Fri Aug 8 2014

8:00 PM

The Original Cafe Eleven

501 A1A Beach Boulevard St. Augustine, FL 32080

All Ages

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ELLIS PAUL w/Donny Brazile

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  • Ellis Paul


    A troubadour, a singer/songwriter, a folky, and a storyteller -- all fair labels for this artist, but they do not quite suffice. However, the tattoo of Woody Guthrie worn proudly on his arm is a good starting place from which to grasp Ellis Paul, for it is from the Woody Guthrie tradition that he hails, and Maine as well. Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, and James Taylor are also listed among his influences, and their spirits seem to occasionally grace his work. With an acoustic guitar in hand, he weaves intimate, provocative, and romantic tales of lives that were obviously witnessed by a most-talented voyeur.

    Based in Massachusetts, Paul has been called the quintessential Boston songwriter more than a few times and has garnered the recognition and awards to back up that claim, including a shelf full of Boston Music Awards. Since coming onto the scene in 1993 with his independent debut, Say Something, Paul hasn't slowed or weakened as a performer or a writer. Spending two-thirds of most years on the road has helped him perfect both crafts, with a lot of practice on-stage and a lot of people whose stories he retells in song. In fact, his 1994 album Stories proved enchanting enough to secure him a deal with Rounder Records and a national following of dedicated fans.

    Over the years and albums, his songs have gotten more personal. He purposely turned the looking glass onto his own life for 1998's aptly titled Translucent Soul as he publicly worked through the pain of his divorce. Following hot on the heels of 1999's double-CD Live, the new millennium saw Paul's song "The World Ain't Slowing Down" featured in Me, Myself and Irene starring Jim Carrey. His eighth studio release, a collection of previously unreleased tracks called Sweet Mistakes, arrived in 2001, followed by Speed of Trees (2002), a two-disc career retrospective (2006), a children's record inspired by the birth of his second daughter called The Dragonfly Races (2008), and, finally, an all-new studio album, The Day After Everything Changed, in January 2010. ~ Kelly McCartney, Rovi

  • Donny Brazile

    Donny Brazile


    Some men are born to be messengers. Some do it with oratory while others do it with song. Donny Brazile has a gift for both.

    As a skinny long-haired kid with a thirst for knowledge and a gift of gab growing up in a small Florida community, not particularly tolerant of what that package represented, Donny picked up his guitar at the young age of 16 and went off to LA to put the thoughts swirling around in his head to music. Meeting up with three like-minded guys, they formed a band like so many other kids their age. But the band wasn’t like all other teenage bands. They were talented musicians and songwriters and soon their sound was attracting the attention of some big name stars and agents. They opened for the likes of the Goo Goo Dolls and Jane’s Addiction and were on the precipice of making it big. But that big break never materialized. So after giving LA ten years of his life, Donny found himself seeking a different message and a different mode of expressing it. He went back to school in the midwest, earned his BA and MA and eventually found himself in front of a college classroom of students in Tennessee, most of whom were merely seeking that piece of paper that provides entrée into the adult world. Donny’s message of questioning both society’s norms and one’s own values resonated well with those students. That, combined with his well-honed skills as an entertainer, made him an award winning professor.

    But music was never far from his mind. He had experienced life and the lyrics of his songs chronicled the lessons he learned from living. The sound reflected a blend of the places he lived, combining the driving rhythms of LA with a hint of Nashville funk and the heartfelt lyrics of country.

    He longed to return to his Florida roots, the sunshine and the surf. But most of all, he longed to return to music.

    So here he is with his array of instruments, expressive voice, and original music, and of course, his ever present gift of gab; the consummate entertainer. But underlying it all is his desire to convey a message. With his over 100 original songs, and his ability to convey their feeling Donny is a messenger.

    One day Donny and I were sitting in a bar listening to a musician friend when a patron asked the troubadour to play the Styx song “Come Sail Away.” The musician did not know the song well and struggled until Donny (with his friend’s permission), took over the song. And in an uncharacteristically bold voice, sang out the lyrics:

    I look to the sea,
    Reflections in the waves spark my memory,
    Some happy, some sad,
    I think of childhood friends and the dreams we had,
    We lived happily forever, so the story goes,
    But somehow we missed out on the pot of gold
    But we'll try best that we can to carry on

    The feeling with which he sang those words conveyed exactly the frustration and glorification of the pursuit of one’s goals, that I believe the songwriter intended. Donny had the whole bar mesmerized as people stopped their conversation, came up close and sailed away with the moment.

    That is Donny Brazile.

    —Marv Krohn (2012)

ELLIS PAUL w/Donny Brazile

Fri Aug 8 2014 8:00 PM

The Original Cafe Eleven St. Augustine FL
ELLIS PAUL w/Donny Brazile
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All Ages