Mon Dec 10 2012

7:00 PM (Doors 6:30 PM)

The Studio at Webster Hall

125 East 11th St. New York, NY 10003

Ages 16+

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Baker plus DJ Timo + Alan

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  • Baker



    We call it POP music because it explodes.

    And BAKER knows how to blow up a room. He is the male solo artist of a new generation and while his songs provide the perfect soundtrack to the buzz of the dance floor, they won’t leave you at last call. His electric sound and smooth vocals will follow you out of the club to shamelessly flirt with you in the street, in the cab, the next morning and beyond.

    So when BAKER says he wants to craft “the catchiest, most danceable pop album ever,” there’s no reason to doubt him. His sound is rich with intoxicating atmosphere, and even if you strip away the fresh hooks and catchy beats, you’ll find an authentic musician, and an even more charismatic performer.

    BAKER has a dizzying background. Raised in Manhattan as a classical cellist and a graduate from Harvard, he has since recently relocated to Los Angeles to complete his debut album. Publications like PAPER magazine haven’t focused just on his music. Equal parts David Bowie and James Dean, BAKER shares a keen sense of style that only elevates the substance of the music.

    Within the past year, BAKER has performed at the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas and the CMJ Music Marathon in New York in addition to clubs and venues in LA and his hometown NYC. Currently working with members of RedOne’s team, The Writing Camp and the Young Boyz, BAKER plans to make what he calls “a true pop album. Big bangers, big ballads, and everything in between.”

    His tracks linger in the air, when you’re running down an empty boulevard at 3 AM, hoping the errant adrenaline of the night might last. There’s a loose magic to BAKER’s electricity, to the pulse of his rhythms, and above all to his beat. In the closing moments of his newest single, “NOT GONNA WAIT,” we hear BAKER ask, “You like that?” We can only agree.
  • DJ Timo + Alan

    DJ Timo + Alan


    A mutual interest in travel and a flair for dapper dressing first brought Timo Weiland and Alan Eckstein together and inspired them to collaborate on the Timo Weiland collection, a designer line that is carried by luxury retailers worldwide such as Barneys, Harvey Nichols, and Takashimaya Japan. Constantly seeking the next artistic challenge, the pair have channeled their creative energies into a new endeavor: DJing at New York City’s finest clubs and most exclusive parties, under the stage name Timo & Alan. The fashion duo’s sets merge the classic with the modern, the downtown with the dandy, combining the disparate elements of the fashion, art and music worlds to create a fun-filled, yet stylish atmosphere. Presents

Baker plus DJ Timo + Alan

Mon Dec 10 2012 7:00 PM

(Doors 6:30 PM)

The Studio at Webster Hall New York NY
Baker, DJ Timo + Alan
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Ages 16+