Hollowbody LA Presents:, Moral Groove, SLAPBAK, Imani Chyle, Irie Love, Special Late Set by AMRCNDREAMING

Sun Nov 16 2014

7:30 PM Doors

The Viper Room

8852 Sunset Boulevard West Hollywood, CA 90069

Ages 21+

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Hollowbody LA Presents:, Moral Groove, SLAPBAK, Imani Chyle, Irie Love, Special Late Set by AMRCNDREAMING

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  • Hollowbody LA Presents:

    Hollowbody LA Presents:


    "Entertaining Los Angeles one show at a time"

  • Moral Groove

    Moral Groove


    Born out of boredom of bandwagon bands, and imitations!!!!Funk, Alternative, Rock Pop Soul..... Moral Groove is Based out of Orange County.. Originated in 1999 in Laguna Beach, With Gabe Rosales, JimiE, The Main songwritters...Since then we have had the greatest Honor of playing with some of the funkiest,talented, Gifted Musicians..
    Moral Groove 2010 is
    Jeff Suburu (Guitar)
    Jessy Godoy(Guitar)
    John Knox(Drums)
    Gabe Rosales (Bass)
    Orlina (Back Vocals Some Lead Vocals)
    JimiE (Singer/Songwriter)




    "The Truth"
    Back in the 90's When Jara started Slapbak, everyone thought the name meant the slappin' of Jara's thumb up against his bass strings. Some even thought that it meant slappin' back against society because he never drank, smoked or tried drugs in his life. Well years later we discovered that Slapbak means none of the above, a matter of fact Slapbak isn't even a noun. It's a verb.... its an untouched force of action. This band hates hype, just like their song says "Dont Talk About It, Be About It" which means they are all about the delivery. This is the reason Slapbak hates bios or introductions before they hit the stage. The show and the music speaks for it's self. They have a undeniable sound that Jara has fine tuned over the years the he calls "Urban Crunch." This is a sound made up of Funk, Rock, Hip Hop & Alternative that is mixed up in his own special way.

  • Imani Chyle

    Imani Chyle

    Alternative Rock

    Imani Chyle is coming for the crown. This regal singer/songwriter has worked on the front lines of music for over 20 years, “breaking genres with her music” (Urban Twist magazine). Chyle has created great opportunities for herself with her strong business acumen – such as licensing her songs to ESPN’s late night talk show “Unite” – and has learned to take nothing for granted. With her singles “Warrioress” and “Lose Myself” climbing the charts, Chyle is preparing for world domination. 

    A native of Houston, Texas, Chyle started singing and writing when she was a child and first rose to prominence as half of the rap duo 2Aggrivated. Their bass-heavy tracks and hardcore lyrics won them a devoted local fanbase and a deal with Profile records, but the band got dropped from their label before their debut album was released. Not one to be discouraged, Chyle uprooted to Atlanta and pursued a solo career. The change of scenery agreed with her, and collaborations with producers Gerald Jackson and LoveChild Productions followed. Her electrifying live performances has won her a great audience and acclaim from critics and industry insiders, who describes her as a distinctive performer, “propulsive and menacing” (Music Connection magazine). Currently based in Los Angeles, her faith and hard work – as well as her great talent – have set her apart from the crowd. 

    The adversities Chyle has experienced has informed her hard-won, yet optimistic, lyrical perspective. Though she depicts the pain that comes with loss, the redemptive message in her songs imparts an inspirational message to her listeners. Her music blends the immediacy of rock, the soulful harmonies of R&B, and the flow of rap into its own genre, which she describes as “Nu Alt-Rap Soul Rock”. 

    Over the past few years, Chyle’s hard work and personal faith has paid off. In 2011 she was nominated for Best New Female Solo Artist at the People’s Music Awards in England, and her single “Warrioress” has charted on the Top 10 Rhythmic New Releases and # 7 on the National 50 Airplay Charts, alongside superstar artists such as Adele, Bruno Mars, Mary J. Blige, Wale, Beyonce and Robin Thicke to name a few. Her music has likewise resonated in the hearts and souls of her ever-growing audience. Join this “Queen of SoulRock” in her artistic pursuits; may her grandiose vision inspire you as well! 

  • Irie Love

    Irie Love


    Irie Love (her birth-given name) is a Hawaiian R&B Reggae singer, songwriter and performer. 

    She was born and raised in Kailua, Honolulu County, Hawaii. 
    She first gained notice as one of the finalists on the "Brown Bags to Stardom" competition in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1999. She was signed by John Iervolino (one of the judges in the competition) onto his record label, Quiet Storm Records.
    She was featured as the only new artist on his world music compilation entitled Roots Music Volume 2: Private Beach Party for which they used her likeness to promote the album.

    In 2000 she moved to Los Angeles, California and in 2002 she booked a tour as a back-up singer for the artist Pink. She continued as a back-up singer for the next three years singing for such artists as Dave Hollister and Chaka Khan. In 2006 she moved to Kingston, Jamaica to pursue a solo career in reggae music.

    Love was introduced to the reggae group Morgan Heritage in Jamaica in December 2006. In 2007, Morgan Heritage signed Irie Love to their production company Gedion Music. She immediately began touring the world as their opening act alongside their younger brother Laza. She also sang backup for Morgan Heritage touring the United States, the Caribbean, central and South America, Africa, Europe and the UK.

    In October 2008, Love released her first EP entitled Ehiku. In January 2009, she released her 1st international album in Japan entitled "The Life of Love". Irie Love has also been featured on several compilation albums such as The Biggest Reggae One-Drop Anthems 2008 and Coconut Island Vol.1 and Unseen Famili Compilation Vol.1, all of which are available on iTunes.

    Love is currently living between Hawaii, Los Angeles and London performing and recording with her mentor Salaam Remi, Lee Francis, Fiji and several other producers. Her 2012 singles ʻIt Is Wut It Isʻ featuring Fiji, ʻMy Loveʻ and Let It Fly ft Peetah Morgan of Morgan Heritage all charted at #1 in the Hawaiian Reggae Charts. Her single ʻMy Loveʻ is also currently featured on Hawaiian Airlines in-flight entertainment.

    Her album THIS IS IRIE LOVE was released worldwide on October 9th, 2012 and went straight to top 50 on iTunes USA.

    She also currently has a 3 album deal with JVC Japan. Her first album with them was released on November 26th, 2012.

  • Special Late Set by AMRCNDREAMING

    Special Late Set by AMRCNDREAMING


    "Alchemy is a tradition, centuries old in which man has tried to create gold from base metals. Alchemy is the basis of modern medicine and chemistry yet is different from modern science in that it includes elements of spirituality. The goal of the alchemist is transformation. Evolution. From ignorance to enlightenment. The Alchemical symbols or diagrams help those who seek the goal but often contain multiple layers of meaning and references to other cryptic works and must be decoded to discover what they truly mean. This is where we start. Squaring the circle is a problem that was proposed by ancient geometers, a metaphor for trying to do the impossible. The Squared Circle is a 17th century alchemical glyph and AMRCNDREAMING strives to breathe new life to it. AMRCNDREAMING is a metaphor for squaring the circle and the means by which to do it. We will square the circle. Together." - Daniel Crushwell January 30th 2013

Hollowbody LA Presents:, Moral Groove, SLAPBAK, Imani Chyle, Irie Love, Special Late Set by AMRCNDREAMING

Sun Nov 16 2014 7:30 PM Doors

The Viper Room West Hollywood CA
Hollowbody LA Presents:, Moral Groove, SLAPBAK, Imani Chyle, Irie Love, Special Late Set by AMRCNDREAMING
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Ages 21+