Tue Oct 21 2014

5:00 PM (Doors 4:30 PM)

The Marlin Room at Webster Hall

125 East 11th St. New York, NY 10003


Ages 18+

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This event is in The Marlin Room at Webster Hall

Webster Hall Presents
BalconyTV CMJ Showcase w/ Little Daylight, Carousel, MOTHXR & more!

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  • Little Daylight

    Little Daylight

    Alternative Rock

    Indie pop trio Little Daylight made their mark with a grip of remixes for bands like Penguin Prison, Passion Pit, and Freelance Whales but they prove their dancefloor acumen with their own track “Overdose.” Fans of the new movement of esoteric pop — HAIM, Sky Ferreira — should find a new favorite with this one. It’s glossy, catchy, and full of the kind of thick, radio-ready bass and chirpy, yearning hook that will glue itself to your brain. 

  • Carousel



    Founded in September 2011, Carousel is pop duo Jackson Phillips and Kevin Friedman. Based out of Los Angeles, CA.



    Indie Rock

    Jimmy, Darren, Penn, and Simon are an indie band from Brooklyn, NY.

  • Tiny Victories

    Tiny Victories


    Greg Walters and Cason Kelly are Tiny Victories, an electronica duo from Brooklyn, NY. Their new album Haunts is out now!

  • Stone Cold Fox

    Stone Cold Fox

    Alternative Rock

    We are a band made up of recording engineers, filmmakers and drum maniacs. We spend most of our time either working at one of our shitty day jobs or locked up in a small studio wonder palace in the Connecticut hills. As a "indie" rock band emerging into the sea of other stoner rock star hipsters in the 10 mile radius of New York City, we have come to realize we honestly fit the mold.

  • Catey Shaw

    Catey Shaw


    Catey Shaw truly got her start underground- in the New York City subways. She played a beat-up ukulele for spare change until her current manager, Jay Levine, scooped her up from the train platform and into the recording studio. 

    She released her debut EP, "Clouds" in February 2013, ringing with lyrics of love, family and the freedom of her bohemian, NYC lifestyle. Her influences span from hip-hop to disco, Billie Holiday to Bob Marley. Through channeling her well-rounded understanding of the world into pop music, Catey Shaw makes her unique voice impossible to tune-out. 

    Aside from music, Catey is a lifelong painter and a true artist. She views everything she creates as self-portraiture, and shares with her audience unapologetically.

  • Mainland


    Alternative Rock

    It wasn't planned... It was about getting out of the city. Following the loss of his father, Jordan Topf, singer/guitarist of Mainland, scraped together enough money to buy a van and set out with the band on a tour across America. It was an escape from everything that had encapsulated the last four years. Each night a new city, new faces, boundless freedom, a creative turning point for the band’s modern take on late 70's New York Proto-Punk. Despite personal troubles and uncertainty about the future, the group poured their inspiration into their new set of songs. While on tour in Austin, the band met Jim Eno (of Spoon) and began discussing plans to record the new songs at his studio Public Hi-Fi.  

    Upon the band's return to New York, unsure if their plans would come to fruition, the band continued to write and demo tirelessly. They chose 4 songs, their most furious, energetic, and unrestrained to date. When their plans to record at Public Hi-Fi with Jim were confirmed they set off once again for Austin Texas, this time by plane.  

    The result is Mainland's new EP, Shiner. Recorded onto tape, the band expands their sound, tying together concrete drums, punchy garage-rock guitar riffs, rhythmic synthesizers, and driving bass lines into catchy rock and roll songs. The sound of the record reflects its various birthplaces; Downtown New York (the birthplace of the band), Austin (the birthplace of the recordings), and California (the birthplace of the majority of the band members).

  • Handsome Ghost

    Handsome Ghost

    Alternative Rock

    In February 2013 songwriter Tim Noyes found himself faced with a rather serious decision: make a down payment on a suburban Massachusetts condo and return to teaching high school English or continue his stagnant music career, where on a good night he'd be lucky to sleep on a Facebook friend's floor.

    For Noyes it wasn't an unfamiliar dilemma. After graduating from college, he spent three years teaching English in a low-income district of the Bronx while playing songs on nights and weekends throughout The City. One day, when a particularly vocal student stood up in class, tipped her desk over and demanded that Mr. Noyes "Suck my dick, faggot," (her words, not ours) Noyes decided to call it quits and made the jump to playing music full time. He moved to Brooklyn, formed a folk band, grew a (killer) beard and tried to break through the noise. For a while it seemed like the right decision. The English teacher turned songwriter, ever the lyricist, signed a publishing deal with BMG, got an agent and toured the country. But after four years on the road with a revolving cast of band members, girlfriends and cities to call home, Noyes entered 2013 broke, weathered and wondering if he'd made the right decision.

    After the realtor declined his application due to lack of credit history (he tried showing payments for his Netflix subscription but to no avail) buying the suburban condo was no longer an option. So in March 2013, Noyes made a decision to give music one last shot, and if this was to be his swan song, he was going to do things entirely on his own terms. Chest-deep in a quarter-life crisis, he broke his lease, broke some hearts, deleted his Tinder account and deserted his band members along with every notion of what was expected of him musically.

    Sick of the I-95 corridor, he went to Color Study Studios in rural Goshen, VT (pop. 164) to make a record. Across six months there, with the help of two producers, Noyes created a set of songs through a process that ended up more a cathartic recollection then a last shot at success, kind of like Ebenezer Scrooge spending half a year with The Ghosts of Christmas Past, never glancing at the present. Fittingly the iPod input on his car was broken, so on studio breaks, while driving between bars on the back roads of Vermont, Noyes resorted to his black CD wallet from high school. Typical of Generation Y, this included everything from late 90's hip-hop and R&B, to The O.C. Soundtracks to Bright Eyes.

    The introspection and reflection lead Noyes far away from the world of indie-folk. Instead of tracking live with a band, at Color Study he began each song by simply choosing a tempo and laying down a lead vocal. After that, anything was fair game. A mixture of electronic beats and synths soon surrounded his deliberate lyrics and Y2K-R&B-tinged melodies. He pushed himself vocally to a higher register, and for the first time added effects like auto-tune, delay, distortion or whatever the song seemed to call for. The result, a friend remarked, "sounds like a Handsome Ghost."

    Yet, this isn't a downsized 21st Century tale of Bob Dylan going electric at Newport. Despite the synths, beats and processed vocals, the only rule during these sessions was no electric guitar. Every Handsome Ghost song features a smattering of acoustic instruments from guitar, banjo, ukulele, and mandolin to viola, piano and percussion. Once, while returning from an every-other-day trip to buy provisions (read: always 30 beers, sometimes Lo Mein) Noyes stopped at a yard sale and purchased a decades old, brand-less acoustic guitar for $20 and ended up playing it on three of the tracks. "When Handsome Ghost came to life, there was no band, and we had no idea if any of these recordings would ever be played live or who would hear them,” says Noyes. “Really, all I could do was try and capture my youth…and hopefully in a catchy way so it will stay stuck in my head if I ever have to teach English again.” 

  • Vinyl Thief

    Vinyl Thief

    Alternative Rock

    Vinyl Thief is Grayson Proctor, Logan Purdom, Sam English, and Andrew Broadway, electro-rock from Nashville, TN.

  • Paperwhite


    Dance Pop

    Paperwhite, brother sister Katie and Ben Marshall are a dream pop duo from Brooklyn, NY. Katie the singer and songwriter of the band is a natural. Her sophisticated melodies bouncing from star to star in a lush galaxy of textures. Ben, also the drummer for Brooklyn band Savoir Adore, is the producer and co-writer. His glittery textures shimmer above hypnotic pounding drums, "inhabiting a space between spectral and cosmic". With two singles to date "Got Me Goin" and "Magic" they've had nothing but enormous love from the blogosphere. Receiving the Hypem title "Most Blogged Artist", Paperwhite is a band to look out for in 2014. 

  • Monogem


    Dance Pop

    MONOGEM is the moniker under which singer and songwriter Jen Hirsh creates dreamy, disco-tinged, California-pool-party tunes, finished with the sweet aftertaste of funk and soul. Along with the sonic savvy of producer and songwriter Scott Smith, MONOGEM launches the listener into an intoxicating journey of strong vocals, dizzying harmonies, and dance-ready synths.


    In the cosmos, a Monogem Ring is a supernova remnant, the leftover glow from an exploded star. One of the largest monogem rings in the universe is located near the Gemini and Cancer constellations. Born in late June, Jen is on the cusp of Gemini-Cancer, and thus, Monogem rang true and stuck.


    MONOGEM’s highly anticipated, self-titled debut EP was exclusively premiered by Interview Magazine on February 2, 2015 with this insightful commentary: “The California native's sound is heavy in electro-pop, yet her voice resonates with the richness of classic soul and jazz.” The EP is comprised of buzzing singles that have attracted major tastemakers like Noisey (VICE)NYLON, and Elle Magazine as well as well-respected outlets in the blogosphere such as Hype MachineIndie ShuffleHillydilly, and Earmilk. Like their astral namesake, this latest EP is filled with glittering melodies and heartrending bursts of sentiment and soul.

Webster Hall Presents

BalconyTV CMJ Showcase w/ Little Daylight, Carousel, MOTHXR & more!

Tue Oct 21 2014 5:00 PM

(Doors 4:30 PM)

The Marlin Room at Webster Hall New York NY
BalconyTV CMJ Showcase w/ Little Daylight, Carousel, MOTHXR & more!
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$15.00 Ages 18+

This event is in The Marlin Room at Webster Hall