Holy Holy, Morgan Visconti & Jessica Lee Morgan

Fri Jan 8 2016

8:00 PM (Doors 6:00 PM)

Highline Ballroom

431 W. 16th Street New York, NY 10011

All Ages

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Holy Holy, Morgan Visconti & Jessica Lee Morgan

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  • Holy Holy

    Holy Holy


    It all started in 2013. Woody was asked by a director of the Institute of Contemporary Art, London, to give a talk to a ‘live’ audience. The subject was the ‘influence that the music he had been a part of, 5 years playing with David Bowie on albums ‘The Man Who Sold The World’, ‘Hunky Dory’, The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars’, ‘Aladdin Sane’ and ‘Changes’ had on the culture and music in general’. Woody agreed and the event was a great success.

    He was further asked to perform at the famous Latitude Festival in July of that year on behalf of the ICA with a number of musicians who had been approached on a similar basis. These included James Stevenson (The Cult), Paul Cuddeford (Bob Geldof) plus several other named musicians. The gig was an amazing success resulting in many offers to play other concerts. The band played a set of early Bowie songs.

    The idea came up to perform ‘The Man Who Sold The World’ album live as it had never been played live since its creation. Enter Tony Visconti. Tony was the bass player and producer on this album. However since that time he has had a fabulous career as a producer of 12 Bowie albums, including the very latest, not yet released album ‘Blackstar’, plus other credits such as Morrissey, T-Rex, Thin Lizzy, Moody Blues and the list goes on.

    Woody called Tony and asked if he’d be in to performing this album live. Tony said yes, reiterating how he, David, Mick Ronson and Woody had been so keen to take this out live but had not been able to do so.

    Tony suggested a vocalist, Glenn Gregory (Heaven 17) who he had recently worked with and thought would be perfect. Glenn came on board, also bringing keyboardist Berenice Scott (Heaven 17). A sax player was needed and the perfect guy was Terry Edwards, a seasoned professional who has worked with many names. Add the amazing voice of Jessica Morgan, Tony’s daughter and Holy Holy was complete.

    Holy Holy did a couple of mini tours of the UK in 2014 culminating in the recording of a live album of ‘The Man Who Sold The World’ plus a selection of Bowie favourites. This was recorded at the famous Shepherd’s Bush Empire, London and was mixed by Tony Visconti. The audience response was absolutely out of this world and in fact none of the band wanted to stop at the end of the tour. So due to popular demand a major tour of the UK took place in June 2015, also taking in Ireland and ending in July in Japan!
    “This band is an unusual combination of brilliant musicians, who are also genuine fans of the music” says Woody.

    Now the band is excited to be finally touring the USA in January.
    “Look out you rock and rollers”……….

  • Morgan Visconti & Jessica Lee Morgan

    Morgan Visconti & Jessica Lee Morgan


    Morgan Viconti

    Morgan was born the son of producer Tony Visconti and singer Mary Hopkin. He is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, songwriter and singer as well as a recording engineer and arranger.

    A London native, Morgan moved to New York at 17 and while gigging with various NYC bands he gained experience in recording studios as assistant engineer, programmer and session musician. Throughout his early 20′s, Morgan wrote numerous scores for TV commercials, finally becoming a co-founder of human in 2001.

    In addition to the hundreds of television commercials Morgan has scored, he has co-written and produced songs and albums for various recording artists as well as releasing his own single “Could You” in 2011. The song, was used in Dove's self-esteem TV campaign.

    In 2010 Morgan co-wrote and produced the album “You Look Familar“ with Mary Hopkin and along with his father, Tony, co-produced an album called “I Am Not” by his sister, Jessica Lee Morgan. In 2011 Morgan co-wrote and co-produced several singles with production team, Anniemouse, including “Bang A Gong” with Shockolady.

    In 2012 Morgan and his father, Tony released a single under the banner, T. Rex – Regeneration, titled “Childlike Men”, which Morgan reconstructed using 100% sounds and performances from original T. Rex mutitrack tapes.

    Presently Morgan is releasing the single "Can't Say Goodbye" from his forthcoming debut album, "RIDE".

    Jessica Lee Morgan

    For eclectic read indecisive. A true Gemini, Jessica Lee Morgan dips into styles as she pleases, one minute going electro-pop, the next a lush folky arrangement. Live, she is mostly found with her guitar.

    Jessica has been performing all her life. As the daughter of sublime singer Mary Hopkin and legendary record producer Tony Visconti, she tried hard to rebel and become an accountant or a lawyer or something useful, but her roots forced her into music and following in their footsteps, as her brother, composer Morgan Visconti, had done from a tender age. Writing songs since she was four, she finally begat her album.

    "I Am Not" is about the many faces of Jessica. One minute petulant, the next brooding, then after that playful, styles are plundered to suit the mood of the song. Jessica's arrangements have been polished and sprinkled with fairy dust by Morgan and Tony, and harmonies bolstered by the tremendous vocals of Mary.

Holy Holy, Morgan Visconti & Jessica Lee Morgan

Fri Jan 8 2016 8:00 PM

(Doors 6:00 PM)

Highline Ballroom New York NY
Holy Holy, Morgan Visconti & Jessica Lee Morgan
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All Ages