A Tribute to the Dixie Chicks

Mon Dec 18 2017

8:00 PM (Doors 7:00 PM)

The Basement East

917 Woodland St Nashville, TN 37206

$8 ADV/ $12 DOS

Ages 21+

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A Tribute to the Dixie Chicks

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  • Mercy Bell

    Mercy Bell


  • Aubrie Sellers

    Aubrie Sellers


  • Fefe Dobson


  • Birdcloud



    Birdcloud is Makenzie and Jasmin from East Nashville and Cottontown, respectively. Birdcloud met in Murfreesboro and immediately didn’t like eachother. At a party in 2009 they had some whiskeys and became friends and started dicking around on guitar, writing their first song, a song about going down on your best friend, now lost to the sands of time. Despite a lukewarm reception at Nashville’s Bluebird Cafe, they have been sitting on eachother’s faces ever since, showing eachother their bruises and generally doing whatever they want when it works out that way.

  • Elise Davis

    Elise Davis


     At age 11, Elise Davis knew she wanted to play the guitar and began taking lessons in her hometown of Little Rock, AR. Writing songs, let alone singing them in public, was never a conscious end-goal. She knew she loved music, but there was no telling how far its pull would shape her life. 

      One evening, after her parents forbid her to go to a concert in downtown Little Rock, she decided to run away from home and stormed out the door.  

       After a few hours of sitting in a cul-de-sac less than a mile from away, she grew tired of waiting for the arrival of her anxious parents searching desperately for her. After walking back into her living room, she was shocked to find her parents just as she left them; neither Mom or Dad had realized she was missing. The ploy for attention had the opposite effect, and she was furious. Stomping up the stairs, she grabbed her guitar, locked herself in the bathroom and wrote her first song start to finish in one sitting. At 12 years old, she knew it was her calling.

       The Sandbox Lizards, Elise’s first band, played gigs in and around Little Rock throughout high school. Her senior year she decided to begin a solo career and released her first full-length album “Love And Leaving”.  

       She attended college at Southern Methodist University in Dallas for her first two years, but ultimately finished school at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. She released an album each year at SMU and U of A, all the while playing gigs in hotel lobbies, dive bars and parties. She released “Same Vein” in 2010 immediately after graduation and was free to travel.

        She booked a tour in Los Angeles at several small bars well off the beaten path. It was at one of these shows that a smug bouncer struck up a conversation with a touch of sarcasm “so honey where are you from and when you moving to LA to be in the music industry?” After explaining she was from Arkansas and hadn’t considered moving to LA, the bouncer squarely told her “you will never get anywhere if you stay in Arkansas.” On her flight home the next day, she made up her mind…she was moving to Nashville.

       Without any sense of a safety net, and a mere three weeks after the in-flight decision to drastically change course, she was on the interstate headed to a town where she didn’t know a single living soul. Somewhat miraculously, the very week she landed in Nashville, she had arranged a group of studio musicians to record “Cheap Date,” which ultimately released November of 2011. 

       In March of 2013, Elise signed her first publishing deal with Horipro Entertainment. The opportunity was presented as a prize for winning a songwriting contest through American Songwriter and Martin Guitar in which over 800 songwriters entered. That win planted her firmly in the middle of the Nashville songwriting community, and she began writing songs in the spirit of co-writes and collaboration.

       On May 27th of 2014, Elise released the Life EP in conjunction with her publisher Horipro Entertainment. While the songs on Life could take a slight right turn and fit nicely on the Music Row hit parade, there’s an honesty and sharp-witted integrity fueling her creativity and constantly veering left. 

        In June 2015 Elise finished up a new record with producer Sam Kassirer (Langhorn Slim, Josh Ritter, Lake Street Dive) recorded in Parsonsfield, Maine at Great North Sound Society studio. Sam and Elise linked up with an amazing band; Matt McCaughan (Bon Iver), Bradley Cook (Sharon Van Etten, Indigo Girls), and Josh Kaufman and recorded the a new album entitled "The Token" that will be released later this year. 

        Ultimately, staying true to her message may place her beyond the periphery of country label machine, but it simultaneously allows true music fans the opportunity to focus on a songsmith destined for a different kind of limelight. 

  • Erin Enderlin

    Erin Enderlin


  • Kimberly Kelly

    Kimberly Kelly


  • Jordan Pruitt

    Jordan Pruitt


  • Amber Rubarth

    Amber Rubarth


  • Caroline Spence

    Caroline Spence


    Caroline Spence is enamored with words and songs. Though countless singer-songwriters boast the same simple claim, few have been lifted up by their passion the way Caroline has. Her passion led the Virginia native on a pilgrimage to Nashville, where the 25-year-old honed her writing and her coy, dusky soprano across folk, Americana and alt-country genres. That same passion resonates throughout every track on her first full-length solo debut, the magical and meditative Somehow, set for release on March 3rd 2015.

    With songs that wrap the truths of life up into personal vignettes of clever wordplay and catchy hooks, it’s no wonder that in 2013 Caroline wonAmerican Songwriter Magazine’s June/July lyric contest as well as the Rocky Mountain Folks Fest songwriter competition later that year. Caroline also had her songs recorded by up-and-coming independent singer songwriters Andrew Combs (“Heavy”) and Annalise Emerick (“A Good One” and “Somewhere In Between”). But when American Songwriter named her the grand prize winner out of all song submissions for all of 2013, she began to feel her passions validated.   

    Photo by Marge Curtis.

    So, with help from producer Michael Rinne, Spence selected 13 original songs out of about 30 to record at Farmland Studios with some of her favorite musicians, including Danny Mitchell (Kim Richey) on keys, Kris Donegan on electric guitar (Matthew Perryman Jones, Amy Speace), Daniel Parks (Kelsey Waldon, Lucy Hale) on acoustic guitar, mandolin and banjo, Michael Rinne on bass (Rodney Crowell, Steelism) on bass, Christian Sedelmeyer (Jerry Douglass, 10 String Symphony) on fiddle, Justin Schipper (Josh Turner) on pedal steel, Evan Hutchings (Escondido, Rayland Baxter) on drums and Andrew Combs, Erin Rae and Anderson East all providing additional vocals.

    The album opening “Trains Cry” sets the album’s reflective, almost reverent tone with an insight Spence weaves throughout her songs – time inevitably marches forward, and we must take all the joy as well as the sadness that brings. Spence’s unabashedly honest approach also means acknowledging her tough side, with songs like “Don’t Call” and “Kissing Ain’t The Same As Talking,” two songs that refuse superficial relationships. She also acknowledges the need for bold female singer-songwriters in a landscape dominated by men. “Women are expected to write emotional music, but when a man writes emotional music, its profound and its praised. I just feel like that’s bullshit and I think that the only music that should be made is emotional music.”

    Meanwhile the band lives and breathes with Spence’s guitar and vocals, masterfully navigating a breadth of genres with a perfect sense of intimacy and style, at times with the rock of Tom Petty’s Heartbreakers, the twang of Lower Broadway, or the sensitivity of swelling pedal steel and simple percussion. 

    Once the album was finished, Spence went on to win the Kerrville Folk Fest songwriting contest in May and in August was one of the headlining acts at the Rocky Mountain Folks Fest alongside The Stray Birds, Hooray for the Riff Raff, John Fulbright, Josh Ritter, and Brandi Carlisle. She also visited the acclaimed Daytrotter studios in September to record an exclusive acoustic set.  

    With all the courage, grit and passion that pervade her 13 new tracks, Spence is more than ready to share Somehow and take her place in the world of professional songwriters. Still, she does so without losing touch with her reality: “It just feels like all of this happened somehow, making these songs, this record, just somehow happened, kind of magically. And I know what I want and I just know that somehow I am going to make it happen.”

  • Bentley Caldwell

    Bentley Caldwell


  • Jessey Clark

    Jessey Clark


  • Lacy & Leah Belvins

    Lacy & Leah Belvins


  • Collins Gordon

    Collins Gordon


  • Hadley Kennary

    Hadley Kennary


  • Chris Housman

    Chris Housman


  • Breck Cooper

    Breck Cooper


  • Abby Hairston

    Abby Hairston


  • Locust Honey

    Locust Honey


  • John Higgins

    John Higgins


  • Bre Kennedy

    Bre Kennedy


    Bre Kennedy is an singer/songwriter currently living and working in Nashville, TN.

    In keeping with the emerging scene of New Nashville, Kennedy finds herself difficult to define by the traditional shapes of Music City. Equal parts soul and pop met with the organic sound she has been immersed in since relocating to Nashville from Los Angeles in 2014.

    As comfortable playing intimate solo sets with her 60's Gibson as she is top-lining on cutting-edge pop productions, Bre continues to deliver performances that have solidified her reputation as a blow-away vocal talent amongst audiences and industry players alike.

    She is currently working on her first EP to be released as a solo artist.

  • Andrew Leahey

    Andrew Leahey


  • Larissa Maestro

    Larissa Maestro


    Larissa Maestro is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, and arranger, born in Ames, IA and raised in Ithaca, NY. She attended Boston's Berklee College of Music before moving herself and her music to Nashville, TN.

    Over the past 10 years, Larissa's resume has become broad and varied, including experience conducting chamber orchestras, performing lead roles in musical theatre, creating string arrangements for recordings, and voice over work for games. She has written musical content for national ad campaigns, performs regularly with Nashville's popular 90s cover band My So-Called Band, and has organized fundraising events for YEAH Rock Camps and Hurricane Haiyan Relief. Her songs have been featured on TV shows on HBO, FX, and Nickelodeon.

    Larissa began music lessons at the age of 5, and throughout her childhood would experiment with many instruments (among them the piano, flute, bassoon, and violin). She eventually found an affinity for the cello, and has not put it down since starting lessons in elementary school. She studied the cello at the Ithaca Talent Education School, arguably the first and most famous Suzuki education program in the country, until graduating in 2001. 

    During her time at Berklee, Larissa studied with Grammy award-winning cellist Eugene Friesen, who encouraged her to use the cello as a songwriting tool. It was there that she began practicing to join the ranks of the few singing cellists, developing skills that would later prove useful, if ever so specific.

    When her father, a now retired Cornell University professor, began designing and building instruments, Larissa began to incorporate them into her arsenal. In his workshop, Cliff Scherer re-imagined the instruments of the Philippine Rondalla (banduria, octavina, laud), and created different permutations of the mandocello and ukulele. These sounds are now an integral part of her own band project, Poly, a collaboration with musical kindred spirits Eleonore Denig and Dan Sommers. Poly released an EP, "3 Songs by Poly" in 2012. Their full length album of adorable jazz/pop standard inspired songs about animals and old movie stars was released in March of 2016.

  • Hadley Kennary

    Hadley Kennary


  • Kimberly Quinn

    Kimberly Quinn


  • Paul Niehaus

    Paul Niehaus


  • Jen Starsinic

    Jen Starsinic


  • Katie Robertson

    Katie Robertson


A Tribute to the Dixie Chicks

Mon Dec 18 2017 8:00 PM

(Doors 7:00 PM)

The Basement East Nashville TN
A Tribute to the Dixie Chicks
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$8 ADV/ $12 DOS Ages 21+