A Night of Pure Rock N Roll ft. Beasto Blanco, Damon Johnson and Band w/ Denman

Thu Jan 26 2017

8:00 PM (Doors 7:00 PM)

The Basement East

917 Woodland St Nashville, TN 37206

$15 ADV / $20 DOORS

Ages 21+

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A Night of Pure Rock N Roll ft. Beasto Blanco, Damon Johnson and Band w/ Denman

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  • Beasto Blanco

    Beasto Blanco

    Rock & Roll

    Born from the Mountain Mud and Desert Sun …

    Beasto Blanco was formed in 2012 by Chuck Garric and Brother Latham. They set out to create a raw, powerful, rock & roll band with a searing, theatrical live experience. Enter Calico Cooper, rock vixen and the spawn of Garric’s boss, legendary shock rocker Alice Cooper and a renegade German rhythm section and Beasto Blanco’s inimitable sound and image emerged.

    Beasto Blanco Debut Album “LIVE FAST DIE LOUD” (Oct 2012 Rat Pak Records)

    Beasto Blanco was flooded with invites to get on the road after the release of Live Fast Die Loud, completing three successful tours of Europe, Norway and the UK. With word about the band’s live antics spreading fast and love from a select crop of radio stations, Beasto Blanco’s fan base started growing into a devoted clan clamoring for more music and raucous shows. In March 2015, Beasto set out for their first US tour of The West Coast.

    The stage show was fit for a stadium and started off with two SOLD OUT shows in Anchorage, AK, then slammed into Phoenix, AZ with a guest appearance from Alice Cooper and climaxed with a packed house at the legendary Viper Room in Hollywood, CA. Invites back from promoters and pleas from fans to return have flooded Beasto Blanco’s inbox social media accounts.

     Summary of Follow up Record:

    Beasto Blanco with producer Ryan Greene and Rat Pak Records have completed a full-length follow up to “Live Fast Die Loud.” Release set for fall 2016 The new album showcases the band growing as songwriters and their cohesion as a band. Exploration of new geography, the impact of life experiences and a fist on the pulse of social media has influenced the development of their sound. Tracks like “Death Rattle” and “Grind” exemplify these elements coming together in an organic implosion of sonic originality that prove Beasto Blanco is writing their own story. Beasto Blanco has something real to sing in their signature growl about. And the people are listening, relating, pumping their fists and singing along.


    Alice Cooper –“Chuck Garric is one of those seemingly dangerous and elusive figures who is always doing something cutting edge behind closed doors. Always writing, creating, destroying…who knows what else. He’s a man of many talents and as expected, Chuck’s new band Beasto Blanco has really hooked me. It may come as a shock to you, but I love rock with an edge… And Beasto Blanco has an edge like a switchblade.”

    Johnny Depp – “What an honor to hear something as beastly and killer as this!!! It’s truly, truly great and wonderfully kind of life affirming! Makes one feel ownership of their being!”

    Max Volume (KOZZ radio DJ) “Sex, Angst, Reckless Abandon and a band with a song so good I want to blast this from my car as I roll into downtown, and stay up all night looking for THE girl! Finally a band that gets it; a video that’s engaging and exciting…Beasto Blanco Rules”.

    Eric Singer (KISS Drummer) – “Beasto Blanco puts Chuck Garric in his natural setting. Hitting hard and crushing all who step in his path!”

    Eddie Webb (DJ, VH1) “If Rob Zombie and Trent Reznor had a bastard rock child that loved the Rolling Stones and catchy hooks from the 50’s, it would be Chuck Garric and his in your face groovin’ project Beasto Blanco. It’s not about reinventing the wheel, it’s about giving ’em fucking cool rims! I love this!”

    Mikkey Dee (Motorhead Drummer) – “LIVE FAST DIE LOUD” is a real ass-kicker and I wouldn’t expect anything less when Chuck is at the forefront, keep slammin!

    Katherine Turman (Music journalist) – “Beasto Blanco’s “Breakdown’ is an awesomely dirty, pedal-to-the-metal rocker. With industrial-tinged beats, propulsive energy, slick guitar solos, cool choruses and nasty-girly backup vocals, fans of classic rock and metal will worship ‘Breakdown’ and its equally dark and sexy”.

    Dare I say: “Unleash-o the Beasto?”

    Bob Ezrin (Producer) – “Chuck Garric is modern day monster, one of the most talented and heaviest rock musicians I’ve ever worked with!”


  • Damon Johnson

    Damon Johnson

    Rock & Roll

    Damon Johnson is an American guitarist, vocalist, entertainer and songwriter from Geraldine, Alabama (current resident of Nashville, TN), best known for his work as frontman for Brother Cane, guitarist for Alice Cooper and Thin Lizzy, and currently as guitarist for Black Star Riders. Johnson's list of other writing and recording credits include John Waite, Stevie Nicks, Carlos Santana, Sammy Hagar, Queensryche, Faith Hill, Skid Row, and The Temptations. He has also been a member of two high profile side projects: Whiskey Falls and Slave To The System. 

    Johnson has issued two solo acoustic albums: 'Dust' (2000) and 'Release' (2010; featuring his daughter, Sarah, on two songs), and an all electric EP, 'Echo' (2016). Johnson and frontman Ricky Warwick are principal songwriters for Black Star Riders, who's albums include 'All Hell Breaks Loose (2013), 'The Killer Instinct' (2015) and 'Heavy Fire' (2017).

  • Denman



    Formed in the spring of 2016 by brothers Ben, and Dakota Denman, recent Nashville transplants who had a vision: to take the Nashville music scene by storm, with hard rock/ heavy metal songs penned by the two, that are well written, raw and full of attitude. With influences such as Metallica, Motley Crue, and the mighty Van Halen, they'll put on a show full of energy that takes you back in time. Their sound is rounded out by the Swedish heavy hitter on drums, Ted Karol, and fellow Nashville Hard Rocker, Robbie Crede on bass. With guitar solos that will take you up to the stratosphere, These guys mean business, and will be a Live act to die for in the Nashville Area live music scene.

A Night of Pure Rock N Roll ft. Beasto Blanco, Damon Johnson and Band w/ Denman

Thu Jan 26 2017 8:00 PM

(Doors 7:00 PM)

The Basement East Nashville TN
A Night of Pure Rock N Roll ft. Beasto Blanco, Damon Johnson and Band w/ Denman
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$15 ADV / $20 DOORS Ages 21+