HR (of Bad Brains) & Dubb Agents, MC Jamalski, Skarroñeros, Banddroidz

Fri Dec 18 2015

7:15 PM (Doors 6:30 PM)

The Bowery Electric

327 Bowery New York, NY 10003

$12 ADV | $15 DOS

Ages 21+

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HR (of Bad Brains) & Dubb Agents, MC Jamalski, Skarroñeros, Banddroidz

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  • HR (of Bad Brains) & Dubb Agents

    HR (of Bad Brains) & Dubb Agents


    Paul "H.R." (Human Rights) Hudson is the legendary frontman of Bad Brains. Noted as the pioneers of hardcore punk, Bad Brains was formed in Washington DC in 1978. The band quickly developed a very fast and intense punk rock sound, which was both musically complex and developmentally ahead of its time. Since then, H.R. has become one of the most notorious, iconic, and memorable artists in the history of music. Throughout their career, H.R. and Bad Brains incorporated sounds of punk, reggae, heavy metal, and funk to the mix, making them known worldwide for not only their music, but also their exciting and high-energy shows where H.R. would dominate the crowd. The Village Voice described H.R. on stage at a Bad Brains show "like James Brown gone berserk, which a hyperkinetic repertoire of spins, dives, back-flips, splits, and skanks."

    Bad Brains put out over fifteen albums throughout their career together, landing them as 99 on VH1's 100 Greatest Artists of Hard Rock, and making H.R. 38 in Swindle Magazine's 100 Most Notable Icon's of our Generation. H.R.'s solo career began in 1983 with the formation of the Human Rights, aka the H.R. Band, featuring Dave Byers, Kenny Dread, Jose Gonzales, and the Bad Brain's drummer and H.R.'s brother, Earl Hudson. The band released several groundbreaking albums, including their sensational album, "It's About Luv/Keep Out of Reach." His D.I.A records releases of albums "Out of Bounds and In Dubb" have also been staples in H.R.'s reggae and dub music repertoire. Bad Brains and the H.R. Band, using H.R. as a vehicle, were able to influence generations of music and people. His peers in the music industry also rave about his bands and his artistry. H.R. and Bad Brains released one their last albums "Build a Nation," produced by Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys, in 2007 to rave reviews. In the 90's Bad Brains were even on Madonna's record label "Maverick Records" and was managed by Madonna. Bad Brains latest album "Into the Future" came out in 2012. Bad Brains have been touring extensively for the past seven years and just ended their tour in South America playing the Lallapalooza festival to thousands of screaming fans. H.R. is now ready to tour again with his solo group H.R. & Dubb Agents, so please join in and welcome H.R. to Pittsburgh's Altar Bar.

  • MC Jamalski

    MC Jamalski


    Jamalski has performed all over the world, and still to this day travels throughout the globe, MCing across the US, Europe, and Japan. Jamalski appears on two tracks on the PSM compilation "Time's Up" and on the B-side of the first single from that release "True Freedom Fighters" with Rocker-T. He is also featured on "Mi Selecta" with the track, "Rinse Out." Over the past year, Jamalski has been terrorizing the international rave circuit. The lyrical, mystical, magical, metaphysical, roughneck Jamalski is a guaranteed master of vibing up the crowd!!!!! "In the last years i was living in da states (bay area west coast) rolling around playing in raves, d&b partys and hip hop massives and since 2000 i have been living in paris,france and playing all over swiss,belguim,germany spain and da uk.As a d&b/jungle/hipstep mc the last 2 years have been rough rinsin out day and night d&b ragga hip hop first things first my son marlo ski baby junglist socialist baby rebel i love him more than any fame, music ,money or flesh,..."
    Some important dates : 1990: KRS One give the mic to Jamalski on Seven Dee-jay with Boogie Down Production (Edutainment album). On the same year, he performs for the first time in France with notably Cut Killer and Kheops spinning. 1993: First album Roughnecks Reality (Sony) is released 1994: Jamalski launches Concrete Jungle, the first jungle residence in New York City at The Village. alongside Shy FX, UK Apa 1996: Jamalski joins the club and rave scene of San Francisco which is at that time the principal home for Jungle in the US. 2001 jamalski gets residency at the rex club(paris) and the world renound "black label" d&b parties (10 years runnin) and starts to play out along side the best!!! just to name a few of the djays he has mceed for dj hype,andy c,ed rush,future prophecies,dj zinc ,adam f, chase and status,keaton,universal prject,dj hazard,... 2005: Release of Ruffnecks Revenge, first 100% drum and bass/jungle/ragga

  • Skarroñeros




    In the begining of 2009 rojo, Sorf and Kirstine began having jamming sessions at Kirstine’s basement. Sorf had already been practicing on the drums while Kirstine had her Alto sax from High School. Rojo and Kirstine had both been in other bands before. Kirstine was the lead singer for the Krust band Smegma and rojo was the guitarist for NEKROFILIA. Mauricio joined the jamming sessions a little later with his brand new tenor sax. Then Milton came along on the bass and right after him Irving who had just bought his trumpet.

    People came and went during these jamming sessions and it would be good to mention all of them but it would take too long. During the summer Clavillazo and Snif had also bought instruments, a trumpet and a bass respectively, and both joined the band. It wasn’t until the end of the year that Snif switched to vocals. It was Román who became the singer by the end of the summer. Also around this time Maricruz joined in with her tambourine. Maricruz had been present since the very beginning and it was the raw energy of the band that motivated her to be part of it. By the end of the year Tlane joined in on the guitar. 

    Only Kirstine and rojo had experience playing with other bands but for the majority of the people in the band this was their first time playing an instrument and being in a band. This was an acid test for the band because picking up an instrument for the first time is not easy, but trying to play a wind or brass instrument it’s a whole different story. And so with a lot of patience and hard work the wind and brass section was able to blow two or three notes together.

    During the summer we only had three songs of our own and a cover: “protestando y luchando”, “por fin ha llegado el día” y “malditas fronteras” (Protesting and fighting, finally the day is here and damn borders) which we would call affectionately numbers one, two and three. The cover we had was “Cerveza Ska” from the Argentine band los Calzones Rotos. By year’s end we had a small repertoire of eight songs of our own. Sorf, being the main song writer, had political and social themes in all the lyrics and rojo in various occasions would make corrections and amendments to the lyrics pushing them to the left. It should also be stressed that everyone in the band would opine and comment on the content of the songs. 

    The second song, Grito Skarroñero, was the one to embody what the band wanted to contribute musically, socially and politically. In the last verse it goes, “we know that not always is just fun and games, we are also going to struggle.” The first song the band wrote also reflects the conscious decision of the band to be a political band, to the left. In the beginning the song was called protesting and fighting, by the end of the year the name changed to “Class Struggle.”

    Not everyone in the band is politically active in the workers movement but all share a common principle, the love of Ska music and an understanding that the majority of us are immigrant workers, therefore we belong to the working class.

    Having this in mind we started seeking and searching for a name that would reflect our background and our class. So we opted for Skarroñeros. The prefix, Ska, well, that one is obvious, since that is the music we love and wanted to play. Then, the carroñero part, which is a reference to scavenging birds like the vulture, but in reality we were aiming for the colloquial jargon ñero, which means a person from the barrio, a poor working class neighborhood. And that’s who we are, we are ñeros, workers who like Ska music. And we also like Punk music.

    The band made its first public official appearance on January 15 at the Ají Bar and Lounge in Park Slope. Around this time Linska and Noodle joined the band. Linska on the Alto sax and Noodle on the trombone. From the very beginning we have received full support from our friends and this fact has consolidated the band. The fact that there are so many great people around the band has made it very popular in such a short time.

    Unfortunately, during our short trajectory we have lost three members, Román, Milton and Tlane. We respect their personal decisions and we wish them the best in their musical projects and from time to time we invite them to join us on the stage for a song or two.

    For many of us, this is the first time we play an instrument and/or are part of a band. We are a band mainly of immigrant workers. It’s true that many of us are Mexican, however we do not consider the band to be a Mexican band. We live in New York City, that would make us a New York band or more precisely a Brooklyn band. Plus the fact that we live in a multiethnic, multirracial and multinational city. We are a proletarian band, we belong to the working class and it’s with this class that we solidarize internationally. From the very beginning we have tried to intervene with our modest forces in various political, social and workers’ struggles. We also hope to have the talent and the audacity to continue with this project since it has been a struggle to get it off the ground and we hope that there will be Skarroñeros for a long time.

    Workers of the world, unite!

  • Banddroidz


    Alternative Rock

    It’s hard these days to find something musically outstanding in the myriad of genres, bands and performers that make up the euphonic landscape of today, it’s difficult to give your heart to one solid band that will nourish your soul and satisfy your cravings- until now. Now there is “The Band Droidz” – a band based in New York, with a New York soul, real New York zip-code and genuine New York city attitude and quality. You might be taken aback by their sound, a mélange of influent powerful notes like “The Clash” and “Nirvana” with a hint of “REM” on a rock-hard New York city background. 
    Monk's  voice has a delicate texture that reminds you of dark luxurious chocolate that balances out the rough guitar and soulful lyrics , the melodic line induces a dream-like state in which the rhythmic accuracy of Compton Timberwolf on drums punctuates the flow of the music straight to the core of your being while the coarse base lines played relentlessly by Q-MAXX bring you back to reality just in time for you to realize that you are addicted. Addicted to good music.

HR (of Bad Brains) & Dubb Agents, MC Jamalski, Skarroñeros, Banddroidz

Fri Dec 18 2015 7:15 PM

(Doors 6:30 PM)

The Bowery Electric New York NY
HR (of Bad Brains) & Dubb Agents, MC Jamalski, Skarroñeros, Banddroidz
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$12 ADV | $15 DOS Ages 21+