Wed Nov 15 2017

7:30 PM (Doors 6:30 PM)

Knitting Factory Concert House - Boise

416 S. 9th St. Boise, ID 83702

All Ages

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100.3 The X Presents: Otherwise

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  • Otherwise


    Heavy Metal

    Las Vegas will always be the city of sin, but it means a lot more to OTHERWISE. While the rest of us go there to let off steam, roll the dice and enjoy the eye candy, OTHERWISE grew up in the shadows of all the bright lights and broken dreams. Las Vegas is their home, and it’s where they’ve lived life, faced death, and climbed the mountain of trials and tribulations that have become True Love Never Dies, their debut album for Century Media Records.

    “We weren’t as aggressive when my brother and I first started jamming together, but then things started to happen – people died, relationships ended, and life got more real,” says OTHERWISE frontman Adrian Patrick. Despite being raised in a tight-knit family, Adrian only started playing music with his brother – guitarist Ryan Patrick – a few short years ago. “Our writing was a lot simpler when we started, but as circumstances forced us to grow up, our music matured with us. Tragedies and loss are part of life, and our music is one of the ways we maintain a positive outlook, despite the setbacks.”

    Nowhere is that more evident than on the band’s breakthrough single, “Soldiers.” The song began as a metaphor for the battle that unsigned bands go through to get their message heard as artists, then quickly transformed into an anthem for everyone living on the front-lines of life. “When I started writing the lyrics, I was staring at my bandmates and thinking that they are my brothers in arms,” says the singer. “It was going to be our anthem, but by the time I finished I realized it was an anthem for our whole nation. We are all soldiers fighting for something, whether it’s to put food on the table, to be heard, or just to be happy. Every soldier is human, and we’re all human.”

    Already hailed by Fox News as the No. 1 unsigned band in America, “Soldiers” became the song that brought the local Vegas rockers to the national spotlight. Hand-picked to perform alongside Avenged Sevenfold and Five Finger Death Punch on the mainstage of the inaugural 48 Hours Festival in October 2011, MTV Headbangers Ball host and Sirius XM DJ Jose Mangin was so impressed by OTHERWISE that he immediately added “Soldiers” into rotation on Sirius XM’s Octane channel.

    In a matter of weeks, the track reached the top of Octane’s charts, the single sold more than 10,000 units independently, and Las Vegas’ best-kept secret was making tremors at a national level. They signed with Century Media Records in December, began recording their debut album with acclaimed producer Jay Baumgardner [Godsmack, Bush, Papa Roach, Seether, Sevendust, P.O.D.] at his NRG Studios in January, and in February embarked on their first national tour as a band, opening for Pop Evil.

    “Soldiers” is the first time America is hearing OTHERWISE, but it’s not the first time they’re hearing Adrian Patrick, who was the featured male vocalist on the In This Moment single “The Promise,” from the band’s 2010 album A Star-Crossed Wasteland. Patrick was asked to record a scratch vocal for the song, so producer Kevin Churko could shop the track to more established vocalists... However, the results were so good his vocals ended up making the final cut, and his duet with In This Moment frontwoman Maria Brink was promoted and performed on each date of 2010’s Mayhem Tour. “Ryan and I followed Mayhem around in our Mom’s decade-old minivan,” says Adrian, who hit the road with his brother and put 17,000 miles on the vehicle, paying for gas by walking into the crowd and selling CDs on every date of the tour. “We had to send the van off to a junkyard right before Thanksgiving – I had a lump in my throat.”

    OTHERWISE aren’t the first band to put their blood, sweat and tears into their music, but they are the only band who could have made True Love Never Dies – the 11-track debut is a testament to their perseverance in the face of adversity, and a living, breathing tribute to their cousin, who died shortly before they signed with Century Media. “Our cousin had those words tattooed on his neck, so now we’re holding onto that idea, and the belief that true love never dies,” explains Ryan of the album title.
    On an album ripe with anthems, “Scream Now” and “Vegas Girl” are both arena ready - The first being a call to arms for everyone to scream out in unison (for loved ones, lost ones and life), while the latter is a testimonial of sorts – not pointed at any one girl in particular, but definitely targeting a particular “type of girl” from Las Vegas...

    One of the album’s more emotional moments is “1000 Pictures (I Don’t Apologize).” “We wrote that song one night in Hollywood,” says Ryan, “the chords came, the melodies came, heartbreak came right after... and the lyrics were written. It’s an anthem for the heartbroken.”
    “When we look back at the songs and their subject matter, calling the album True Love Never Dies was very fitting,” says Adrian. “We’ve worked really hard to get to this point, and this album is proof that hard work, perseverance, and a little bit of talent can take you a long way.” Adds his brother Ryan, “we’re at the foot of Everest now – we’ve been climbing the small desert hills in Vegas, now it’s time for the mountain...”

  • Vyces


    Hard Rock

    In the summer of 2014 Chicago native Dave Naruszewicz was looking to work on a new project following the disbandment of his former group Heart Set-Self Destruct. After years of touring with such bands as Filter, Hell Yeah, and Volbeat (to name a few) it he realized it was time for change. He spent time working with other musicians in the Chicago music scene looking to feed his passion as an artist and wasn’t finding what he was looking for. Dave’s undying passion for music was not deterred so he decided to reach out to longtime friend and fellow Drummer Russell Ray (formerly of Old Fashioned Beatdown).

    From the start Dave was willing to fly to Los Angeles from Chicago every other week to work together in building something new, original, and undeniable. Russ then reached out to Shawn Patterson (former guitarist for Old Fashioned Beatdown). Shawn (currently residing in Fresno) was down to make the commute as well to LA, and the three began shooting demos over the web that became the foundation of what is VYCES.

    After a few trips to LA the three musicians decided to go into the studio with Augustus Cryns (producer of Stitched Up Heart, XO Stereo, The Dead Rabbits, and West Field Massacre), and also featured Mark James Klepaski (Formerly of Breaking Benjamin, and Lifer) on bass. After a year of writing and recording the band has finished 22 songs of true emotion, and power. The band has been related to such artists as Chevelle, Killswitch Engage, and Red as they have sonically created a blend of Active Rock, with a dash of metal. Dave describes the soul of the songs through his lyrics as exploring the darker side of human emotion and behavior. "It's something everyone can relate to because everyone has experienced some form of hurt, betrayal, weakness, hate, addiction, and/or lack of acceptance" says singer Naruszewicz. "It’s also the fuel that drives us to become stronger, get better, and overcome the flaws we've built in our minds."

    In October 2016 VYCES released their debut EP “DEVILS” and released a music video for the single “DEVIL” shot by Ron Underwood. From October through Novemeber of that year the band embarked on a the HELLRZZR TOUR which trecked across the U.S performing in 29 cities in 33 days.

    Currently VYCES has spent the beginning of 2017 working towards material for their next EP titled “ANGELS” which will be released this Fall of 2017. This EP will also feature their current radio national radio single titled “NOCTURNAL” accompanied another music video shot by Ron Underwood, and features Butcher Babies own Carla Harvey.

    VYCES will be on tour all summer!!

  • No Resolve

    No Resolve

    Heavy Metal

    Since exploding on the music scene in 2009, No Resolve has attracted legions of devoted fans with their high-energy, deeply personal, thematic songs. Featuring lead singer Oscar Pegorraro, guitarists Jason Hatmaker and Matty Shea, bassist Dennis Patterson and drummer Derek Bjornson, the band has shared the stage with the likes of Papa Roach, Hinder & Pop Evil, Sick Puppies and Buckcherry.

    No Resolve established themselves early in their career with their first EP, “A New Beginning.” The 2012 recording received critical national acclaim, and served as a stepping-stone to their popular single, "Get Me Out." With its heavy and somewhat somber lyrics and hard-driving, soaring riffs, No Resolve demonstrated that they were a force to be reckoned with. In addition to receiving heavy rotation during Detroit Red Wings playoff games, “Get Me Out” has received 15 million-plus plays/hits on YouTube. 

    After almost non-stop touring, at the end of 2014 the band went into the studio with Shane Grush to create their first full-length album, “Unity.” The album, featuring “Love Me To Death” and “The Pusher” co-written with Johnny Andrews, was recorded in Michigan and Tennessee and took 18 months to produce. It was time well spent. 

    Crafted with their signature raucous sound and meticulously honed lyrics, the album debuted at #45 on the iTunes Rock chart and #10 on the Billboard Heatseeker chart. It was also highlighted on Amazon’s Hot New Releases. Bryson Roach, brother of Papa Roach’s Jacoby Shaddix, shot and directed the band’s first video single for one of the album’s most popular songs, “The Pusher.” And speaking of Jacoby Shaddix, his clothing line, Lovers Are Lunatics, is endorsing the band. As impressive as all the props they’ve gotten, No Resolve has done this all on their own with no corporate sponsorship.

    The band continues to rack up success after success, having recently won the prestigious Linkin Park/Stagelight monthly music contest. And their fan base is growing as well, with millions of streams and thousands of listeners on Spotify, 

    No Resolve seems destined for greatness. In fact, based on how far they’ve come in these few short years, one thing is certain – No Resolve is a band that is going to take the music world by storm.

  • Midline


    Heavy Metal

    MIDLINE began its journey in Boise, Idaho with founding members, vocalist Anthony Fagiano and guitarist Scott Elliott. Their 1994 self titled release debuted at #1 in local sales. With four singles, each receiving hot rotation spins locally (on the independently owned KQZR 100.3 FM) and occasional radio play from neighboring states, MIDLINE captured the attention of the Northwestern music scene. MIDLINE’s relentless schedule led to the welcoming of new bassist, Stymie, and the 1997 release of their hard hitting second CD “Damage Done”. MIDLINE continued touring, increasing a solid fan base. CD sales continued to rise with little to no help from radio. MIDLINE’s popularity and uncompromising live show led to opening slots with national acts including their first arena debut with Queensryche at the Boise State University Pavilion. The year 1998 proved to be a pivotal year for MIDLINE as new drummer Fred Fischer was brought on board. The circle was now complete and MIDLINE continued to reach new heights as musicians and brothers. This bond became the driving force behind the band. MIDLINE’s new found forward motion led to playing two arena shows with Motley Crue on their Kick Start Your Career tour. They were the only unsigned band on the whole tour to play more than one show. In 2001 MIDLINE release their 3rd album, “In For a Quick Garden”. MIDLINE once again debuted #1 in local sales and was met with rave reviews. MIDLINE shared the bill with such artists as Godsmack, Saliva, and Sevendust to a name a few. In 2001 MIDLINE participated in music conferences such as The Temecula International Film and Music Festival and the renowned South by Southwest (SXSW) music conference in Austin, Texas. MIDLINE’s performance at SXSW garnered them a corporate sponsorship with Jagermeister. MIDLINE performed dates on the 2002 and 2003 Jagermeister Music Tours with artist such as Drowning Pool, Ill Nino, Coal Chamber, Hed PE and Breaking Benjamin. In 2006 MIDLINE was hard at work, writing and performing new songs that were found on their 4th CD, “Wreckage” which was slated for a 2006 summer release. New songs include the monstrous song “Edge”, the thought provoking imagery of “Wreckage” (a song about the death of Fred’s father in a plane crash), and the undeniable heavy groove of “Chain Saw”. Between 2006 and 2009, MIDLINE continued to tour the west, opening for acts such as Buckcherry, Filter, Hinder, Ted Nugent and other national bands. In May 2009, after 20 years together, MIDLINE decided to take a hiatus in order to focus on their families, business ventures and other projects. In 2012, MIDLINE reunited to do a one-off with Saving Able and Dead Sara. Their energetic performance led to an invite to open for Avatar and Eye Empire. MIDLINE has received positive and outstanding feedback from their rekindled chemistry and are continuing to write and perform. MIDLINE has stood the test of time and continues to strive for success. They’ve been paying dues for so long they own the company! - Midline ..

  • Reverend Otis

    Reverend Otis


    2 man blues band. Playing "instruments" we built in the shop, and singing songs about death whiskey and women. The Devil never had it so good.


100.3 The X Presents: Otherwise

Wed Nov 15 2017 7:30 PM

(Doors 6:30 PM)

Knitting Factory Concert House - Boise Boise ID
100.3 The X Presents: Otherwise
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All Ages