Mon May 5 2014

7:00 PM (Doors 6:30 PM)

The Studio at Webster Hall

125 East 11th St. New York, NY 10003


Ages 16+

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Framing Hanley & Devour The Day plus Starset and 3 Years Hollow

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  • Framing Hanley

    Alternative Rock

    Straight out of Nashville’s bourgeoning rock scene (Paramore, Red, Kings of Leon) comes FRAMING HANLEY.

    FRAMING HANLEY started their journey as EMBERS FADE out of White House, TN where high school friends, drummer Chris Vest & bassist Luke McDuffee met future vocalist Kenneth Nixon at Volunteer State Community College.  The trio came together to jam, then recruited guitarist (and part time barista) Brandon Wootten to join the band.  “We started practicing in Chris’ parents’ garage, and then worked our way down to their basement,” Brandon jokingly recalls.  Despite their humble beginnings, the combination of Nixon's smooth vocals and commanding stage presence, Luke and Brandon's searing riffs and Chris' driving rhythms quickly moved the band to the very top of their local rock scene.

    Chris then ventured out and contacted former Creed bassist & Dark New Day front man, Brett Hestla.  On the strength of their 5 song EP “With October Came the Fall”, Brett agreed to record two tracks with the band i

    n November 2006.  “I had the chorus to ‘Hear Me Now’ in my head when we arrived in Orlando to record” remembers Nixon, fondly.  “But working with Brett is what helped us realize our potential as song writers.”

    In January 2007, Jeff Hanson (manager Creed / Paramore / Sevendust) and his business partner, Rick Schmidt (former radio programmer of DC101 / 98ROCK Tampa) heard the first demo of ‘Hear Me Now’ and immediately signed the band to their new indie label Silent Majority Group. “Radio was my background for 20 years and I knew that Hear Me Now was a very special song; and Jeff has helped develop a number of very successful artists and there was no question in his mind that the band was capable of great things” says Schmidt.

    With the new year also came a new name, and FRAMING HANLEY was born.  The “Hanley” in the band’s name is a tribute to a friend, Ashley Hanley, who died tragically in a car accident in October 2006.  “Ashley was our biggest fan.  She was a tireless promoter of our music and she was an anchor for us emotionally. She was a best friend to the band,” said Nixon. 

    The start of 2007 brought a new record deal and Framing Hanley wrote and recorded their debut release “The Moment” in just 6 weeks.  In March of 2007 “Hear Me Now” was already on numerous radio stations and Silent Majority Group subsequently released an independent version of “The Moment” in May.  By June, on the strength of the song and the new album, Silent Majority Group entered into a distribution agreement with Warner’s Independent Label Group.  “The Moment” was released nationally on August 7 and immediately the band joined a tour with Evans Blue and Fair to Midland, followed by multiple radio shows and fall tour with Trapt, Saving Abel, and Fuel.  

    Framing Hanley wrapped 2007 with the most played song of the year (Hear Me Now) on Sirius Octane and garnered airplay on over 50 radio stations across the nation, breaking into the top 40 on the active rock charts.  

    The successful ride continues in 2008 with the 2nd single “Built for Sin” off “The Moment” released and a lengthy tour with Tantric.  National publications started to take notice.  Guitarist Ryan Belcher joined Framing Hanley replacing Tim Huskinson.  “Ryan came in and had big shoes to fill.  After only a couple of hours of jamming with him for the first time though, we knew we found what we needed and were looking for,” Nixon says.  The band began writing new material and recorded a cover of Lil Wayne’s smash “Lollipop”.  

    Less than 24 hours after the final mix of “Lollipop” was complete, it began airing on the Westwood One syndicated show Skratch N Sniff in major US markets.  As Nixon puts it, “If you would’ve told me the day I suggested covering ‘Lollipop’ that we would end up shooting a video for it…or even pushing it at radio as a single, I would’ve laughed and told you you’re crazy.  It was already an incredible song, and we put our spin on it and created something that seemingly caught on and people seemed to enjoy.  I just hope we make Lil Wayne proud.”

    Lollipop was released to radio in October and added to the November 18th re-release of The Moment which includes the Lollipop bonus track and video.  Over 130 radio stations have added into rotation in Alternative, Active, Mainstream and Top 40.  The song and CD has charted on Billboard and ranked highly in ITunes.  

    Lollipop went Digital Gold in June 2009 (over 500,000 copies sold).

    The band has been touring non stop since November with headline shows and also supporting Theory of a Deadman, Hinder, Hollywood Undead, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and several major radio shows including ROCK ON THE RANGE 2009.

  • Devour The Day

    Devour The Day


    Formed in 2012, DEVOUR THE DAY is born from the brain trust of Joey Chicago (Bass, Vocals, Songwriter) and Blake Allison (Lead singer, Guitar, Songwriter and Producer). Having much success with the band Egypt Central, Blake and Joey sought to break out on their own, writing and producing music without compromise.

    Joey explains, “Our lives got to a point that we had lost trust, we lost our
    compassion, feeling and our way.” The water was so murky we didn’t know which way was up.” What we did know is that we should keep writing and keep fighting because that was the truth and our center.”

    What transpired is a new album scheduled for release May 7, 2013. 
    Painting a picture in listeners imagination is what this songwriting duo does best. Joey continues, “While our songs are very personal to our experiences we are very aware to keep it open for interpretation. There is nothing more gratifying when a fan explains how our songs help them in their lives. It’s humbling.”

    Giving perspective Blake states, “the process of writing this record is something totally different than what we had done before. The pressure was enormous and we felt that every decision we made needed to be perfect. There was no room for mistakes. We needed to make choices that were sometimes very difficult but once made it felt like the weight we had been carrying got lighter brick by brick.”

  • Starset



    Describing their sound as "Cinematic Rock," Starset is a stylistically ambitious rock band from Columbus, Ohio formed by Dustin Bates, best known as the lead singer with the group Downplay. Starset have constructed an elaborate mythos surrounding themselves (as detailed on their website and shared through their social media posts), in which they insist they were recruited by one Dr. Ashton Wise of the Starset Society to spread awareness of scientific phenomena that has been ignored or hidden from public view, most notably transmissions believed to be of human origin that have been broadcast from the constellation Ophiuchus. However, Bates and his bandmates first came together and made their public debut in July 2013, when their first digital single "Carnivore," a rock tune with electronic accents and dramatic string arrangements, was released online. A second track, "My Demons," was released in August 2013, and the band made its live debut in Salem, Ohio on November 27, 2013. The following summer, their debut album Transmissions was released.

  • 3 Years Hollow

    3 Years Hollow


    3 Years Hollow doesn't pull any punches. The Quad Cities quintet—Jose Urquiza [vocals], Tony Reeves [guitar], Neil Kuhlman [guitar], Dex Digga [bass], and ChrisCushman [drums]—dispenses honest hard rock that's equally hypnotic and heavy on its first full-length album for Imagen Records.

    Over the past decade, the group has solidified itself as one of the Midwest's most incendiary and infectious young acts. Their breakout independent single "Remember" charted at #1 on Octane, while "Chemical Ride" is closing in on 400,000 YouTube views. In 2012, they emerged as regional victors during the Ernie Ball-sponsored Rockstar Energy UPROAR Festival "Battle of the Bands".

    Playing the Tinley Park, IL date of UPROAR, they caught the attention of ImagenRecords who proceeded to offer them a deal soon after. Now, with production by none other than Clint Lowery of Sevendust and Call Me No One, their latest album bristles with irresistible intensity and magnetic melodies. 

    Becoming a local stalwart, 3 Years Hollow shared the stage with everybody from Papa Roach to Buckcherry, and they've siphoned their live energy into a kinetic anthems. 

    About the sound, Jose explains, "We want to play melodic hard rock. That's the music that brought us together. At the same time, we all have drastically different influences from progressive rock to hair metal to pop punk. We all agree on what 3 Years Hollow is though."

    That cohesion comes across on the likes of "For Life". Coupling a fret-burning solo and chorus from Lowery with Jose's dynamic delivery, it practically explodes on impact. 

    "It's about a person who is struggling and has fallen away from the world alone," says the vocalist. "You can see the damage and the demons the person deals with on a daily basis. However, all of a sudden, there is hope instead of despair. The final message is to pull away from the demons, stand strong against them, and keep them out for the rest of your life. It was such an honor to bring that track to life with Clint." 

    Then, there's "Hungry", which bares its teeth via a bombastic beat and arena-size hook. It taps into their on-stage intensity. "We wrote that in the jam space," recalls Jose. "We want people to get close to the music. We give everything we can so fans forget about everything else."

    Ultimately, 3 Years Hollow constantly keeps the listeners in mind with that honesty. "Everything I write about is a completely personal experience or something I've witnessed or experienced myself," he concludes. "I talk about things I've seen or experienced. I want to give everybody something real." Presents

Framing Hanley & Devour The Day plus Starset and 3 Years Hollow

Mon May 5 2014 7:00 PM

(Doors 6:30 PM)

The Studio at Webster Hall New York NY
Framing Hanley, Devour The Day, Starset, 3 Years Hollow
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$15.00 Ages 16+