Mon Sep 17 2018

8:00 PM (Doors 7:30 PM)

The Southgate House Revival - Revival Room

111 E Sixth Street Newport, KY 41071

$8 adv/ $10 dos

All Ages

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James Leg, Johnny Walker, Dead Man String Band

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  • James Leg

    James Leg


    Blues-wailing keyboard man James Leg is best known as the lead singer and organ and piano pumper with the heavy blues rock band the Black Diamond Heavies; he's also a solo artist who pursues his own career during the group's downtime. Leg was born John Wesley Myers and hails from Port Arthur, Texas. His father was a preacher, and at a young age, John and his family moved to Chattanooga, Tennessee, where the youngster learned piano and played during his father's services. When he was 15, he attended a tent revivalist's sermon on the evils of secular music, and the young man who had been raised on gospel got a taste of some forbidden sounds, including the Rolling StonesBlack Sabbath, and AC/DC. John soon wanted to know more about the darker pleasures of the music he was supposed to avoid, and before long he was obsessed with blues and hard rock. By 2005, he had joined the final lineup of the Alabama-based punk blues band the Immortal Lee County Killers, and appeared on their 2005 album These Bones Will Rise to Love You. He had already launched the Black Diamond Heavies as a side project in 2003, self-releasing their debut album that year, and when the Immortal Lee County Killers broke up in 2007, Myers made the Heavies his main gig and began using the stage name James Leg. The Black Diamond Heavies released three albums between 2007 and 2009, and toured extensively, while Leg guested on albums by the Buffalo Killers and Left Lane Cruiser, and cut a collaborative album with the latter in 2012, Painkillers. In 2011, Leg made his solo debut with the appropriately hard-hitting Solitary Pleasure. His follow-up arrived four years later in 2015 with Below the Belt, his second LP for the Alive Naturalsound label. Working again with producer/engineer Jason Soda in Dayton, Ohio, Legdelivered his third album, Blood on the Keys, just one year later.

  • Johnny Walker

    Johnny Walker

    Electric Blues

  • Dead Man String Band

    Dead Man String Band

    Punk Blues

    Strait from 6 feet under comes Dead Man String Band! A one man rock sideshow from Cincinnati, OH. This isn't the one man acts of the past you've seen before, instead it is a full on rock show with an arsenal of amps, drums, and a style that's truly unique to the Dead Man giving it the fan made genre of Appalachian/Delta Punk. Since it's creation Dead Man String Band has been wowing and captivating audiences with not only an amazing sonic display but a visual show made to grab the listeners eyes, as well as their ears. With a stage setup that has been referred to as "Looking at a science experiment" Dead Man String Band has created a sound all his own that will surely grab your attention. 

    Taking DIY to a whole new level is a phrase commonly used to describe DMSB's sound, presentation, theatrics, and energy. From being brought out on stage in a coffin, to simply slumping towards the stage stiffly, throwing the audience off, until the first notes hit and by that time their stuck to their spot on the floor. Brining crowd members on stage and making them play his drums is just another thing that makes this act unique. Crowd participation isn't just encouraged, it's almost forced to an almost comic like degree. The presentation is another captivating aspect. Dawning a mask fabricated from the same folks that brought you GWAR's props, when he walks on stage you know you're in for a crazy night. Finally the music styling isn't something most are accustomed to seeing. The hands are playing in the stylings of Doc Watson but the amps are in the tone of Slayer and then add the fact that he's playing a drum set at his feet. Don't let the low number of members fool you. This is a band as much as any other. 

    March 21st, 2015 marked the release of Dead Man's debut album "I" which was widely accepted with much anticipation. And that's where we're finding ourselves today. With a new album out and a promising horizon, the Dead Man String Band plans on becoming a force to be reckoned with!

James Leg, Johnny Walker, Dead Man String Band

Mon Sep 17 2018 8:00 PM

(Doors 7:30 PM)

The Southgate House Revival - Revival Room Newport KY
James Leg, Johnny Walker, Dead Man String Band
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$8 adv/ $10 dos All Ages