Sun Dec 22 2019

12:00 PM - 8:00 PM (Doors 11:30 AM)

The Westcott Theater

524 Westcott St. Syracuse, NY 13210


All Ages

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Little Rock Music Group Presents
Cuse Community Concert for Charley

  • Root Shock

    Root Shock

    Roots Reggae

    Conscious, soulful, uplifting, even healing—that’s how many fans of Root Shock have described
    the band’s infectious sound and energy. With a reputation like that, it’s unsurprising that this
    group is indebted to reggae, a class of music forever married to love, humanity, social change,
    and an almost tangible sense of sunlight. But Root Shock didn’t form on a beach. Instead, they
    came up in snowy Syracuse, New York in 2012, and since then, they’ve developed a voice that
    transcends genre.

    Spearheaded by the acrobatic, powerhouse vocals of Jessica Brown, the Root Shock sound is
    at once commanding and cathartic, but never at the expense of a velvety, carefully placed jazz
    or neo-soul lick. When he isn’t complementing Brown’s pipes with his own earthy vocal turns,
    Phil Grajko gets weird on the guitar, seamlessly moving from chop chords to girthy riffs and
    spellbinding solos colored by Latin, prog, and psychedelic rock textures—often in tandem with
    mad keyboard genius Brian Lauri. Rounding out the band, bassist Bill Eppel and drummer Tyre
    Outerbridge make for a formidable rhythm section fluent in patterns ranging from dancehall to
    ska to heavy dub style and funk.

    In 2016, Root Shock released a self-titled album, produced by their trusted engineer and part-
    time auxiliary percussionist, Jason “Jocko” Randall, and followed that up with the “Many Paths”
    EP in 2018. Both records are proof of the band’s democratic songwriting process, with
    thoughtful lyrics from Brown and Grajko that invoke hope in dark times, warn against injustice,
    and imagine a future in which all are free and equal and united by music.

    Today, Root Shock is bringing their renowned live show to clubs, festivals, and concert halls
    across the Northeast and beyond, delighting audiences from all walks of life with a positive
    message and danceable tunes.



    Free Funk

    The unstoppable funk hip hop dance party

  • Pearly Baker's Best

    Pearly Baker's Best

    Jam Bands

    Pearly Baker’s Best is a Grateful Dead tribute with both a weekly residency and a devoted following at one of the top local venues in Syracuse, NY every Monday night. Playing the music of The Grateful Dead, The Jerry Garcia Band, The Beatles and other covers they delight their devout followers with a powerful show once a week out of the band’s current song list which tops 180 songs. The band’s strong improvisational foundation leads the way, allowing their sets to be visualized much like weaving a tapestry; each thread of verse, chorus or bridge is expertly weaved into the fabric of their sound and playing to be completely embraced by their audience. Also, careful attention is always given to ensuring that each song is treated with the necessary vocal ingredients to cause the listener to be drawn into the music at the deepest level. The band’s desire is to provide each audience member with a ‘Grateful Dead-like experience,’ allowing them to encounter the show as a translational, musical undertaking. Currently PBB can go 9 shows without repeating a song and is always adding to it's ever expanding catalog of 200 songs which includes original songs on occasion. The band does play shows in addition to their weekly residency in Syracuse, all across New York State. The band has begun to incorporate original music into their sets and recently had the privilege of sharing their stage with David Gans; long-time archivist for the Grateful Dead, broadcaster, song writer and music journalist. David expressed a strong desire to share the stage with Pearly Baker’s again in the near future. There is truly nothing like a Pearly Baker’s Best show. 

  • Joe Driscoll

    Joe Driscoll


    "Rooted in the American folk tradtion a la Bob Dylan, but joining the dots with that most modern of folk forms, hip-hop, he's guaranteed mythic status for years to come"- DJ Magazine

    An innovator of the live looping beatbox sound, Joe Driscoll has been touring steadily for years, spreading his unique fusion of folk and hip-hop. The modern day take on the one man band, he uses live loops to create soundscapes full of beatbox, guitar, harmonica, percussion, harmonica, and just about anything else he can make use of. After 11 years living in England and France, Joe has moved back to his native city, Syracuse in upstate New York. Driscoll has performed his ground breaking solo show at the famed Glastonbury Festival, Electric Picnic in Ireland, Rift Valley Fest in Kenya, and hundreds of major stages all over the world.

    "If you are looking for innovation, check this guy out."- Scratch from The Roots

  • Chris Merkley

    Chris Merkley

    Folk Rock

    Merkley has performed over a thousand shows from the streets of Paris to venues through out Europe and across the United States.   He has released nine albums with a variety of groups which include the song writing duo Merkley & Morgan, his high octane Bluegrass and Country Blues globetrotting band The Crooners, and the swampy blues rock trio of Digger Jones.  

    His most recent solo album, Momentos, was recorded in the early hours of the morning at the Homer Center for the Arts, a Baptist church-turned 400 seat theater. The bare acoustics of the empty theater proved the perfect setting for the intimate solo recordings of Merkley's blend of Americana, Folk, and Blues music. 

    In addition to an extensive career of recording and touring, Merkley has composed and produced an extensive catalog of original music for TV and has songs featured in several independent films.

    In 2008, he created a number of original compositions for HBO's critically acclaimed series, 'Generation Kill' and has since collaborated with Free Man Music and fellow Old Boy artists to compose custom original music for Cinemax, HBO Latino, and Max Latino.

    Merkley is currently performing solo, as well as with Merkley & Morgan, The Crooners, and Digger Jones in the New York area.   He is also in the process of converting a school bus into an eco-minded tour bus for touring and recording

  • Bea Talplacido

    Bea Talplacido

    Alternative Folk

    Bea sings and strums her folky pop songs with the same sincerity she uses to write them. Spending her early adult years in Dallas, Texas, Bea acquainted herself with the local music scene and played every stage she could from small pubs to large capacity venues and opened for acts such as Norah Jones, John Mayer and James Taylor. Her ambitions eventually drove her to NYC where she played on subway platforms to make rent. 

    Bea self released two albums- her full length “The Critics Call you a Genius” and an EP entitled “Somebody, Anybody”. Both are composed of raw, modest, sometimes live, and low budget recordings intentionally highlighting what Bea insists is the most important thing about writing good music- honesty. “My songs don’t hide anything, and I won’t sing it unless it’s true. The truth is the most powerful thing anyone has. That's what moves people.” 

    Bea later began work as a fashion designer and found herself writing and performing far less often. But a five year break from music, a beautiful baby boy and a move to upstate later, Bea found herself being once again drawn to her first loves- her guitar and the stage. 

    Almost always playing solo, Bea delivers every thoughtful lyric of her hook-strong songs with simplicity while still managing to evoke a range of emotions including, delight, anguish and melancholy. 

    Bea’s third album "Old Habits" is her first full length studio recorded effort and is outfitted with the formidable talents of Grammy Award winning drummer and noted producer, Brady Blade (Dave Matthews, Emmylou Harris, Jewel) and accomplished award winning engineer, Chris Bell (U2, The Eagles, Erykah Badu).

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Little Rock Music Group Presents

Cuse Community Concert for Charley

Sun Dec 22 2019 12:00 PM - 8:00 PM

(Doors 11:30 AM)

The Westcott Theater Syracuse NY
Cuse Community Concert for Charley

$20 All Ages

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