Sat May 26 2018

8:30 PM (Doors 8:00 PM)

The Southgate House Revival - Sanctuary

111 E Sixth Street Newport, KY 41071

All Ages

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500 Miles to Memphis Live Album Recording

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  • 500 Miles To Memphis

    500 Miles To Memphis

    Alternative Country

    "They don’t sound like anyone else. At all. Or at any point."

    "500 Miles To Memphis have constructed something wonderful here."

    "“Blessed Be The Damned”? Hell, yes. The Devil always has more fun, you see, and damn me, this is good." - Andy Thorley, Maximum Volume Music


    "Blessed has so many catchy songs, it’s easy to find yourself tapping your feet along with the groove instead of taking notes or writing a review, and nearly impossible to find a favorite. In short, if you like rock, you’ll like this album. The mean mountain riff of the title track, the 90s punk of “No Doubt About It,” the bluegrass-cum-cowpunk of “In My Chest” – the album is just good from front to back and might be 500 MTM’s best yet." - Brandon Wheeler,


    "Guitars crunch madly, spurred to high gallopby the same splendidly indomitable beat that's always propelled rock'n'roll. And robust vocals make fine topping for sometimes Celtic-informed "Americana Punk"-DC Larson's Jukebox


    "this bunch blows their sound wide open as this sounds nothing like the last 4 entries. Aggression is always in fashion and the malcontent vets brought in as ringers here know how to turn it up to 11." -MidwestRecord


    “500 miles to Memphis is a great American rock band that has been making infectious roots and punk music for years while managing to stay under the radar of the mainstream. This new record is everything that is good about rock ‘n’ roll.” - Ryan Smith(Soul AsylumThe Melismatics)

  • Yellow Paper Planes

    Yellow Paper Planes

    Indie Rock

    "Yellow Paper Planes prove exactly why they’re one of the best out there right now. A complete hybrid of spectacular sound, the new album Building A Building evolves, moves, grows & grooves as it plays through a plethora of styles from indie to rock, psychedelic to pop and everywhere worth exploring in between." - Sleeping Bag Studios

    Yellow Paper Planes formed somewhat out of necessity after Joshua P. James and Brandon Woods spent a few months on hiatus from touring as Joshua P. James and the Paper Planes. Woods and James started playing together in early 2011, touring fervently through 30 States and some 150 shows. That early collaboration on James’s solo material naturally dissolved as lineup changes sucked the momentum out of two packed years peddling tunes on the road, but there were still songs to be sung.

    In August of 2013, after writing an entirely new set of music, this time with a band at the center of the songwriting motivation, a newly formed foursome including bassist, Peter Mendenhall, and multi- instrumentalist, Jeremy Ebert, played their first show as The Paper Planes.

    Several early setbacks made it seem like the ghosts of music future didn’t want the band to get off the ground. Right out of the gate, threat of legal action prompted a name change from “The Paper Planes” to the current Yellow Paper Planes moniker. Then, in the winter of their first year, Woods (drummer for the band) broke his hand, which required 3 pins and extensive physical therapy to get back to even holding a drum stick. During that time, James, a self-styled “overthinker”, re-evaluated the set of songs they had written and were planning to take to the studio that spring. The conclusion was to scrap it all and strip everything back to the studs. It wasn’t until after the release of their debut, “Feather’s Touch”, a cathartic 5 track EP, that they were able to establish a clear focus on what they were set out to do.

    Each of the members of YPP recognizes the recording of that debut EP, which premiered in GhettoBlaster Magazine in June 2015, as a turning point in the band. The experience in the studio was a bit of a metamorphosis for Yellow Paper Planes, a palette cleanser, spring cleaning as it were. Immediately after finishing up, they started fine tuning and writing new songs James had waiting in the hopper thoughtfully exploring what made the great moments great. They were finally all speaking the same language and it started to show as the new songs took form.

    The new album (“Building a Building”) tackles topics both personal and universal drawing on existential themes that are natural to introspection but presented with earnest outward passion and layers of hooks. The album track list continues to skirt any notion of easy genre classification taking cues from late 60’s British Blues a la The Kinks to the 90’s alt-scene (Sebadoh and Built To Spill) through to modern indie pop and rock. Yellow Paper Planes looks to 2017 and the release of “Building A Building” with intention and an eye on bigger things. 

  • Eric Bolander

    Eric Bolander


    Eric Bolander's flavor of Americana/folk music offers soulful vocal tone with thoughtful melodies that have staying power.  Lyrically driven by life experiences, Eric's songs will give you a glimpse into his life and a realization that happiness can be perpetuated through pain.

    Eric grew up in the small eastern KY town of Garrison in the Ohio River Valley along the foothills of Appalachia (pop. 1400).  He learned through his Dad to work for what you want/need and never take someone for granted.  Love and work ethic were driving forces of his humble upbringing.  Eric now lives and works out of Lexington, KY.  He's called Lexington home for most of his adult life.  An Art Teacher by day and Musician by night, Eric's mind is always immersed in the arts.  Passion for the arts is what keeps him moving forward. 

  • The Exit Strategy

    The Exit Strategy

    Rock & Roll

    Formed through various random encounters, The Exit Strategy came to fruition initially in the early Fall of 2016. Coming from multiple different walks of life and bringing a myriad of great influences, The Exit Strategy are a heart-on-the-sleeve, down to Earth American Rock and Roll band. The Exit Strategy hit hard with a triple guitar, "Wall of Sound" attack reminiscent of The Drive-By Truckers, The Hold Steady and The Gaslight Anthem and honest and thought-provoking lyrics as if, if the band are so lucky, from the minds of greats like Bruce Springsteen, Paul Westerberg and Craig Finn.

500 Miles to Memphis Live Album Recording

Sat May 26 2018 8:30 PM

(Doors 8:00 PM)

The Southgate House Revival - Sanctuary Newport KY
500 Miles to Memphis Live Album Recording
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All Ages