Sat Mar 18 2017

8:00 PM (Doors 6:00 PM)

The Coach House

33157 Camino Capistrano, Suite C San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

All Ages

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Five For Fighting

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  • Five for Fighting

    Five for Fighting

    Alternative Rock

    Never has the phrase "he shoots, he scores" been more applicable than when mentioning rabid hockey fan and chart-topping singer/songwriter John Ondrasik. The Los Angeles native, who goes by Five for Fighting (a five-minute penalty for on-the-ice fist-a-cuffs), burst on the scene some 15 years ago with his Grammy Award-nominated hit "Superman (It's Not Easy)," and has been a mainstay on mainstream radio ever since. While he doesn't wear tights and fight crime as his breakthrough track "Superman" suggests, his songs could bring any maniacal villain to their knees (and tears) with his poignantly sharp songs that cut deeper than a Ginsu knife.

    Ondrasik signed his first deal in 1997 with "Message For Albert," but it was his follow-up "American Town" that really took flight for Fighting. The aforementioned "Superman (It's Not Easy)" went Platinum (as did the album), was #1 on Adult Top 40, #2 on Hot AC, and in the Top 40 Top 10. The song actually hit the airwaves, and reached #1 the same week his daughter Olivia was born. Not too shabby as Adam Sandler once said. Adding more fuel to the emotional fire, the mega-hit served as sort of an unofficial anthem following the 9.11 attacks on American soil. Naturally, he performed it at The Concert For New York City.

    In his career, Ondrasik has sold over 2.5 million albums including 2004's "Battle for Everything," which spawned the 2X platinum "100 Years," which continues to melt hearts, provide all ages with an instant case of nostalgia. Other hits have included "The Riddle," "World," "Chances" and "What If." His music has been featured in 350 films, TV shows and advertisements ranging from the "The Blind Side" to "Hawaii Five-O." He has also written tunes for everyone from Josh Groban to The Backstreet Boys.

    Yet, there's more to Ondrasik than the music and it's far more important to him and countless others. "Music is the great healer as well as being a unique vehicle in raising awareness and funds for important causes," he explains. Ondrasik has given away a million copies of a five-volume compilation album (featuring himself and other artists) he created for United States troops. He has also performed regularly for the USO.

    Additionally, was created off of his song "World," in which fans uploaded videos showing their respective interpretations of a better world. That initiative raised more than $250,000 for five designated charities: Augie's Quest, Autism Speaks, Fisher House Foundation, Save the Children and Operation Homefront.

    Ondrasik is a featured speaker from Ted Talks to the Salk Institute. He's also presented at various private and corporate events. He's also graced The Kennedy Center stage, performed for world leaders and presidents, and contributed special performance for NASA to commemorate the conclusion of the Space Shuttle Mission.

    When not writing killer tunes, Ondrasik is putting pen to paper for his other passion: sports. The avid Stanley Cup Champion Los Angeles Kings fan has been a sports commentator for, the Kings, and a guest on everything from Jim Rome to ESPN SportsCenter, the latter of which he became the first "band" to appear and perform.

    "I recognize the immature shallowness of the adult sports fan obsession, but I've always had it. Lakers as a kid, UCLA, Kings etc...Many folks use music as their escape, I imagine sports as mine. Writing is a kick as I've always had a fantasy to be a sports reporter/writer," he says gleefully.

    As he explores the possibility of a Broadway show featuring his tunes, he's currently on the road (not literally) performing songs as a quartet (Five for Fighting literally) and with symphonies around the country. "The symphony and quartet shows have been fantastic," he said. "I've had the honor of working with some world class arrangers in my career. To present the more ambitious songs, as well as the popular tunes, in this format has refueled my passion for performing."

    ...And making new music. Ondrasik's "What If" hit the Hot AC charts and was chosen by Richard Branson (sorry, Sir Richard Branson) as the soundtrack for his non-profit Virgin Unite. And his most recent song "All for One" was penned for the 100th episode of Hawaii Five-O. Ondrasik is currently working on the follow-up to his sixth album, "Bookmarks."

    Looking ahead while looking back, the one-man Fighting army, said, "I have been blessed to have loving and supportive parents, an amazing wife and partner, and two great kids. Family is crucial to any career, keeps the ups and downs, down and up."

  • Marie Miller

    Marie Miller


    When Marie Miller writes a song, she does what all gifted writers do: She looks at her
    life and into her heart to make sure what she creates comes from real emotion and
    She also does something none of peers likely do: She searches through classic
    literature, whether it be Dostoyevsky, Tolstoy or Homer. There, she finds parallels for
    what she wants to say, channels that inspiration into her lyrics and comes up with
    something unique: Music that’s immediate and timeless, driven by feelings all listeners
    can relate to yet infused with a perspective that transcends the present.
    “I have a song called ‘Story’ on my new album,” she explains, referencing Letterbox,
    scheduled for release in the spring of 2017 on Curb Records. “It brings in a lot of epic
    characters: Heathcliff and Catherine from Wuthering Heights, Hector’s wife Andromache
    from The Iliad. I’ve always loved epic stories — Anna Karenina, The Brothers
    Karamazov, Crime and Punishment — because they’re filled with relationships that are
    super serious and dramatic. Sometimes I feel like I’m right there in the midst of them.”
    Yet Letterbox is no droning lecture on literature. It’s a celebration of freedom. Miller has
    paid plenty of dues to get to the point where she feels she can write what she wants
    how she wants to, and sing without constraint. Still young, she has survived years in the
    music business. She impacted initially with the infectious, “You’re Not Alone.” More than
    115,000 downloaded that single on Amazon. ABC’s Dancing with the Stars featured her
    second single, “6’2,” in 2014.
    That’s a success story for sure, one that Miller is grateful to have had. Still, she realized
    that this was only the first of many steps she needed to take to achieve her goals.
    Much more than literature feeds into Miller’s unfettered performance on Letterbox. First
    and most enduring is the foundation she received from being born into a family that
    loved and performed music. They gravitated toward bluegrass and cultivated Marie’s
    obvious talent through lessons with banjo virtuoso Murphy Henry. Around age 12 she
    began singing with her family and later with her sister as a duo, appearing at churches,
    festivals, community picnics and, every Saturday, on the porch of the winery her father
    and a partner had opened in rural Virginia, across the road from the Miller family home.
    Miller also began writing songs when she was about 12 years old. “The first one I
    started performing was an original melody and lyrics based on a poem I’d read in Lord
    of the Rings,” she says, with a grin. “I was really into American music at the time — the
    kind of music you’d hear in a Ken Burns documentary, the people’s music, the
    storytelling of bluegrass and Irish music. I was attracted initially to the New Grass artists,
    like Nickel Creek and Alison Krauss and mainly Chris Thile. She pauses and then
    laughs, a little embarrassed. “I was actually 100 percent certain when I was 14 that
    Chris Thile and I were going to get married someday.” Miller then found herself diving
    into the lyrics and melodies from the likes of The Eagles to Stevie Wonder to modern
    hitmaker Sara Bareilles. This wide range of influences impacted her music making
    when she signed with Curb Records in Nashville at the age of 16 where she fulfilled her
    dream to write songs. “I began my life as a traveling musician then,” she says. “I love
    performing, but it was so uncomfortable to be 16 or 17 and have everybody telling me
    what to do. I remember one time five people criticized what I was wearing. When you’re
    17 years old you’re uncomfortable with yourself already, so to have a bunch of old
    people talk to you about your clothes, it was just really weird.”
    Discouraged, Miller returned to Virginia. She took time off from music, went to college
    for a while, but kept practicing and writing. With a new confidence, she eventually went
    back to Nashville. Before long she had made her mark in music. And from there, we
    come to this pivotal moment in her story.
    Working with producers Eric Rosse (Sara Bareillis, Tory Amos) and Chad Capelin, Miller
    moved decisively into a new creative milieu with Letterbox. Begin with the title. “It’s from
    the Beatles’ song ‘Across the Universe,’” she points out, and then sings the John
    Lennon lyric: “Thoughts meander like a restless wind inside a letterbox.”
    Why do these words speak to her? “I still write letters to my friends and to my
    grandparents and to my boyfriends … when I have them,” she says, smiling. “I’ve
    discovered that sometimes, when you want to say something, you just can’t. It’s too
    awkward. So Letterbox is about how I love to write letters but it’s also radically relational,
    about friendships, parents, a child or romance. It’s about how we affect each other as
    Miller describes the songs on Letterbox as “almost literal letters to people in my life.
    ‘Glitter Gold,’ ‘Boardwalk’ and ‘Angeline’ are like letters you leave on someone’s
    doorstep — teenage, broken-heart messages. ‘More’ is a letter that you never
    sent. ’Stones You Throw’ is about how the world feels ripples from every little thing we
    say or do, whether we like it or not. We live constantly in the ripples of other people’s
    actions, whether they’re from love or hatred.”
    The album’s exultant first single, “This Side of Paradise,” which Miller describes as
    “hopeful and daring” … the promise to wait, in the language of many a folk song, for “the
    day that I see my own true love again” on “Lonely Ends” … compelling imagery, vocals
    that whisper and soar, from a lover “Lost at Sea” … Every moment on Letterbox rings
    true and lingers afterwards, like a memory or a passage from a favorite book.
    This is the true Marie Miller, breathing in all that life has to offer and crafting it with her
    own sense of hope, wonder and enchantment.
    And, in case you’re wondering, “Now, if people tell me what to wear or what to say, I just
    totally ignore them.”
    She laughs out loud. It feels good to be free. It feels good to share that freedom through
    music. With Letterbox, we savor it all, as if delivered to us alone, from a friend not so far

Five For Fighting

Sat Mar 18 2017 8:00 PM

(Doors 6:00 PM)

The Coach House San Juan Capistrano CA
Five For Fighting
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All Ages