Daniel Rylander, Megan Golden, Ariel Petrie, Joshua Robert

Mon Mar 14 2016

9:00 PM (Doors 8:30 PM)

The Basement

1604 Eighth Ave South Nashville, TN 37203

Ages 21+

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Listing: 21+ / Limited Seating / Phone Purchase: tel:866-468-7630

Daniel Rylander, Megan Golden, Ariel Petrie, Joshua Robert

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  • Daniel Rylander

    Daniel Rylander


    It was on May 2, 2012 that Daniel received news that his older brother, 2nd Lt. David E. Rylander, had been killed in action in Afghanistan. He had been writing and playing music for a long time before this; having been a drummer for eighteen years, teaching himself piano and guitar for the past eight, and more recently the ukulele, music has always been a big part of his life. However, the endeavor to pursue his musical passions more seriously really began when he co-wrote a song with his Uncle, Tom Siebert, in order to remember and honor his older brother's sacrifice. They performed the song, entitled: "A Friend & Brother (Be Thou at Peace)" at the funeral on May 11, 2012 and it was very well received, having a large impact on all those in attendance. Daniel was encouraged to have it professionally recorded, which he soon did at Creekside Audio in Norton, Ohio. "I had such a positive experience working with owner/operator, Wes McCraw, that I decided to return and record my debut full-length album, Strawberry Skyline, there."

    Strawberry Skyline celebrated its two year anniversary this past September (September 3, 2015) and since its release has been made available on itunes, Spotify, Amazon music, Pandora, as well as other electronic streaming sites, and in physical CD form. Daniel has been playing shows promoting for it as well as beginning to feature some of his newer music. He released his second record, The Memoirs of a Poolside Romance, on October 17, 2015. He will continue to play shows to promote for this new record, and looks forward to seeing/meeting you at a future gig. As always, thank you for your continued support!

    Website, Facebook, and Twitter pages, as well as other social media, are constantly being updated so any new information can be found here as well as on those additional sites.

    "I am very excited to continue on this journey; pursuing my dreams and seeing where it all takes me. You're the true reason why I am here and making the music that I do, so thank you!"

  • Megan Golden

    Megan Golden

    Alternative Country

  • Ariel Petrie

    Ariel Petrie


    First off, I want to thank you for stopping by my page! As you might have guessed, music is my number one passion.  I’ve been influenced by music since before I could remember. I picked up the piano at age 8 and taught myself numerous classical pieces until I started writing my own music at age 11.  At 13 I started writing lyrics.  Throughout high school, my main focus was my music. So much so that I decided to graduate a year early. (With a golden tassel, mind you.)

     That following year in March, (when I would have been a senior) I was on the X-Factor USA and made it all the way through their “Boot Camp Week” in Pasadena, California.  Simon loved me. I actually remember telling my mom when I was young that I would sing for Simon Cowell one day and I just knew he’d love me. That dream came true. That was a pivotal moment in my life.  After that, I truly believed in myself. Even though my family had been telling me I was a star all along.  I got home that summer and immediately began trying to gather funds to get my first demo CD produced. A very generous couple at my church at the time donated the full amount and I was able to make it happen! It was the first of many blessing that God allowed to fall on me. From there, the “Catch 22” EP was born. That was 2011.

    That next summer, on June 15th, 2012, I got married to my best friend and drummer boy, Joshua Eilts, on Butler Beach in Saint Augustine, Florida. (Take a listen to my song “Happiness” to get a secret inside peek to the beauty of that day.)

    Then, May 2014, Josh and I made the plunge to make our dream a reality. We moved to Music City! It’s been scary and exciting at the same time. The day after we moved I wanted to play an open mic. It was there, at The Commodore Grille, barely 24 hours after moving, that I got scheduled for my first songwriter round. It was just another validation that I am where I’m supposed to be. But, I wouldn’t be here without God. He’s orchestrated my life perfectly and everything that’s fallen into place is because of Him. He’s given this gift to me, the gift of music. I intent to use it and multiply it and give all the glory to Him at the end of every day. He’s been so faithful to Josh and I on our journey and I hope my life is a constant reflection of that.


    God has also blessed up with so many connections to the music industry. We’re working on our next EP with a good friend and a gifted producer, coming to you January 2016.

    Be sure to hang around the website and find me on Facebook and Twitter for all of my upcoming news and events!

    Thanks again,


  • Joshua Robert

    Joshua Robert

    Country Folk

    Joshua Robert is a singer/songwriter based out of Nashville TN. Originally from a small town near Cleveland, OH, he began as a pop punk artist, but over the years has developed a more mature and developed sound. Citing John Mayer and Ed Sheeran as influences, his music has a backing of rhythmic guitar playing, catchy and seamless hooks, and emotional dynamics. After about 9 years of writing songs, he has developed a completely original sound that is both accessible and unique.

Daniel Rylander, Megan Golden, Ariel Petrie, Joshua Robert

Mon Mar 14 2016 9:00 PM

(Doors 8:30 PM)

The Basement Nashville TN
Daniel Rylander, Megan Golden, Ariel Petrie, Joshua Robert
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Ages 21+

Listing: 21+ / Limited Seating / Phone Purchase: tel:866-468-7630