Fri May 23 2014

8:00 PM - 11:45 PM (Doors 7:00 PM)

The High Watt

1 Cannery Row Nashville, TN 37203

$5 / $10 (includes CD)

Ages 18+

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Cause A Scene presents
CARBOARD KIDS CD RELEASE PARTY with Golden Youth, Lenachka & more

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  • Cardboard Kids

    Cardboard Kids


    The Nashville rock outfit, Cardboard Kids, grew up as friends in the dense back woods of Tyler, Texas in a scene similar to “the scene that celebrates itself”. They played in teenage bands together, often switching out members of each other’s bands and lending talents in order to make better music with no consequences in mind except to make great music and further that idea as an example to neighboring music scenes in the bigger, saturated cities nearby.

    In 2013, the three members came together to form Cardboard Kids, in hopes to create a new sound with the influences of soul and rock.

    Singer and guitarist, Jake Germany, brings a sense of confident swagger with his infectious melodies while guitarist, Austin Cunningham, couples his raw southern guitar tones along side. The bold drumming of Brandon McFarlin contributes to keep the energy thumping throughout each song. Collectively, the band draws their influences from their upbringing in 90′s rock and R&B as well as their love for gritty 60′s blues tunes.

    With a DIY attitude and a close relationship with their rapidly developing fan base, they constantly strive to entertain and work hard in order to deliver a product that properly reflects their tight-knit friendship within the band as well as with their fans.

    The Kid’s debut full length record, “Echo Boomer” features a vast amount of catchy hooks, vintage rock tone, and edgy, straightforward honesty. The album was recorded and mixed in Franklin, TN at Sound Shelter Studio by Joe Costa (Ben Folds) and produced by Tres Sasser with the additional vocal talents of soulful powerhouse, Ruby Amanfu (Jack White) and the delicate, soft voices of the ladies of Poema. Substream Music Press considered the opening title track to be “sleek, jarring, and unforgettable”, also adding that “Cardboard Kids are the next great Americana rock act of tomorrow”. The single was released in November of 2013 with a splash, as a refreshing and passion-filled staple that dove into a market of synths, statistics, and apathy. The debut record, in its entirety, is an infectious and raw frenzy, mirrored with a steady pulse that pounds as an anthem for a new brand of Rock & Soul.

  • Golden Youth

    Golden Youth


    Golden Youth is a Nashville, TN band made of Stephanie Lauren, Kyle Monroe, Jesse Lendzion, Steven Kent, & our dear friends.

    Debut release "Quiet Frame ; Wild Light" was released May 28th 2013 on Slospeak records. Available on iTunes, Amazon and the Slospeak Records Merch Store.

  • Lenachka



    I was born in Germany into a russian family, 20 years ago.
    I Immigrated to California when I was 8 years old.
    I live in LA and now Nashville.
    I speak russian & my english should be better.
    I love flat soda & the Identification Discovery channel.
    I have six other younger siblings, they are the best.
    I like my beanies, a lot.
    I take way to many bubble baths.
    I think cleaning helps me think.
    I make music.

  • Poema



    There is nothing average about the beautiful sister duo Poema. Creating their own songs and their own sounds, Shealeen and Elle have fully embraced their musical heritage and yet simultaneously forged new paths with the music they are making.

    Not just another duo, these two sisters from Albuquerque, NM, grew up in a close-knit family where music was an integral part of their life. Shealeen has been classically trained in piano, and Elle taught herself to play guitar. With musical parents, and a younger brother who travels with them as their drummer, these girls have made a name for themselves as vocalists, musicians, and songwriters.

    These sisters are unique in a lot of ways- very different from each other, but the best of friends. Their relationship is deep and profound, not only when they speak, but all throughout the music, their bond can be heard and felt. Whether it is in the rolling harmonies or the heart-felt lyrics, the relational theme plays itself out in quietly powerful ways. Poema was named as one of AP’s “Top 100 Bands You Need to Know,” and after years of making music together, touring, and putting out successful EPs, the girls are releasing Remembering You, their first full-length album.

    In the uncertain territory of Remembering You heading out to the world, the gals of Poema are certain of a few things: they have grown, they have matured, and they have learned how to use music to not only heal others, but heal themselves. “We are always growing lyrically and musically,” says Elle, “and we’re comfortable in that.” This album focuses on relationships- the building, the tearing down, the earthly and the heavenly. As they have lived, they have written and sang and poured many of their own stories into this new album.

    In the past few years, the girls say, they have fallen in love all over again with country music- the new and the old- and that grassroots sound bleeds throughout the album. “It’s the story-telling,” Shealeen says, “it draws you in. We write like that and connect with those types of songs.” Inspired by the likes of Patsy Cline and Nickel Creek to John Mayer and Loretta Lynn, their love for country, with a touch of acoustic pop and folk, can be felt from the first spin. Whether heard as singles or
    one full piece, this album reminds of the simpler times, family, and the varied emotions connected with being human.

    There is a sweetness to their music in songs like “Footprints” and aching loss in “My Turn To Go,”
    a ballad honoring their recently passed grandmother. “That’s my favorite one,” shares Shealeen, “because it feels the most personal. We wrote that not long after she died.” Their faith is displayed from start to finish, but most vocally in songs like “Your Song,” a worshipful love song to their God. “As believers, everything we do is an extension of our faith. All these songs are His.”

    With the September 11th release of Remembering You, this beautiful duo will be swept into a new place in the musical sphere. With a strong fanbase already established, it won’t be long until Remembering You, and the girls of Poema, are in the ears, and on the lips, of many more fans.

  • Cause A Scene

    Cause A Scene


    Cause A Scene was founded in January 2012 in Nashville, Tennessee, by me, Larry Kloess, with a list of family, friends, and supporters too lengthy to begin to list. (Thank you all!) I am by no means a professional writer – far from it in fact – but I have always had a deep passion for discovering artists and helping others discover something new. That’s really why Cause A Scene exists – to explore the wonders of music and champion bands and artists on the rise. There is an inherent joy in music, and I plan on celebrating that joy with every post.

    Posted mp3′s and videos are for sampling/promotional use only. If you like the music featured, please consider purchasing the music or attending a show to show your support.

    If you represent and/or are an artist featured on Cause A Scene, please feel free to email me at to have the file removed.

    If you would like to be considered to be featured on Cause A Scene or simply feel like sharing some new music I may have missed, also feel free to email me at Digital music submissions are strongly preferred, but you may also send them via snail mail. If that’s the case, email me and I will provide you with my mailing address.

    Hope you like what you find on the blog! Comments are greatly appreciated and encouraged.

    - Larry Kloess, Owner & Founder, Editor-in-Chief

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Cause A Scene presents

CARBOARD KIDS CD RELEASE PARTY with Golden Youth, Lenachka & more

Fri May 23 2014 8:00 PM - 11:45 PM

(Doors 7:00 PM)

The High Watt Nashville TN
CARBOARD KIDS CD RELEASE PARTY with Golden Youth, Lenachka & more
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$5 / $10 (includes CD) Ages 18+