Thu Jul 19 2018

8:00 PM (Doors 6:00 PM)

Saint Rocke

142 Pacific Coast Highway Hermosa Beach, CA 90254

Ages 21+

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Eyes Set To Kill, Eye the Realist, Carry The Day

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  • Eyes Set To Kill

    Eyes Set To Kill


    At some point or another, everybody wears a mask. That façade doesn't just hide imperfections or insecurities either. It allows its wearer to assume a different face. Sometimes, that's a dangerous proposition. Other times, it's the only way to find oneself. EYES SET TO KILL uncovered their identity within “Masks”, their fifth full-length album and first for Century Media Records.

    In 2012, the band found itself mired in the search for a new label. That proved to be a rather daunting and frustrating undertaking where every meeting yielded a conflicting third-party perception of who EYES SET TO KILL should be.

    "I felt like we were wearing a bunch of masks to impress people during those meetings," admits singer, songwriter, and guitarist Alexia Rodriguez. "At one point, I had a bit of a revelation. We had gone through so many changes over the years. It wasn't about anybody else though. It was about us. We really found the band's face at that point. We weren't wearing masks anymore."

    Instead of pandering or worrying about expectations, the band - Alexia, her sister Anissa [bass], Caleb Clifton [drums], and Cisko Miranda [screams] - hunkered down and demoed two of its strongest songs to date, the irresistibly incendiary "True Colors" and "Nothing Left to Say". Both merged anthemic scope and jarring metallic elegance, making for some of the group's catchiest fare. As a result, Century Media immediately signed them.

    "Those two songs served as a blueprint for the entire record," explains Alexia. "When we were writing, I didn't try to do what everybody else does. We didn't need to throw a ton of riffs into one song or get overly technical. I wanted to make music that was catchy."

    With that mindset, the group retreated to a Southern California studio with producer Steve Evetts [The Dillinger Escape Plan, Sepultura]. In the process, Alexia evolved immensely as the band's songwriter, and the band's patented sound expanded. For the first time, Cisko added staggering screams, building the harmonies. Everything became amplified from the heaviness to the hooks.

    "I was never really an underground kind of girl," says Alexia. "I grew up on bands like Nirvana and more alternative rock, but I also related to metal and post-hard-core at the same time. Melody makes music relatable. I want people to remember the songs and relate to them."

    The first single "Infected" certainly upholds that. A battering guitar groove gives way to a soaring refrain from Alexia. It's an unforgettable and unshakable introduction to the next phase of EYES SET TO KILL.

    She goes on, "Sometimes, in relationships, people get manipulated into thinking that they're the insane one or they have something wrong with them. They get portrayed like they're 'infected', but they're really not. They're just being manipulated. It hits hard, and it's got a lot of anger. At the same time, it shows listeners they're not alone."

    EYES SET TO KILL have been providing fans that outlet since they first emerged from Phoenix, AZ in 2003. Since then, they have amassed over 1.17 million Facebook likes, covered USA Today, and landed on Alternative Press's coveted "100 Bands You Need to Know List". On the road, they've developed into a veritable whirlwind, sharing stages with everyone from Papa Roach to Black Veil Brides in the USA as well as Caliban, We Butter The Bread With Butter or I Am Ghost in Europe. They've crossed the globe four times on tour and even headlined a festival in Jakarta in front of 8.000-plus fans.

    Now, with the “Masks” off, EYES SET TO KILL stand primed to be heard louder than ever before. "I feel like we've been working towards this record for our whole career," concludes Alexia. "There were times I was almost going to give up. I'm glad I didn't. I'd love for this music to inspire everyone to keep going. It's always worth it to hold on to your dreams."

  • Eye the Realist

    Eye the Realist

    Progressive Rock

    Eye the Realist is a Black Melodic Post Punk group out of Long Beach, CA who came together from different musical projects from varying genres. Their variety of musical influences have given them a unique sound of their own, yet nostalgic to early 2000s emo alternative (Thrice, Armor for Sleep, Taking Back Sunday, Saosin, etc.)

    The name Eye the Realist comes from seeing the world for how it really is, as opposed to how we'd like it to be in our minds or how we've been raised to see it. They believe in constantly developing change within yourself to stay real and true and they project that energy into Eye the Realist. Formed by Josie Randle (Lead Vocals/Guitar) and Mark Matas (Drums/Badass) who were originally in a post-hardcore project together. After a short time they recruited Kris Beeks (Bass/Vocals) who was in various pop-punk groups and decided to pursue the EtR dream in full force. The group has been on multiple DIY tours during its 5 years of existence, reaching the east coast and back. They have gained noteable exposure by playing SXSW and Launch Music Conference/ Festival. After coming off the road from a full US tour, the band decided to lock themselves in their studio for the better part of almost 2 years. While each member was going through intense personal life experiences, the group came out with songs that expressed love, loss, depression, and much more. They then entered the studio once again with Jeff Sahyoun (The Audio Bakery) who produced their latest EP ‘Strains’ released April 6th 2018. From there they will continue touring in support of their album. The trio puts on a live show that most would call unexpected. Their high energy music along with epic harmonies and emotional delivery make for an unparalleled live experience.

  • Carry The Day

    Carry The Day


    Carry the Day is a three piece Alternative Hard Rock group hailing from Torrance, CA. Made up of Christopher Huynh (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Luke Tazbier (Bass), and Brandon Saldana (Drums) the band formed in 2018 and are slowly diving into the music scene. With passionate vocals, aggressive guitars, and punchy rhythms, Carry the Day is a triple threat that is waiting to be discovered.

Eyes Set To Kill, Eye the Realist, Carry The Day

Thu Jul 19 2018 8:00 PM

(Doors 6:00 PM)

Saint Rocke Hermosa Beach CA
Eyes Set To Kill, Eye the Realist, Carry The Day
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Ages 21+

This is a General Admission ticket and does not guarantee seating. For table upgrades please call 310.372.0035