Sat Jan 20 2018

7:30 PM (Doors 7:00 PM)


6815 W. Roosevelt Rd. Berwyn, IL 60402


Ages 21+

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Deceased // Disinter // Discarnate // Dysphoria // Johnny Vomit

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  • Deceased


    Heavy Metal

  • Disinter


    Death Metal/Black Metal


    Brought into existence in 1990, DISINTER can be described as old school thrash/speed metal with 90's death/grind and blackened metal influences. The band released their debut full-length studio album "Desecrated" in 1997. With a few demos preceding, DISINTER has since released 3 more full- length studio albums. With 1 in the grave, unreleased. With lyrical topics such as the occult, zombification, demons wizards and warlocks, religious beliefs, pain and suffering, pent in hell, the maestro's of misery have truly created sonic soundscapes of torture, death, and terror! currently disin- ter is working on the new album to be released spring 2014 and preparing for european tour in september 2013.

  • Discarnate


    Death Metal/Black Metal

    Discarnate is a 5-piece death metal band from Illinois. Inspired by the punishing sounds of early 90's extreme metal and the new wave of modern death metal, the new band has already made a mark in the scene. In a little over a year since the bands inception, they released an EP critiqued by Lars Bremnes Ese of Metal Hammer Norway as "evocative and massive." "The Derangement" was released in May 2016 to an already eager base of fans.

    Featuring guitarists Luke Nissen and Ivan Cordova, bassist Alletta Ergun, and drummer Dave Cieck, the solid and mature instrumentation that makes the core of the band is a fully collaborative effort. Trading riffs and ideas is what they do, always striving for a new take on a genre that is nearly 45 years old. This, combined with the mind-crushing lyrics and vocal delivery of the bands' frontman, Matthew Maggio, makes for an exciting and evolving sound.

    Currently, the band is seeking to expand it's reach in the United States, hoping to bring its music to a wider audience through touring and a vibrant social media presence. In the meantime, there is always work to be done. Along with reaching out for tours, they are writing a new EP, a full length, which they hope to release by years' end 2017.

  • Dysphoria


    Death Metal/Black Metal

    Originally based out of East Chicago, Indiana, DYSPHORIA toured and performed in many places and festivals and developed quite a rowdy following throughout their short years! DYSPHORIA opened for many major tours and bands across the nation. Having only released one demo, 1993's "Day Of Atonement", they quickly rose to the top of the ranks in the Midwest death metal scene. More demo's were recorded, but never officially released. DYSPHORIA disbanded in 1995 due to differences but as of 2016, DYSPHORIA has been re-invigorated. 2017 will see the release of a debut album. 25 years in the making.

  • Johnny Vomit

    Johnny Vomit

    Heavy Metal

Deceased // Disinter // Discarnate // Dysphoria // Johnny Vomit

Sat Jan 20 2018 7:30 PM

(Doors 7:00 PM)

Wire Berwyn IL
Deceased // Disinter  // Discarnate // Dysphoria // Johnny Vomit
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$12 Ages 21+