Fri Nov 30 2012

6:30 PM (Doors 6:00 PM)

The Marlin Room at Webster Hall

125 East 11th St. New York, NY 10003


Ages 16+

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Get a free mp3 download from I Fight Dragons! After your purchase you’ll get a link to download “KABOOM!". Enjoy! Presents
I Fight Dragons
MC Lars
Skyfox, The Pinz

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  • I Fight Dragons

    I Fight Dragons


    What do you get when a Pulitzer Prize Winner, a Nobel Laureate, a Rhodes Scholar, and a Robot all get together and form a band?

    This is a question I Fight Dragons would love to know the answer to, along with other important questions like, "what is purple, really?" and "how much brains could a zombiechuck chuck if a zombiechuck could exist a posteriori?"

    In the meanwhile, I Fight Dragons conten

    t themselves with playing melodic rock-and-roll type music, which they integrate seamlessly with chiptune. For those of you not in the proverbial 'know,' 'chiptune' is new music created on 'obsolete' video game 'soundcards' such as the Nintendo Gameboy. Now you're in the 'know.' Welcome. It's nice here and the bathrooms are in the back to the left if you need them.

    In the biographical sense, all 5 members of I Fight Dragons hail from Chicago. In the spiritual sense, they also hail from Chicago. However, in the metaphorical sense, only 4 of them hail from Chicago, while Packy hails from Outer Space (by way of Chicago). 

    I Fight Dragons are boldly questing forward on a sonic adventure toward total world domination. If that sounds a little intimidating, then they can scale it back a bit and focus on continental domination, or even just tri-county domination if that's still a bit much for you. 

    The new I Fight Dragons album "KABOOM!" has a lot of capital letters, not to mention an exclamation point, which makes it very exhausting to pronounce, but quite invigorating to listen to. It is a Photo Finish / Atlantic Records release (wha!?!?), and serves as the culmination of their earlier sonic endeavors undertaken with their first two EPs, 2009's "Cool Is Just A Number" and 2010's "Welcome To The Breakdown."

    All in all, I Fight Dragons are really interesting. I mean, like, REALLY interesting. So go tell your friends about them. Or if you don't have friends, tell your mom. Say hi to her for me. She'll know who you mean. Trust me. Fine, she probably won't know who you mean. So then maybe you can build a robot and tell the robot. If said robot responds to you then you could probably win a Turing prize or something and I Fight Dragons deserves half the money, so please send it to them with a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope (SASE) and 4 boxtops from Cinnamon Toast Crunch(™) cereal to redeem your prize.

    Seriously, go tell someone, quit reading this crap. Dragons OUT.

  • MC Lars

    MC Lars


    MC Lars (real name: Andrew Nielsen) began making hip-hop-based tapes while still a kid, but was sidetracked from rap by such traditionally important issues to teenagers as playing guitar in a punk band and getting accepted to a college. Nielsen went to Stanford, and then did an exchange stint at Oxford, but all the while he was fiddling with desktop productions and developing his quirky, pop culture-savvy style. Boisterous live gigs and word of mouth built buzz for Lars' home studio raps (influences: everything from Atom & His Package and Weird Al Yankovic to KRS-One and the Beastie Boys). Then London imprint Truck Records issued a Lars full-length called Radio Pet Fencing in 2003, and the MC followed that with U.S. and U.K. tour dates. While the entirety of Fencing was recorded on his computer, the summer 2004 Side Cho EP Laptop -- while still charmingly simplistic -- was a comparatively grander production, with samples of notable rockers (Piebald, Brand New) and a stronger melodic sense. Cuts like "iGeneration" and "Signing Emo" were hits with downloaders and mtvU viewers, and MC Lars did live dates with groups like Gym Class Heroes and Bowling for Soup through spring 2005. The full-length The Graduate -- as MC Lars could hence call himself a Stanford alum -- appeared in March 2006; a string of U.K. shows followed the next month. ~ Johnny Loftus, Rovi

  • Skyfox



    Skyfox is a band that you should never ever take for granted or underestimate. In order for any band to make it they need to spend years of hard work and dedication perfecting themselves and what they do into a rock solid piece of musical machinery. Once the machinery is built the quest for constant improvement must continue. This is exactly how Skyfox operates. Don't ever think because these 

    guys are some of the most fun loving and down to Earth guys offstage that they don't deliver the definitive pop-punk experience on stage. With years of experience in the rock n roll trenches behind them Skyfox knows how to craft each note into a hook and each hook into a song and each song into a live performance that is as tight and dynamic as a band can deliver. Like the war plane they are named after Skyfox can "Bring the rain!" and their very large and loyal fan base thank them for it.
  • The Pinz

    The Pinz

    Alternative Rock

    The Pinz is an American alternative pop rock band from Jacksonville, FL. Two pop punk albums were released in 2010. New songs with a slightly different sound were recorded in spring 2012 with David Kalish and Grammy Award-winning producer Chris Testa.

    Live performances include a Florida tour with the Dead Kennedys; a tour to SXSW in Austin, TX where The Pinz played the main outdoor Texas Rockfest stage; two NYC shows, including one with The Dollyrots; and sharing the local stage with White Wives (Chris #2 & Chris Head of Anti-Flag), GBH and The Fleshtones. Presents

I Fight Dragons
MC Lars
Skyfox, The Pinz

Fri Nov 30 2012 6:30 PM

(Doors 6:00 PM)

The Marlin Room at Webster Hall New York NY
I Fight Dragons, MC Lars, Skyfox, The Pinz
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$15.00 Ages 16+

Get a free mp3 download from I Fight Dragons! After your purchase you’ll get a link to download “KABOOM!". Enjoy!