenue NW Seattle, WA 98107

Ages 21+

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Katie Kuffel (Album Release), Datenite, Arthur James

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  • Katie Kuffel

    Katie Kuffel


    Katie Kuffel is a tongue-in-cheek, Seattle-based musician smashing the piano in a manner that's not quite blues, not quite folk, and not quite like anything you've heard before. With songwriting that is both innovative and thoughtful, she explores community, feminism, and her personal experiences as an advocate against sexism and violence, with a contemporary sound that supports turbulent, poetic lyrics. 

    Classically trained in the cello, Katie began songwriting at an early age, composing original works with her instructors when her family inherited an old, upright piano (now housed in her Seattle apartment). She has since expanded to incorporate vocal looping and ukulele in her music. Katie stands by her belief that an artist is only as successful as their community, and strives to collaborate, support, and create opportunities for other Seattle-area musicians. 

    Katie has been featured as the musical act in popular podcast Welcome to Nightvale, and in PopMatters as one of the ‘best musical hopes to break out on 2016.'

    In the words of author Adam Finley:
    Pearls sounds like alternate-reality Regina Spektor, heavily steeped in the Pacific Northwest with bright piano and a gorgeous voice gliding, rich and effortless, through craftily constructed songs that balance whimsy and self-awareness.

    Pearls is available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and Bandcamp, and Katie can be found performing at venues throughout the country.

  • Datenite


    Synth Pop

    DATENITE is the brainchild of Caroline Calaway and Anna Steinle. Classical vocal training allows Anna and Caroline's voices to blend beautifully, while their previous experience in Indie rock bands gives their sounds a bit of an edge. In the Summer of 2017, the girls added drummer Phil Hamilton to the group, who brings life, depth, and movement to the songs. A few month later, bassist Garrett Parker joined, with vast knowledge and an impeccable ability to create a groove. DATENITE blends folk vocal harmonies with piano-driven electronic instrumentation and indie pop lyrical hooks.

  • Arthur James

    Arthur James

    Alternative Rock

    Born in Riverside, California, the oldest child in a military family, Arthur James has been traveling all his life. His songs are landmarks of his journey that paint vivid landscapes of the many thousands of miles he’s seen in a struggle to find the meaning of ‘home’. 

    Music was always a means of escape and release. “Growing up all over - all over the world - I needed a place to put things. I needed a place to go to. A place that was familiar to me. Some place safe, you know? So, I started writing songs and living inside them.” 

    His lyricism lends to his patience and attention to the substance of every song, with nods to his influences, Gregory Alan Isakov, David Bazan, Justin Vernon, Matt Skiba and John K. Samson. His writing has been described as “complex and intelligently constructed.” 

    Arthur played all over the upper-midwest and fronted 5 different bands, living between Minot, ND and Minneapolis, MN from 2000-2012. 
    After moving to Washington in 2012, he played all over the greater Seattle area. 

    When he's not on the road or writing, he’s reading about quantum physics, black holes and other curious subjects. “I’m into autodidactism; I’ve always loved science and math and physics, so I find books or documentaries on that stuff and feed my head. It’s fascinating and I feel that it gives you the ultimate perspective. We’re just so bloody small.” 

    His new EP, The 4th Floor, was recorded in his home in West Seattle using very little instrumentation. “I’ve grown to really appreciate the sound of a room when music is being played in it. Like the little things that happen on the fretboard of a guitar when fingers move over it. I wanted people to hear those things. I wanted people to hear a real voice and real fingers, singing and playing those songs. Like the songs were being performed right next to you.” 
    The idea behind the EP is something that’s very important to him. 
    “This EP was written using other people’s stories. It's a selection of songs from a plethora I wrote about things that happened to other people. I canvassed social media, requesting stories from everyone I knew. Some people gave me their journals, other stories were left on a voicemail. The purpose was to shine a light on the relationship between artist and audience. It's intrinsic. But, like, there’s a dynamic there that got lost on everyone. So, I played audience to people's stories, then turned what I heard into a songs. Recording these songs and letting those people hear their stories through my music was, you know, an effort to show people what that process looks like. That interaction. That transaction, even.”

Katie Kuffel (Album Release), Datenite, Arthur James

Thu Nov 15 2018 8:00 PM

(Doors 7:30 PM)

Sunset Tavern Seattle WA
Katie Kuffel (Album Release), Datenite, Arthur James
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Ages 21+